alex has no life

Jefferson: Anybody under 5'7 can’t talk about fighting someone. Like, what are you gonna do? Headbutt someone in the nipples?

Alexander: Say goodbye to you kneecaps, asshole.

  • The Supergirl promo team: but can you trust a luthor 👀👀👀😉😉😉
  • Everyone in national City: she's just like her brother
  • Lena Luthor: *gives Ted talks, organizes charity events in which she also stops bad guys, worked out of a basement trying to cure cancer, saw teleportation tech and immediately went to how it could help people*
  • Everyone: we just can't tell if she can be trusted

A few stickers I made 
Well now I have only to do 19 floor, some gods (Loki Loki Loookiiiiii) 
And also PJO, HOO and TOA (I think Leo will have his own sticker page geez)
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Hi Meghan I dont know if you take requests but if you dont than may take this as a sugestion haha, well after watching many Alex Fierro drawings I think yours are the ones that better fit what I want and I know that I could just use some app to do what I want but I really dont know how😂 so, well could you maybe... Do Alex with pink hair?🙊 (or maybe just pink streaks IDK xD)


Phillip: Dad, Are you sure you’re okay?

Alexander: *Cracked voice* Yeah I’m totally fine.

Phillip: You sure? Cause every time I put my hair up you start crying out of nowhere.

Alexander: Yeah I’m okay.

Phillip: *puts his hair up in a ponytail*

Alexander: *starts tearing up* Excuse me I’m gonna go for a walk.

*Meanwhile in South Carolina*

Alexander: *Crying in front of John Laurens tombstone* I miss you so much!

Things Supergirl should address about Alex but probably won’t

A running list

  • Her drinking
  • Her *possible* anger issues
    • She’s full on ready to torture people
  • The fact that she has actually killed people
    • You don’t go from UCLA National City Bio-engineering nerd to soldier overnight
    • Supergirl makes a point to never kill people and Alex does what’s necessary. Unless it’s Jeremiah, but that’s a whole other thing.
  • The probable trauma she has from almost dying in a plane crash
  • The fact that she does resent Kara for things
    • Friendly reminder that they never actually talked about the things Red-K Kara said to Alex
  • How her family reacts to her drinking
    • Does Kara even know about party-girl Alex?
    • Does anyone but J’onn know?
  • The probable PTS she has from almost dying in a fucking plane crash
    • The plane crash that was specifically meant to assassinate her
  • The possible trauma from the White Martian incident
  • The possible trauma from the Myriad incident
  • The fact that Alex has had to lie out of necessity for her entire life to keep people safe
  • The possible trauma from the water tank incident
    • Though this was only this week’s episode so who knows if they will address it in a future episode
  • Alex has been under some form of mind control at least two times that I can specifically recall.
    • Having someone literally controlling your mind has to be traumatizing as fuck
    • Though it’s not the same- J’onn has read her mind multiple times without her knowledge, I doubt Alex is really 100% cool with that
  • That Rick guy stalked Alex for a year, claiming to know everything
    • That is incredibly creepy and invasive
    • He knew everything about her relationship with Maggie- with whom she “switched teams… so-to-speak”
    • How much is everything?
    • I’m sure both Alex and Maggie are going to need some help dealing with that one.

Feel free to add your own. I’m sure there’s plenty more to add.


top 10 dctv characters (as voted by my followers) 
# 4. Alex Danvers » “My whole life has been about being perfect. Perfect grades. Perfect job. Perfect sister, taking care of Kara. But the one part of my life that I’ve never been able to make perfect was dating. I just never really liked it. I don’t know, I mean i tried, you know I got asked out. I just never liked…being intimate. I just…I don’t know I thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built, y’know it’s just not my thing. I never thought that it was because of the other…”

The Story Of Alex Drake.

Mary Drake gives birth to Spencer Hastings, who is rushed into the arms of an awaiting Veronica Hastings outside. While Spencer is being taken to Veronica, Mary gives birth to another baby. The second baby, Alex Drake, is sold to a wealthy family in England. Dr. Cochran and Mary split the money, with Mary using the money as a way out of Radley Sanitarium. 

Alex ended up having some issues so her parents sent her off to an orphanage. Her adoptive family take back their name because they didn’t want Alex to tarnish it, so she goes back to being Alex Drake. 

She was sent to Ambrose Home for Wayward Children (the equivalent of Radley Sanitarium in England) but ended up running away when she was 10 years old. Not much is known about the rest of Alex’s upbringing but when she was around 17/18, Wren Kingston bumps into her whilst she is bartending and mistakes her for Spencer Hastings. 

At this point in time Wren is no longer seeing Melissa Hastings, so he and Alex begin dating after he fills her in on all her relatives back in Rosewood. 

After Charlotte escapes police custody and flies to Paris as Vivian Darkbloom, Wren sets up a meeting between Alex and Charlotte. 

The two walk the streets of Paris till morning getting to know each other. They begin to share a close bond, hanging out and doing everything together with their boyfriends; Archer and Wren. It isn’t before long that Charlotte begins to miss the game and leaves Alex to go back to Rosewood and start the game again. Before leaving, Charlotte gives Alex the Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits Record. 

Charlotte unfortunately never returns and when news reaches Alex that her sister was murdered, she comes back to Rosewood to avenge her sister, start the game again and to find out who killed her sister. 

The whole point of Alex playing the game was to find out who killed her half-sister, but the more so played the more she became jealous of Spencer and the life and the friendships she has. This jealousy causes Alex to slowly take over Spencer’s life. She successfully succeeds. “Like mother like daughter,” Alex pretends to be Spencer in order to sleep with Toby exactly like what Mary did.

Wren comes back for Alex because he misses her, but she promises him that once the game is finished she will go back home to London. 

In order for Alex to be exactly like Spencer, she gets Wren to shoot her in the exact same spot that she shot Spencer in, leaving the exact same scar. Alex wanted to be known as Spencer to Wren, but he always thought of her as Alex.

After finishing the game and finding out who killed her sister, Wren visits Mona in Welby to kill her but she convinces him that once she is released from Welby, she would be able to help get Mary out of prison. Alex and Wren return to London.

Alex was sick and tired of being her, she just wanted to be Spencer. Because of Wren not accepting Alex as “Spencer”, she kills him and turns his ashes into an eternity stone that she wears around her neck. 

One year goes on and Alex returns to Rosewood so that she can get her mother out of prison and can finally meet her twin sister, lock her up in an underground bunker and finally take over the life she’s always wanted. 

Eliza: So what’s it like working with Thomas Jefferson?

Alexander: *flashbacks from this morning*

Jefferson: Kiss my ass Hamilton!

Alexander: Suck my dick Jefferson!

Jefferson: Ha! Jokes on you I’m allergic to shrimp.

*Alexander tackles Jefferson*

  • Teddy: [hits Albus with a drawing]
  • Albus: Ow, what the hell?
  • Teddy: It has to hurt, it's called PAINting.

*Sees a fan*

*Realizes fan is flirting*

*Sends a small kiss*

*Fan returns the kiss*

*Sends back multiple beautiful kisses*

*Smiles and stop flirting*

*Has a dirty thought (probably about the fan)*

*Dismisses dirty thought*


In the tenth second of the video you can see that his imagination is at its fullest

you’re welcome :))

Eliza: *kisses Alexander* I love you Alexander.

Alexander: I love you too Angelica.

Eliza: What?!

Alexander: I mean Maria!

Eliza: Excuse me!

Alexander: I mean Laure- No! Eliza! Yes I love you too Eliza.

Eliza: …Alexander.

Alexander: Yes…

Eliza: Start running!


TOP 50 CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers) - #24 Special Agent Alex Danvers

- My whole life has been about being perfect. Perfect grades, perfect job and the perfect sister taking care of Kara. But the one part of my life that I’ve never been able to make perfect was dating. I just never really liked it. I- I- And, you know, I mean, I tried. I got asked out. I just I never liked… Being intimate. I just… I don’t know. I thought maybe that’s just not the way I was built. You know, it’s just not my thing. I never thought that it was because of… The other. That… Maybe I- I mean I don’t- I don’t know. Now, I just I can’t stop thinking about…That maybe… There’s some truth to what you said.
- About? 
- What you said. About me.

Do you ever think about how Alex has lied to most everyone in her life? She lied to her family about her problems in college and about being a DEO agent, and she’s lied every day since she was 15 about Kara’s identify.

She understands lying, why people do it, how sometimes it’s necessary in order to protect the people you love, the oaths you take. So she understood, and was able to forgive, when Maggie lied to her.

However Alex needs wants her and Maggie to be 100% honest with each other, because Maggie is the one person she wants to be completely open and vulnerable with – and to be that person to Maggie too. 


Choosing the person you want to share your life with is one of the most important decisions any of us makes. Ever. Because when it’s wrong, it turns your life to grey. And sometimes, sometimes you don’t even notice until you wake up one morning, and realize years have gone by. We both know about that one, Alex. Your friendship has brought glorious technicolor to my life. It’s been there in the darkest of times, and I am the luckiest person alive for that gift. I hope I didn’t take it for granted. I think maybe I did, because sometimes you don’t see that the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose. But that’s fine too. It really is. Because I’ve realized that no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, or who you’re with…