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Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

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ok, but if you're taking prompts again could we have ace!alex and hardcore kinky cuddle porn? with alex restrained well maggie gives her a deep massage, the kind that hurts at first but it's a good hurt? with lots of kisses and caresses and some sweet smelling lotion or oil? and lots of praise kink? (i might be a touch-starved ace baby gay, i won't confirm or deny...)

Maggie watches her while she works and she squints and she tilts her head and she bites the inside of her cheek, a habit she’s recently picked up from her girlfriend.

“You’re tense, Danvers,” she observes softly, wanting Alex to ask for it, not wanting to suggest it, because she knows Alex is still struggling with not trying to be overly accommodating, still struggling with not trying to be the ‘perfect girlfriend.’ Especially since she’s come out as ace.

Alex looks up at Maggie over her glasses and kneads her hand into her own shoulder. “Yeah, well, you know. Long day at the lab bench, long night with med journals. Sometimes I think the days getting beaten around in the field are easier on my body.”

Maggie grins and nods, relieved to finally be with someone who not only gets it, gets her, but feels it, too. Because no one Maggie’s ever been with has understood what Alex just said; but Maggie feels it, too, every single day her life isn’t on the line.

She thinks vaguely that they both might want to bring that up in therapy, but she pushes the thought to the side for now, because Alex is shifting, and Alex is stewing in nervous thought.

“Maggie, would you… would you want to give me a massage?”

Maggie gulps and licks her lips and nods and beams, because god is she proud of Alex for asking for what she wants, asking for what she needs.

“I would love absolutely nothing more. Roll over, Danvers.”

Alex flushes and tosses the journals she has scattered across the bed to the floor and lays on her stomach eagerly. Maggie takes a long, slow, deep breath staring at her girlfriend, at her perfect body, at her perfect openness, at her perfect… god, everything.

“Tie me up?” Alex asks, her voice small but full and low and so, so, so damn hot.

“Tie you up to… to give you a massage?” Maggie gulps, and Alex buries her face in the pillow.

“I’m sorry, it’s weird, forget it, I – ”

“No no no no no, Alex, no. I… it’s not weird at all, it’s just… hell, Alex, it’s really hot, I was just clarifying, I promise, just clarifying.”

“So you want to, then?”

“Want to tie the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen up so I can give her the deepest, most amazing massage she’s ever had? What do you think, Danvers?”

Alex blushes and pokes her face put from where she’s buried it in the pillow.
“I think you’re saying you like me.”

Maggie grins and kisses her temple, kisses her cheek, and Alex turns so she can kiss her lips, and they both sigh deeply into the kiss, Alex opening her lips and Maggie trying not to moan and failing in a strangled way that makes Alex smile, that makes Alex giggle, that makes Alex want more.

Maggie complies, bringing her lips down the side of Alex’s jawline, her neck, her shoulder blades.

“You’re so beautiful, Alex.”

Alex preens and Maggie grins,  slipping away fron Alex’s body. Alex whines and reaches behind her in protest. Maggie catches her hand and kisses each knuckle.

“Shhh, sweetie, I’m just getting some things I need to give you a proper massage, okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.”

Alex sighs in mock disapproval and Maggie can’t help but lean down to kiss her lips again. Alex goes to deepen it and Maggie pulls back, dimples on full display.

“You want this massage or not, Danvers?”

Alex concedes and Maggie smooths her hair away from the nape of her neck and kisses her gently.

“Just close your eyes and rest, babygirl. I’ll be right back.”

She fiddles with her phone for a moment until she finds her playlist of the most calming music from FFX, and Yuna’s Theme starts up on her speakers. Alex hums in contentment and Maggie can’t help but lean down and kiss her again until she pads into the bathroom to collect what she needs.

True to her word, she comes right back, armed with lavender scented massage candles and sticks of incense scented the same. Alex keeps her eyes closed as she listens to Maggie padding around the bedroom, the sound of a lighter striking up and the scent of woody, sweet spice starting to fill her senses.

“Do you wanna take your clothes off, Ally?” Maggie asks, and Alex smiles, because she knows it’s a genuine question, not a hint or subtle command.

And she does, taking her time shirking out of her sweatshirt and pajama pants, knowing exactly what that kind of thing does to Maggie and relishing every second of it.

Maggie’s breath goes ragged at the sight of Alex wearing nothing but her glasses, laying on her stomach, trusting and waiting and open for her.

“You still want…?” she confirms, and Alex grins, lifting her hands above her head and raising her wrists for Maggie to tie them with the bondage rope they’ve invested in.

“Too tight?” she asks, and Alex hums and shakes her head. Maggie straddles her and leans down to kiss her bound hands before shifting back down her body, settling around her ass, and she runs her fingertips up and down Alex’s back lightly while she waits for the massage candle to melt enough wax to use.

Alex hisses when Maggie drips the wax onto her shoulders, and Maggie pulls back, wipes it up with her hands rapidly.

“I’m sorry, was it too hot? I should’ve waited – “

“No no, don’t stop, it just… your touch, the… the heat… it feels amazing.”

Maggie takes a deep breath and settles herself, starting by digging the pads of her thumbs into Alex’s knotted shoulders, working the waxy lotion into Alex’s skin, the heat into her muscles, and Alex moans loudly, tugging at her rope.

She answers Maggie’s unspoken question, obvious hesitation.

“Please don’t stop.”

So she doesn’t.

She digs her thumbs, her palms, her knuckles, into every one of Alex’s tightest muscles, letting the wax and the music and the incense surround them both as Alex moans with the slight pain of the release, moans and whispers for Maggie – always scared of hurting her – to please keep going, right there, just like that.

Her shoulders, her lower back, that spot in her midback that she’d strained when she’d gone rogue the other week. Maggie traces her muscles with nothing short of reverence, with nothing short of intimate knowledge of how Alex holds her body, of how Alex keeps her tension. She digs into exactly the right spots, circles around exactly the right places, making Alex moan and arch her body and beg for more of Maggie’s touch, more of Maggie’s hands, more of Maggie’s love.

And when Maggie shifts lower, Alex moans louder, because Maggie is working the tension out of her ass, out of her hamstrings, her calves, her feet, leaving a trail of soft kisses all along the path hands trace, the path her hands carve, the path her hands memorize.

“That feel good, Danvers?” she asks, and she smiles when Alex’s affirmative response is less comprised of actual words than of sighs and moans and arching of her body to get more of Maggie’s touch.

“Your hands must be tired, babe,” Alex murmurs after a long while, after the incense has burned itself out and Maggie’s crawled her way back up Alex’s body to work on her bound arms, her ragged breath in Alex’s ear as she kisses her neck, licks at her earlobe.

“They’re not nearly as tired as you are beautiful, so…”

Alex chuckles, her voice full of relaxed ecstasy that she’s never really understood before.

“Come hold me?” she asks, and Maggie immediately goes to untie her hands, kissing the spots Alex had made a bit pink with her writhing under Maggie’s touch.

“I’ll always hold you, Alex. Okay?”

“I can get used to that.”

So now that Pokemon Go is out, I’m ngl kinda hoping I see some Supergirl Pokemon AU’s, but I get it. There’s almost 700 Pokemon, and it would take forever to decide who gets what. So have you ever considered this (i’m sorry this accidentally got long)

What would J’onn have but a Ditto? He finds it when he first lands on Earth all those years ago, in it’s original form and it’s really hurt. He nurses it back to health and isn’t he surprised to find that it’s a shapeshifter too. Hank Henshaw has an Arcanine, so it made him a lot easier to imitate. And then maybe later he gets a Zorua, although those are Illusions, not transformations.

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London Spy script (5)

Alex still in the bath. Danny perched on the edge.

ALEX Had you guessed?
DANNY I’d guessed you hadn’t slept with guys. I’d thought maybe you’d slept with a few women.  
Alex shakes his head. 

DANNY Can I ask a question? I don’t want you to feel under pressure. I’m trying to understand. Can you trust me on that?
Alex nods.
DANNY What’s stopped you?
Alex entering completely new territory.
DANNY You don’t have to answer –
ALEX I want to.
Alex considers. In the end, he settles for:
ALEX When people tried to kiss me I said things like: “For a gift to truly be a gift”.

But Danny doesn’t smile. Or laugh. He waits, patiently, his fingers in the water. He wants to know. For real.  

No more hiding. Alex goes deeper.
ALEX At school I was old. At university I was young. I’ve always been out of step with the people around me. In the end, I left it so late, I gave up.
(with sadness) I gave up. 

DANNY Did you imagine you’d spend the rest of your life alone?
ALEX I did.
DANNY I can’t begin to understand what that must feel like.  
ALEX You were always sure you’d find someone?
DANNY Always.
Alex can’t imagine what that feels like.
ALEX Being alone has a rhythm, like running. It’s when you stop that you realize how tired you are.
Alex not just saying this for the first time, he understands this for the first time, in this moment.  

ALEX How do you admit you’ve never had a relationship? Who wants to hear? When they do, who wants to stay?
A rare and precious flash of emotion from Alex.

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reader and alex been friends forever and when alex comes out because of maggie, reader gets jealous and realizes she has feelings for alex

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“Really?” You asked your best friend to confirm what she just told you, and she nodded her head. “I’m really happy for you, Alex!” You said as you hugged her. “Thanks for telling me.”

“Of course I told you! You’re the person I thought to tell right after Kara.”

“So, what made you realize? If you don’t mind me asking.” You asked, with a little bit of hopefulness in your voice. This stuff only happens in movies or fanfiction, but you hoped she would admit she had feelings for you.

“Well, I met someone.”

“Really? Who?” You said, thinking you were playing along and she meant you.

“There’s this detective for the NCPD. Her name’s Maggie. She’s so great Y/N! I can’t wait for you to meet her, you guys will really like each other!”

“Oh.” You said, starting to get disappointed and jealous, but you tried not to let it show because this was your friend’s big moment. “That’s awesome! I can’t wait to meet her.”

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i'm obsessed with ur blog & loved ur post about how the season 5 flashbacks make you look at season 1 differently-- I've been thinking the same thing! knowing that piper reached out to alex not too long before going to litchfield, whats your interpretation of why she was so opposed to opening up to alex & literally wanted nothing to do with her at the beginning of season 1?

Sorry this took so long to answer but I had to really get my thoughts together.

Well when Piper called Alex it was before she knew that Alex had named her. So when she called and Alex saw Piper’s name appear on her caller id instantly Alex is thinking “fuck, oh fuck she knows” thinking Piper is calling because she is pissed and getting ready to spit hate and rage at her. Which probably would’ve made things easier on Alex’s conscience if she did. But to her surprise she gets the complete opposite. There’s no animosity, no anger, just Piper calling because she was thinking about her and because she missed her. It even gives Alex an inkling of hope that Piper still loves her. So now that Alex has gotten this phone call she feels sorry for what she did because she already lit the fuse to the bomb that’s going to blow up Piper’s life.

Fast forward to Litchfield, now that Piper knows Alex named her of course she’s upset. She hates her and she resents her. Piper and Alex will always either love or hate each other passionately. When you love someone so much so that its all consuming and they hurt you, the hate you feel towards them is just as strong, hence the saying: There’s a thin line between love and hate. When I first saw season one I was already suspicious about Piper’s feelings towards Alex because she expressed so much hate towards her, how could you hate her so much Piper unless you still cared? Unless you still loved her. I mean Piper didn’t tell Larry that Alex was in prison with her and told him to check with his dad, her lawyer, to see if Alex really named her and basically told Larry to not ask questions and just do what she asked. How the fuck Larry didn’t catch that red flag I don’t know. Even her best friend Polly called her on it, if its so obvious and you know Alex named you than why does his dad need to check? Why do you care?

The season 5 flashbacks clearly show that their relationship was never officially over it was left unresolved. So with that in mind even if Larry had told Piper the truth about Alex really naming her or not they were definitely getting back together. Or even if Alex had decided to tell the truth in the first place I’m sure it still would’ve happened because even when they’re both angry eventually they go right back to loving each other.

Here Kitty, Kitty

((Thanks to @hameowlton I was struck by the need to write Hamburr with cats.))


Alex almost drops his coffee. He doesn’t, because he is a professional dammit and therefore the hot drink is practically glued to his hand, but it almost happens.

He looks up from his desk, casting his eyes around the large room they’ve taken over in case one of the volunteers had stayed after and he simply hadn’t noticed.

But no. The campaign headquarters is deserted. Even the light in Washington’s office is off, meaning Martha has finally managed to talk her husband into going home.

There’s only one person who’s made the regular habit of staying as late in the office as Alex. Which means there can only be one person responsible for that little scream he’d just heard.


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Tangelo, lychee, kiwi, and papaya my love 😘💚💛💚💛

Tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?
Probably some type of quadruped that has wings. Or maybe a dragon. For sure something with wings.

Lychee: satin or lace? Lace

Kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?
The way I feel about you Connor. Just knowing that you make me feel things is wow. Like how do I explain it?

Papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?
Hard to pinpoint an exact song. Something alternative and sad. But the closet a song has ever made me feel something real has been Down Low by Alex Winston (from what I can remember anyways) I can just feel her emotions and feel things. I don’t even think I answered that. 🤦🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️

i wouldn’t let jason put his damn hands on me, why is alex letting these damn boys make her feel like she has to do what they want? why say she’s squandering it when she is MAKING HER OWN DECISIONS

Listen, I love Maggie Sawyer with all my heart and it hurts my heart to see how much she wants to be loved but is too afraid to reciprocate or act upon any feelings she has for Alex because of what happened with her ex-girlfriend. And even though she knows Alex thinks of her with the highest respect and has told her to her face that she is an amazing woman, she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Because Maggie doesn’t seem to have many friends, and Alex is a good one, and she doesn’t want to admit her feelings and go into a relationship with her, not because she is “fresh off the boat,” but because she is afraid of it ending badly and then she would be left with no one again. Alex has people–she has Kara, J’onn, Winn, James. Maggie? She has no one. Then Alex came into her life and she found someone she got along with and could spend time with and have fun, but now that her ex completely shattered her and called her all those nasty things, she has no confidence to start something new. Even though Maggie has incredible game, lately she’s been a lot more tip-toey. She has no idea how to handle Alex. So when she shows up at Kara’s apartment, she tells Alex that she cares about her, that she’s important to her, that her life would be nothing without her. This is her plea to Alex that she needs her in her life, even if it might just be as a friend. Because right now, Maggie would rather still have Alex in her life as a friend, than not in it at all. Yes, we as viewers can all tell that those words show that Maggie has big gay feelings for Alex, but she’s not at that point where she is confident enough to do anything with them. So, for now, her and Alex are friends. And it will definitely be interesting to see how they interact with each other, with Maggie knowing that Alex has romantic feelings for her, and knowing that she has those same feelings but is keeping them inside. I foresee a lot of awkward sexual tension lol. So yeah, I hope that later this season (because I have a feeling we won’t see another kiss where both of them are Into it until 2B), Maggie will finally be comfortable and confident and ready to be loved and to love in return.

Chrome "The Visitation" (1976)

Clear Vinyl you guys!!!!! Totes into it. Also? I’m totes P! We’re having a baby you guys, and you know what that means- pretty soon I’ll have to start writing “My Baby’s Stupid Record Collection.” Wah!

Alex just told me that this is Chrome’s first album and does not have Helios Creed on it. It will also sound very different from the one I just listened to and very different from the one I’ll listen to next. Let’s put it on!

Sidenote: Do you think if all records were clear I’d be really excited about a black one? Hard to say.

Ooh we’ve got lyrics! And kind of dramatic sounding ones. I like his voice. This definitely has a 70s feel to it. I just asked Alex, “What does this remind me of?” And he said that our friend John Colpitts says it sounds like the Grateful Dead. No, that’s not what I’m thinking. Television maybe? David Bowie? Anyway, the first song is “How Many Years Too Soon,” and it has a devastating feel about it. The guitar is pretty emotional and passionate. Every once in a while the lyrics break and it goes into this romantic love sick tune. It sounds like a bird flying through the sky. And it really sounds so different from the last album. Seriously.

The next song is called “Raider,” and has a very psychedelic vibe - you kind of want to listen to it while staring at a lava lamp and wearing a headband.

Return To Zanizbar,” drops the psychedelia and is almost almost punk-ish because he’s saying all of the lyrics instead of singing them. I like this song a lot. I think it might be my favorite on the album. If you’re going to click on one song, click on this one.

But then the next song, “Caroline,” is a snoozefest. It has kind of a eastern funky feel about it, but ultimately, I’m not impressed. I feel like this album is very up and down with trying to figure out it’s identity. Also, it’s just so crazy that this is the same band that put out “Read Only Memory” only two years later!

On to side two!

The first song, “Riding You,”  starts off with a kind of spooky vibe of wind and wind chimes and ominous drumming. There’s also laughter and crying sounds. Very Halloween! Then a crazy guitar comes in! But the vocals sound too far away, they were much more clear and pronounced on “How Many Years Too Soon.” I think this song would have followed “Return To Zabzibar” better. Just get rid of “Caroline”! I think it’s a great song to start an album side with because of the spooky introduction.

But then you get “Kinky Lover,” totally going the way of Caroline. They totally squandered the awesome title “Kinky Lover” on a plodding song that feels like it goes nowhere, but still goes on forever.

Alex just said “this album sounds like they were super fried. Like they were doing tons of acid. I love that sound.” I’m not sure what that sound is exactly, but I’m pretty sure I’m not feeling the song “Kinky Lover.”

“Sun Control,” almost almost sounds like a dance song at first. It definitely has sampling potential. So if you’re into that thing, I think you should check it out and make something weird and new out of it. I like this song, it sounds messy and wrong at times.

Memory Cords Over the Bay,” appears to be taking us on a journey home. I like the name of this song. This song has a playful and exciting feel about it.

Ultimately, I would say that this album was mediocre for me. There were a couple of songs that I liked, but they are not at the high yet super weird quality that they achieve in “Read Only Memory.” That’s okay guys, that’s what’s practicing for. I’m glad you kept on going.

thetaylorbagley: All I Have To Do Is Dream