alex has been wearing these sunglasses and he looks like a girl

Title: Yard Work
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Alex Summers x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Word Count: 1,025 words
Warnings: None
Notes: This idea has been sitting in my head for a few months now, and I finally decided to write it. It didn’t turn out as well as I dreamed, but it’s still alright. I hope you all enjoy it. ☺ Edit: I realized I posted the already-saved draft without editing it to give thanks to @paperclipmac for beta reading this for me. Thank you, my dear Sierra. 💜

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When you and Alex were teenagers, you could never picture him living domestically. Alex Summers didn’t seem to fit in with the idea of a white picket fence, a dog, and kids playing in the yard. But he would tell you all the time, with an expression full of sincerity and love, “I’m gonna marry you. I’m gonna put up that stupid fucking fence, and we’re gonna have the cutest damn dog in the neighborhood, and even cuter kids.”

And he was right.

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What the X-Men characters would be like in High School

Alex Summers (Havoc)
The quarterback.

Angel Salvadore
The sensible hipster who everyone loves.

That one kid who’s obsessed with world domination.

Betsy Braddock (Psylocke)
The one everyone is terrified of until they get to know her. Then they’re twice as terrified.

Bobby Drake (Iceman)
The guy who stays sober to drive the drunk ones home from a party

Charles Xavier (Professor X)
The guy who deals pot out of his locker

The one who’s obsessed with bodybuilding

Emma Frost
The really pretty and popular girl who every actually likes instead of hates

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)
That kid who’s probably hacked the President more times than he’s been to class

Francis Freeman (Ajax)
The kid who looks like he’s killed a man. Probably has killed a man

Hank Mccoy (Beast)
The Science nerd who might get bullied by the older years but his entire year will stick up for him

Jean Grey (Marvel girl/Phoenix)
The quiet girl who gets fantastic grades and does everyone else’s homework

John Allerdyce (Pyro)
The kid who’s been expelled for burning down half the school. Twice.

The one who literally everybody loves because she’s so sweet and kind.

Kitty Pryde (Shadow Cat)
The girl who always gets people out of sticky situations

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
The foreign exchange student who is 10x smarter than everyone else except one person but has zero social skills

Logan Howlett (Wolverine)
The kid who stabs everything with a pen

The one who is all round great at every aspect of school

Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Takes no shit and can take a hit

Ororo Munroe (Storm)
The girl who’s obsessed with Kpop and converts half the year

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver)
The kid who’s never in class but still gets A’s

Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
The kid who sells random shit out of his jacket pocket

The Mother of the year

Scott Summers (Cyclops)
The kid who probably has a permanent hangover so he has to wear sunglasses 24/7

Sean Cassidy (Banshee)
That one kid who’s voice still hasn’t broken at 18

Victor Creed (Sabertooth)
The guy who never cuts his nails, probably freaks the shit out of everyone.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
The kid who randomly appears in class once in a blue moon and sleeps through that class anyways.

Warren Worthington III (Angel/ Archangel )
The one who’s probably drinking vodka out of a plastic water bottle.

She will fight you and she will win.

Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

Anonymus’s requested:

“imagine milex pretending to date for publicity’s sake or some shit but then it turns real and can you please write this?”

sooo I am still working on this one and I loved the idea (thanks anon) but I’m gonna make it chaptered and you can find any kind of writing there also nswf stuff so stay ready and yeah enjoy :) I dont know if it turned out that good and/or if you like it at all. I’m going to certainly carry on with it and chapter 2 will come soon. 

thanks and enjoy xx

Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

“I can’t believe it. They’re doing it again.”

Miles said as he put the newspaper down.

He was having breakfast in a nice terrace in London. It was a sunny weather and he was wearing sunglasses. Also his best mate, Alex, sitting infront of him wore his shades. He just couldn’t stay without them.
He sipped at his cappuccino and raised a brow to Miles with a questionly expression.

“The media is talking about the thing again. They are still wondering if we’re dating or not.”

“Tsk! That’s ridiculous. Read out loud.”

Miles read from the article:

“The Last Shadow Puppets have been seen together again, roaming through the streets of the wild London town. Last night the two british musicians spent their whole time together going from restaurants to pubs and discos. Like a real couple. Why are those two lads spending so much time together? The answer could only be one of those two options:

1- they are working on a second TLSP album.

2- they are really dating and can’t have enough of each other.

But it is true actually that the fans of the two band members, Miles Kane (27) and Alex Turner (27), do really enjoy the idea of them being together. They create several Twitter and Facebook and other social network pages called “Milex” (the ship name of Miles and Alex as a pair) or similar names, where they ship those two love birds together. One is simply, the boys are not trying to hide their secret relationship and I think it’s finally the time to stop pretending to just simply being “Bezzies” and start to snog the hell out of each other even in public cause the sexual tension between them is unbearable and you can clearly notice it.”

“I don’t believe this!” Chuckled Alex not as bewildered as he really was.

“Damn mate! They really think we are dating..” he chuckled too a little “and they actually like it… At this pic we do really look a little gay,don’t we?”

He showed Alex a picture under the article of them two last night: they are both drunk and are stumbling across the sidewalk and Miles holds Alex under his right arm and stares at him while Alex is snuggling into his mate’s chest with his eyes closed.

“Wow” Alex raised his brows “I really can’t remember this, mate.”
He was clearly wrong tho’. He remembers a little from last night and he remembers enjoying and loving Miles’ scent and having him so close. He has always loved it, and he would never admit it but it was true. And it was also true that he was a little disappointed when Miles fell asleep that quickly when they arrived home and went to bed.

“Neither can I” chuckled Miles.


After breakfast they went walking through the park when suddenly two fans came giggling over them “hi..ehh.. Can we have an autograph, please?”

“Sure” said Miles cool and Alex just smiled and nodded.

While they were signing one of the fans said “you are so cute together, i love you.”

Alex looked up at her bewildered “together in what sense?” he asked acting smooth.

“As lovers.” Said the other girl smiling at them.

Miles looked at Alex and laughed quietly.

“Haha a lot of people are saying this bu-” Alex was interrupted by Miles

“That’s really cute! Thank you so much. We appreciate it.”

Alex was confused by Miles’ action and was about to ask him something but his mate put an arm around his shoulder and said

“He is the really cute one..” looking at Alex.

“Aww” the both girls giggled and fangirled a little.

“What the fuck, mate-” Alex whispered confused.


“Can we take a selfie all together?” The girls asked.

“Sure” answered Miles all nonchalantly, and they all posed for the selfie. Miles posed by giving Alex a kiss on the cheek and Alex acted a little surprised by raising his eyebrows, but he was really surprised actually.

The girls thanked them and leaved.

“No seriously mate WHAT THE FUCK??!” Alex blurted out all of a sudden removing his sunglasses for watching Miles better.

Miles laughed for Al’s behavior

“Pretty cool, isn’t it? Acting to be a couple haha”

“This is not cool Miles! And there’s nothing to laugh about. Those girls are going to post the pic in Instagram or Twitter or some other shit and they are going to make everyone believe it’s true and we are going to get overflown by reporter’s questions and I don-”

“Keep calm, mate. Keep calm. It’s not such a big problem tho’. We’re gonna act like we’re together infront of everyone. Together for the media!”

Alex just looked at him wide eyed and bewildered.

“Come on! It’s fucking amazing! They love it, Alex! They love it. Let’s satisfy our audience for a little. And I think my manager wouldn’t have anything against it neither.”

“Miles…” Alex was massaging his forehead “why should we do that..? I don’t know if it’s a good idea, you know? They are going to start questioning everything. And we’re going to loose some fans cause unfortunately a big part of the society doesn’t still accept homosexual people..”

“Alex!” Miles stopped him again “they are going to love it!” He smiled at him.

Alex sighed. “The only thing that is keeping me a bit less stressed is your sureness.”

“That’s it. And look over there!” He pointed at a paparazzi who was positioning himself behind the bushes for stealing some snaps.
“Let’s start it now. Let’s show him we love each other.”

“Ehh… Miles.. i don’t want to snog you I think..”

Miles shushed him by putting his hand behind Al’s neck and pulling him closer.

“We can do this.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed Alex.

“Wha-” Alex was so surprised and bewildered and confused. He didn’t know what to do but after a while he just gave in and he actually did really love it. Miles’ lips felt so soft and the wetness turned him on very much. He always wanted to kiss Miles that deeply, they never went that far. He leaned his head a little and opened his mouth for Miles to let his tongue enter. It felt fucking amazing. He loved it. He wanted to moan into the kiss but he swallowed them all cause he didn’t want Miles to have any doubts about him. The paparazzi was snapping frantically.
Miles gave in more by letting his tongue twirl deeper and stronger against Alex’s. The older one started to whine quietly, he just couldn’t afford to hold it back now and his heart was beating really quickly. Miles took him by the waist and pulled him closer. Alex was wondering if Miles was enjoying this too but then he snapped out of it and pulled away carefully.
“o-okay.. Stop..” He looked away, embarrassed.

Miles smiled at him “you’re a quite good kisser, Turner. Have to admit it.”

“You did all the work” Alex murmured, looking down.

Miles was happy to bring out the shy and clumsy Alex back instead of the cocky rockstar.

“I think the paparazzi got the best of it… I’m happy I’m going to experience this again soon.” Said Miles smiling and heading away.

“Wh-what..?” Alex followed him, frowning.

“Now i have a good reason to feel those cute lips again some time.” He smiled at him “oh and for completing the mission..” He took Al’s hand and entwined their fingers.

Alex was surprised and his heart started to beat fast again.
“Damn..” He whispered and turned his head around, hiding the blush.


When Alex went home he tiredly fell on his bed and sighed. What the fuck are they actually doing.
He turned on the tv and the music channel was on. He was about to go to take a shower but suddenly the tv caught his attention. They were talking about him and Miles.

‘It’s actually weird to believe but it’s true. The Arctic Monkeys frontman has been caught snogging with the british musician, Miles Kane, who is also known as his best mate and the other member of their duo side project, The Last Shadow Puppets.’

“Oh shit..” He whispered to himself as he sat down to his bed, paying his fully attention to the tv.

'These are the pictures of the two musician kissing from today in London’s Hyde Park.’

The tv showed the paparazzi’s pics from this morning and Alex observed him. He had a strange feeling seeing how they both were kissing and how they actually gave in. He noticed that their eyes have been closed for the whole time and he smiled a little when he saw Miles’ hand on Alex’s waist in one pic.

'Today has also been posted a pic on Instagram of the two band members with two fans and the caption says: “met the cute couple MILEX today, it is real!”
Well, dear Miles Kane and Alex Turner. We are happy you finally stopped hiding your secret relationship and don’t feel ashamed over it. It’s a good example for young people to learn and lo-‘

He turned the tv off.
“This freaks me out..” He murmured to himself.
He went to the bathroom and took a long and hot bath, his mind sinking in the quicksand of his own confused thoughts.


He has been in the bath tub for how long now? 5 or 10 minutes must have passed. He was laying in the tub full of bubbles and only his head, half of his shoulders and his arms were outside. The rest was disappeared beneath the white and frothy shower gel.

Miles had always had the keys to Alex’s flat. He and the other Monkeys were the only ones whom he would ever give the copy of his keys.
Miles entered Alex flat and he heard the TV being on. He went to the bedroom expecting Alex to find there but there was no trace.

“Alex?” He called after him.
No answer. He decided to look at the bathroom and here he was, asleep. Miles chuckled a little when he saw his best mate sleeping in the tub. He closed the door and approached him, sitting on the tub counter.
He observed the older boy, he is beautiful. His hair all wet and messy, his eyes closed and lips a little parted. And Miles found it too adorable how a little lather was hanging from his chin.

He smiled to himself and wiped it away with one finger. Alex started to blink and he mumbled


(chapter 2 coming soon)

“Little Miss Blondie” - Matthew Espinosa Imagine

boy/character: matthew espinosa

request: yes ma’am, little-miss-blonde-perfect

warnings/rate: M for make-out scene omfgshjak

authors notes: matts to hot im sweATINGGHJ &&&& I changed you meeting him on the street to a mall…I hope thats okay :)

“I’ve got a sweetened passion tea for Miss (Y/N).” The tall male barista calls through the crowded Starbucks. Squeezing past the other busy customers to grab my cool drink. I smile and thank the barista leaving my spare change in the empty ‘tips’ jar. Taking a sip of my drink of tea, taking my phone out of my pocket. I open the Twitter app as I walk through the crowded mall. “(Y/N) pleassseeeee follow me! I just finished watching your show on Disney and I’m so in love.” The tweet reads and I instantly favorite and respond to the girl saying of course before I follow her. I watch my feed blow up from her excited tweets and I giggle to myself as I continue to walk pulling my sunglasses down to cover my bright eyes. My finger to scroll through the dozens of fanpages wishing for a follow from my cast mates and I. Ever since I signed to a new Disney show my life has never been the same. I have to wear sunglasses just to get a simple iced tea from Starbucks. Glancing up quickly, I turn the corner and my body rushes into someone else. My bright red tea splattering on the person.
“Woe there!” A strong male voice calls and I step back in stock.
“Oh my god I am so sorry.” My eyes slowly take in the image of a teenage boy soaked in my passion tea. His white shirt clings to him and his stiffed facial features turn soft as I cover my face in embarrassment.
“Hey its alright, Little Miss Blondie, I didn’t like this shirt anyway.”
“Good because I didn’t like that on you anyway. It’s not your color.” I smirk sliding down my sunglasses to the tip of my nose.
“So Miss Blondie’s got some sass?” The attractive boy flirts.
“Some? I’ve got all of it,” I smirk and push my glasses back up, “but really I am sorry about your shirt. Here.” I open my purse and grab a twenty dollar bill, and hand it to him.
“I don’t need your money,” he passes the money back, “just let me buy you a new drink.“
“No thanks-”
“What are you too cool?” He says cutting me off.
“Yes actually I am. Seriously you need a new shirt.”
“I’ll buy the same shirt and give you the extra money but look,” he smiles pulling a new shirt from a Billabong bag. "Stay here.” He says and I stand there stunned but I stand there anyway and lean against the wall drinking whatever is left in my cup. He comes jogging back with his new shirt on and soaked white tank in hand.
“So you waited for me.” He smirks.
“No actually I just didn’t feel like walking to my car.”
“Heres your money back.” He tries to had me my twenty.
“Nope, you need a new shirt.”
“Well I guess I’ll buy it and call you to give you the extra money.”
“You don’t have my number…” I say chuckling.
“Well, well, well…looks like you’ll have to give it to me.” He chuckles, taking his phone out of his pocket. He tries to hand me it and I shake my head.
“Not gonna happen, Mr, what was your name again?” I say cocking my head to the side my bright blonde hair swinging forward.
“Matthew Espinosa.” He smiles brightly and I notice he has a breathtaking smile.
“Just because you have a bomb last name,” I take his phone and plug in my number, “here you are Matthew.” I place his phone back into his hand and walk past him. Throwing my now empty cup in the trash, a hand grabs my wrist and I turn to see who it is. Matt.
“I never got your name.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).”
“Oh my god, you’re from the Disney Channel show-“
“Shh.” I cover his mouth and pull him inside the nearest store, H&M. “Yes. That’s me, I hate the lights and glam that comes with acting. It’s great but I can’t go anywhere without being noticed.”
“Hence, the glasses.” He says taking them off my face putting them on his. I nod and laugh at how dumb he looks with my glasses on. We begin to walk through the store as we continue our conversation.
“Yes, you know you look pretty familiar too if I must say.” I say trying to figure out where I have seen him before.
“Well, I’m kinda Vine famous-”
“I know who you are now!”
“You a fan?” He comments tugging his bottom lip between his teeth. He takes the glasses off of his face and placing them on my head.
“I wouldn’t call myself one…” I say as we pass through the shoe section of the crowded H&M. “I would say I’m a fan of these shoes though,” I say practically drooling over the nude pumps with a gold capped toe. “I need these.” Taking off my boots, I slip on the heels and watch as Matt stares at me. “What?”
“Spill it!” I playfully punch his arm.
“They look good on you thats all,” he stutters his hand rubbing the back of his neck.
“Oh well, I already know that.” I say trying to push away his flirtatious words. Slipping my boots back on I walk up to the cashier.
“Damn it,” I curse noticing my ex, Alex walking towards us, “see that guy right there…” I turn to face Matt hoping that Alex didn’t see me.
“Yeah I see him… whats wrong with him?” Matt glances at him then back down at me.
“I dated him for two years but we broke up when I started acting because my life was crazy. He is insane, he can’t see me-”
“(Y/N)?” Alex calls and chills run down my spine.
“Alex,” I swallow the nervous lump in my throat, “how are you?”
“Fine, I have a girlfriend now.” He says as if to impress me.
“Good for you,” I turn to Matt, glaring my eyes at Alex then back at him before nodding, “this is my boyfriend, Matt.”
“Nice to meet you, (Y/N) has told me all about you.”
Really what has she said?”
“Nothing more then you’re a dick.” Matt says the tension in the air growing.
“You know what I think?” Alex remarks and I shiver ducking behind Matt.
“What do you think?” Matt provokes him and I look up at him nervously.
“I think you two aren’t a thing. What couple goes shopping without, one: holding hands, two: kissing, three: the boy paying for something their girlfriend wants, four: wheres the protective gestures when she started to talk to me.”
“You don’t believe we are dating?” Matt asks his jaw clenching down.
“No, I don’t.”
“Fine,” Matt turns and grabs my waist his hazel eyes flicking down at my lips before he smiles and crashes our lips together, his mouth melts into mine and his tongue gently grazes over mine. I kiss him back almost instantly and my hands find the back of his hair. He gently bites my lip before he smirks, cocking an eyebrow after pulling away. “Is that enough proof for you?” Matt yells at Alex and his face drops before leaving Matt and I in an awkward silence.
“Sorry about that, I-I didn’t know what else to do.” Matt stutters.
“You could have told him to fuck off, but I think you made a wise choice.” I smirk and his cheeks turn bright red.
“Well, I think I should buy these for you now since we are ‘together’.” Matt says sarcastically while taking the pumps from my hand.
“I guess so.” I smirk and we walk to the cashier and Matt pays for my shoes.
“Here you are,” Matt smiles and passes me the bright white and red bag, “so I guess I have to see again soon (Y/N).”
“I guess so,” I smile and Matt does too, “so you’ll call me, I mean I need my money back.”
“Maybe this Friday?”
“Thats tomorrow…” I laugh sliding my glasses onto my eyes again.
“Thats the point.” Matt places a kiss on my cheek before walking past me, “See you later Little Miss Blondie.”

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