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I Have A Confession

This might be long so I apologize in advanced.

I enjoy writing. It’s my escape from my real life. I can escape from my parents who argue a lot. Its my escape from my dad calling me useless. From my sisters who call me clumsy or stupid. From my friends who don’t invite me to hang out sometimes. Writing makes me feel great because its the one thing family and friends don’t know I do, which makes me happy because its the one thing that they can’t criticize me about or take away from me. Only three of my friends know I write fan-fiction. One of them made a blog to read my stories, the second one said she would make one to just read my work, the third has just read my work and said it was great. That was a boost for me.

So knowing that some of you actually like to read my stories makes me really emotional in a good way. I didn’t think my writing was good at all. I felt I was doing something stupid. And when my mom makes a comment or my sisters call me out because I’m doing something I enjoy doing, it makes me upset. I’m not the most socialist person, I’m shy. I can’t even present something in front of big groups of people.

That’s why I feel that I can really be myself on Tumblr. I can go crazy over someone I like and post my interest. Writing feels like the one thing I can call mine. Like its that one thing no one can take away from me. So I want to thank everyone who makes me want to write. I also want to apologize for not always updating. I get writers block really badly, I know its not an excuse but its the truth, every time you ask for another part or something different I feel a bit pressured, and I really want to give you what you want, but it isn’t always easy.

Sorry for my stupid rant and wasting your time…. :/

glitz-addams  asked:

This is a weirdly-specific question but I can't help but wonder what the cryptid community thinks of the show Grimm. Do they hate it more than Twilight? (I wanted to participate but couldn't think of a better question I'm sorry :s)

(i actually know nothing about the show b/c i am a goblin that lives under a rock without broadcast tv) BUT this is a great time to talk about cryptids and their relation to popular  mythology:

  • The brothers Grimm are a running Bitter Joke in the crypt community, becuase there ARE some beings old enough to remember those little shits and how vile they were, and they NEVER stop talking smack about them, and more importantly, telling the REAL stories.
  • It’s especially important to the North American Cryptids to keep The Old Stories alive, becuase they tell you the TRUTH about elves and fairies- they are fickle and capricious and cruel, because They Do Not Understand.
  • And the fairies are just vicious little shits.
  • Like really, if you’ve got to pick between a rabid badger and a fairy, pick the badger.
  • Bram Stoker is an even bigger Bitter Joke, and calling a vamp any variation of “Dracula” is ground for getting your teeth knocked in.
  • Among the things Stoker Got Wrong:  Vampirism is technically contagious, but only by extreme means that involve the ‘victim’ drinking/absorbing the vamp’s blood.
  • It’s neither easy nor pleasant
  • getting bitten won’t make you their thrall and frankly you BDSM people who go around harassing vamps because “I wanna be your slave” need to STOP
  • The vamp community was doing REALLY WELL for a while there after the monster movie craze had died down and people started leaving them alone AND THEN TWILIGHT HAPPENED.
  • Basically, the crypt community faces some pretty big issues with fetishization in the human groups that acknowledge they exist and Queer Cryptids doubly so.
  • The Stereotype of “Dangerous Monster” is really teritary after the issues of  “The Government Says You Don’t Exist” and “I’m a fan for all the wrong reasons”
Prompt List

*Dialogues & Prompts *Feel free to request a # & Character, Re-blog : )

  1. “I couldn’t save her!”
  2. “What are you hiding?”
  3. “Why do you care so much?”
  4. “Please wake up!”
  5. “Let go of me!”
  6. “You don’t want to be apart of my life!”
  7. “I never once doubted you.”
  8. “I live for danger!”
  9. “I never ever met a boy that made me feel the way that you do.”
  10. “I need you to kiss me now!”
  11. “No you’re perfect, your fine. You can’t be sick!”
  12. “In a couple years we won’t even remember each other!”
  13. “I don’t want to be scared anymore.”
  14. “You and me…it was destiny.”
  15. “You already know the truth!”
  16. “I’m Y/N.” 
  17. “At least we still have each other.”
  18. “Why would you make me do this, you’re my best friend!” “Because your more than that Y/N.”
  19. “You left when I needed you most.”
  20. “Say the first thing that comes to your mind, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?” “Y/N.”
  21. “Close your eyes.”
  22. “You broke my heart and I hate myself for it because I still love you.”
  23. “It’s okay if you want to leave us, I won’t hate you. I’ll understand that it’s your time to go.”
  24. “I can’t imagine a world with you gone.”
  25. “Please don’t leave me!”
  26. “I want to be with you, and kiss you. I want to have a future with you.”
  27. “Shut up and let me save your life.”
  28. “Together?” “Together.”
  29. “With everything that’s happened. All the insane things we’ve faced. I know that the one thing that is sane is that you and Y/N belong together.”
  30. “I’d give up my life for yours in a heartbeat.”
  31. “Can I kiss you?”
  32. “Wherever you are, whatever your doing, or who you’re with, I will always honestly truly completely love you.”
  33. “I promise I will never let anything happen to you.”
  34. “I’m in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
  35. “I knew from the first time that I saw you that you were the one.”
  36. “I don’t deserve you.”
  37. “I will love you until my last breath.”
  38. “What did you want to ask me?”
  39. “You and I. Us. That was the plan from the beginning.”
  40. “That feeling you have. The butterflies in your stomach. I hate to break it to you sweetheart, but you’re in love.”
  41. “You have any amazing voice.”
  42. They catch you singing your lungs off and take a video.
  43. You get stood up by your date.
  44. “Let’s have another kid.”
  45. “At least take me on a proper date first.”
  46. “Quit being so cute!”
  47. “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”
  48. “You, me, coffee date!
  49. “Is this okay?”
  50. “Do you think you deserve a second chance?”
  51. “You kissed my best friend!”
An Author’s Odyssey

I just finished the fifth book in the Land of Stories series and once again I am in awe. Chris Colfer is a fantastic writer! Each of the characters is so well developed. Like it would have been really easy to make Red a bitchy brat, but you can see under her shallow exterior she does have a good heart. The books are marketed towards kids but, going into college as an English major, I am in awe. These books start off so simple and grow on each other. The characters grow. The themes develop at a rate that makes sense. Nothing is ever forced. The fighting is always in the right place, Conner’s off handed references and often dumb comments are almost always perfectly placed, the romance is always good without being overwhelming.

Something I need to gush about is the fabulousness that is Jack and Goldilocks. It is fucking canon that they have had sex, not something you’d see in a children’s series. But more than that they love each other. Not the idea of each other or the idea of the future they can have. No. Jack is completely and utterly smitten with his now wife. He proposed while they were in the middle of battle because he knew she’d think it would be romantic. They talk to each other. Not just flirt like other characters, they actually communicate what they’re thinking. Jack knows she has walls and knows she has secrets. That doesn’t piss him off, it infatuates him. Goldilocks is literally the epitome of femenism. She can kick ass, she can save the day, she can be the girlfriend for Red, she can be a wife to Jack (SPOILER) and mother to her son, she can lead by example and follow those who she thinks are worth following. Plus how often does a couple like this:

A. Get together

B. Stay together/ get married

C. Have a kid

Especially in a genre that’s becoming more and more about unattainable love this is a rare and much needed win. (I need more fan art of them stat)

More than that both the main characters, Alex and Conner, are evolving. They were passable in The Wishing Spell but in the books since they’ve both grown away from their tropes as the studious one and the slacking joker (seriously does every set of twins have to be like that). Alex has gone through very relatable issues. She’s grown up different, very studious and therefore mocked by her classmates. Once she’s in the fairy tale world, you’d think that suddenly everything is good and grand. But it’s not. She is walking a very thin line between good and evil since book three. When she loses her temper, she loses her motherfucking temper. She’s gone from a nobody to the fairy godmother. She’s also an emotional teenage girl. As much as I hate saying this, hormones make you do stupid shit. (I’m a teenage female going off my own experience). But she’s also facing the most frustrating thing ever- adults that won’t listen to her. Yes there are more frustrating things, but the entire first part of the fourth book is no one believing her about the Masked Man. She wants to help people but to help them she has to make questionable decisions. Decisions that other people- Ezmia, the evil queen- have made and suffered for. 

Then you have Conner. Conner Jonathan Bailey is my son I swear to god. He is awkward and clumsy and wants the world to make sense. He cracks jokes at inappropriate times, often getting his foot in his mouth, but his writing. The fifth book is exploring his writing. It was all so interesting. As a writer myself, I love how he viewed his worlds. With pride and awe. There are times that writing a story doesn’t seem that exciting, especially when you’re writing fiction. Because a writer’s job is to create worlds and people and events that paint your mind with black words on white paper. That’s mind boggling and it’s my job. Conner goes from a little boy to a far more mature young man. He has a passion for writing. He was inspired by people in his home world and in the Land of Stories. He took personalities and altered them for the setting. He has a lot of doubts about himself which is what any artist has. But my god, his imagination is spectacular (also there was a great part where Alex asks Conner what he would do if a guy showed up and said he was the author of their story. A+ self insertion joke, Mr. Colfer). Conner still uses humor as a coping mechanism, but he is also more courageous. He’s willing to run into a fight even if he’s terrifed.

Plus the themes that Colfer explores are done so beautifully. Everything is just so beautiful. The characters that are in love are genuinely in love. The characters that are just best friends act like best friends. The women are beautifully written and the men just as well. But more than that, this is the kind of book series you could read as a kid and as an adult.

Overall, this series is (as much as I don’t want to say it) just as good as Harry Potter. If not better. Harry Potter is obviously amazing and got me into reading and writing, but this series explores stories not just magic. People are beginning to understand how important stories are. Anyone can be a hero or a villain, depending on whose telling the story. The Land of Stories explores both sides. Perfect princesses are violent and short tempered. Dashing princes and knights can be afraid, cower, and sew. People that achieved something in their childhood don’t always grow up to get what they want. And best of all, ANYONE CAN BE A HERO! I work with kids a lot, so when they tell me they aren’t good enough or that they can’t do something because someone can do it better, I want to cry. I once had a 6 year old boy tell me there was no such thing as magic. This series shows that you can do so much to help peopl even if you don’t have powers. You can do things that scare you and that counts as being brave. IT TEACHES YOUNG GIRLS TO LOOK UP TO THEMSELVES AND FIND THEIR CALLING AND TO BASICALLY TELL ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY CAN’T DO SOMETHING TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! YOUNG BOYS ARE ALLOWED TO CRY AND BE SCARED AND BE HUMAN AND STILL BE BRAVE!!!

If you haven’t read the story, please do. You will not regret it.