alex gets angry at things

Hey guys, I wanna talk to you about something.

You see those things up there on my chest? Yeah, those are called breast. I have them.

You wanna know what they don’t determine?


Just because the sex of my body is female, DOES NOT MAKE ME A GIRL. No more so than having a penis would make me a guy.

And you wanna know something that’s really shitty to do? When someone who does not identify as cis and they post a picture that reveals a part of their body that shows their SEX (see how I didn’t say gender there?) and some asshole goes and says “Oh, I know you’re a ____ now.”



They AREN’T their sex if their gender identity doesn’t fall in line with it. 

I am bigender and I tend to present androgynously, so much to the point where when someone asks my SEX, I will say that it is none of their business. BECAUSE IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. The only people who have to/should know my sex are any people I am sexually or possibly romantically involved with, my physicians, and MYSELF. 


If I do not choose to tell someone, then that is it. If I do choose to tell someone, great, it’s my business and I can tell whomever I want, or not tell whomever I don’t want.

And I can speak first hand that when someone find a picture of me that reveals that my SEX is female, and they decide to be an asshole and say something like, “Oh I know you’re a girl now.” , almost NOTHING makes me feel worse about myself and my body because I present in the way I want to present, and my actual body has nothing to do with you.




So don’t be an asshole if you find a picture of someone who isn’t cis and you didn’t know so before, or someone who isn’t on the gender binary who presents androgynous, don’t be an asshole and tell them you know their gender now. Because you can’t fucking tell them what their gender is, only they can tell you.

So yes. I do have breasts. No, I am not a female. And just because I have them shouldn’t change your view on who I am, because it’s just as irrelevant as what color my glasses are.

Thank you.