alex gaskarth speech

This song goes out to anyone struggling with an addiction or anybody that knows anybody that’s struggling with an addiction. It’s a heavy subject and I know that it’s an incredibly difficult thing to get through. But if you’re going through it just know that there is hope, there is a way through it, there is a way out and you can be okay, you will be okay. This song goes out to you guys - it’s called Missing You.
—  Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low
O2 Academy Birmingham 16/03/17

“This is so fucking cool you guys; I really can’t say it enough. We’ve been a band for over ten years now and we started playing in a fucking basement, in a suburban neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. And I can tell you with full confidence that when we were in that fucking basement trying to write really bad songs, trying to play guitar for that matter, I had no fucking idea it would lead to this. NO IDEA. And I have to say the only reason we’re here today is because all of you. So guys from the bottom of our hearts thank you so so much, for selling this fucking thing out in a week. It means the absolute world to us.” - Alex Gaskarth speech before playing Therapy (Straight to Dvd II)


Alex Gaskarth’s speech before Missing You. I love how much he cares for his fans!