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hey guys i’m not back and i don’t know if i’ll be coming back, but i just wanted to share with you what happened to me the other night. on july 23rd, 2017 i attended the young renegades tour and i met all time low. i met the band that saved my life and i finally got to tell them that. when i told them about how much they helped me, alex pulled me into a hug and said “i’m proud of you babe, thanks for sticking around” and then later that night during missing you alex pointed at me, and sang “don’t lose your fight kid” right to me and jack and i had a couple different moments together; from singing together to him picking me to come up on stage for time-bomb. i owe so much to them i love them so much they gave me happiness when i didn’t think i would find it, they pulled me out of the darkest depths, and i finally got to explain it to them and live my dream of meeting them and being on stage for time-bomb. thank you so much all time low for everything you do for me, i love you

So, what do you know? I was at the All Time Low concert in Frankfurt on Saturday and thanks to my friend who is an actual frickin’ saint I also managed to get one of the VIP upgrades for a Meet and Greet. And well, I barely remember what I said or what I did because my brain was just a mess of “holy shit” and “what the hell am I doing” and “I thought they’d be taller” (though I still look like a frickin’ midget next to them). I did manage to tell them what I always wanted to tell them, that they kept me from self harm thanks to their music. I didn’t get to elaborate but I also don’t think I could’ve. Doesn’t matter, I was so fricking happy.

The concert in general was just awesome. I saw All Time Low in April this year already, in Cologne (didn’t have a Meet and Greet then, though), but I kinda prefer this concert over the one in April. Maybe it was the crowd - the crowd in Frankfurt was amazing and very very friendly. Maybe it was because I was in the second row which is awesome if you’re short like me. Or maybe it’s because I did not have to spend half of the concert in the med bay because I dehydrated.

Anyways, it was an awesome experience and if it weren’t for the photo, I’m pretty sure I’d believe I dreamt the whole thing up.

Ever since I was 14 All Time Low has meant the world to me- it’s seems cheesy to say but their music, lyrics and the band themselves helped me through the tough days and kept me brave. Dear Maria was the first song of theirs I ever heard and it always reminds me of that time in my life, and makes me so happy whenever I hear it- the lyric in particular Take a breath and let the rest come easy has always stuck in my brain- fighting off panic attacks, teaching me to let go and most of all just letting things /happen/. 2:20 is the time stamp of this lyric and now I finally have it on my skin. This means so much to me, as do the band and those lyrics ☺️ so glad I have this little reminder keeping me going