alex gaskarth appreciation

people need to realize that most bands don’t have a high budget for great music videos
somewhere in neverland was an amazing music video and that was all used by props they made and/or found
the young blood chronicles, patrick made his own cut-off hand
people need to realize bands don’t have to make us music videos but they do, even if the budget is closer to nothing.

i’d like to thank all time low

id like to thank alex - my idol, my inspiration, my rock, a fiance, someone who is not an official american citizen, and a person who has really impacted my life. i would like to thank him for being my shoulder to cry on when im feeling down and for being someone that can manage to make me start my day with a smile. everything from his missing you speeches, ugly ass cheetah print glasses, his relationship with lisa, gross hair dye, and his dedicated love to this band. he tought me that its all going to be ok, with songs like missing you or therapy that i can relate to and make me feel just a little bit better about myself. after 13 years of being in this band he has never given up on them, his music or his fans even if they were never frequently radio played, and i admire him for that. he brought me into this fandom in which i have met some of my best friends and i have gotten to have the time of my life at their shows. he makes me so incredibly happy. id like to thank him for never giving up on me, and ill never give up on him. 

id like to thank rian - my sunshine, the true underrated fav, and an avid coffee drinker. he taught me to try and enjoy life, and to smile as frequently as i can. he lives life to the fullest and has dedicated every part of him to his girlfriend cassadee, and together they taught me that it is possible to love someone so greatly. he has the cutest laugh and seems like such a genuine person. when one of his closest friends passed away he managed to put on a smile and go out on stage and give it his all, and i really look up to him for that. he also seems like he gives the greatest hugs.

id like to thank zack - someone who finds happines in exercize and hawaii, an amazing vocalist, and a kind soul. he taught me that its ok to by shy and not very outgoing. also not to judge someone on how they may appear. they may be quiet, but they could be one of the coolest people you have had a chance to meet. he really appreciates his fans and takes he time to individually tweet or write to every single person who supports him and his clothing line. he is a wonderful person who likes to give back. his smile is contagious and i dont understand how it couldnt make anyone the happiest person on earth. keep living life and killing it on that bass.

id like to thank jack - a problematic fav, baltimore ravens lover, and 5sos enthusiast. jack always knows how to make me laugh. with his stupid jokes and cruel humor he manages to find a way to cheer me up. he teaches me no to care what people think about me and to live in the moment. dont worry about if youll regret it tommorrow, just do what you enjoy today. he also showed me that peoples physical appearences can dramatically change in a few years. he is a great example of that.

so yeah, id like to thank these four boys from baltimore for making me so happy. i love them all.