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Last Young Renegade Track List


2) WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE DRUG USE…But you know, what happens on Warped Tour… by Alex Gaskarth 

3) Someone please teach this bitch, how to use a washing machine by Alex Gaskarth 

4) WE AREN’T BREAKING UP by All Time Low 

5) Once you break up it is over !! …Unless you marry her. by Alex Gaskarth 

6) Where’s Waldo? More like where is my will to live? by Alex Gaskarth 

7) CASPER, FUCK OFF! by Alex Gaskarth 

8) Every album needs a sex song, you should know this by now by Alex Gaskarth 

9) MAN I FUCKING LOVE SPACE by Alex Gaskarth 

10) Listen to my sick drum beats by Rian Dawson 

Don't Panic Track List

1) Fuck Growing Up by Alex Gaskarth
2) Backseat Blowjobs by Alex Gaskarth
3) Hand Jobs Just Don’t Do The Trick by Alex Gaskarth
4) Adventures With Young Boys by Rian Dawson
5) Lets Be Honest Zack’s The Only Solider Out Of All Of Us by Alex Gaskarth
6) Hiss Hiss Motherfucker by Alex Gaskarth
7) I Just Can’t Move On Very Easily by Alex Gaskarth
8) I’m The Best Thing That Never Happened by Alex Gaskarth
9) How Dare You Say I’m a Fuck Boy by Alex Gaskarth
10) I’m From America (sh the first six years of my life are a lie) by Alex Gaskarth
11) Bitch Bye by Alex Gaskarth
12) I Just Love an Alcohol Related Title by Alex Gaskarth

Dirty Work Track List

1)I’m the one who fucks people around not you by Alex Gaskarth

2)Regret by Alex Gaskarth

3) I still can’t get over things 3 albums later by Alex Gaskarth

4) I love a good game of operation by Alex Gaskarth

5)I am ironman … Sorry woman By Alex Gaskarth

6) Bruno Mars lies by Alex Gaskarth

7)We have a better life in the sims by Alex Gaskarth

8) an eye for an eye, a blowjob for a hand job by Alex Gaskarth

9) Stop friend zoning me! By Alex Gaskarth

10) Underline sadness with Alex Gaskarth

11)Deep lyrics with Alex Gaskarth

12) Subtle dig at tumblr users by Alex Gaskarth

13)Clap on, Clap off by Alex Gaskarth

14) We need at least one love song an album by Alex Gaskarth

15)Screw you blink we can do a Christmas song too by Alex Gaskarth

16) All rise for the Fuck Boy national anthem by Alex Gaskarth

FutureHearts Track List

1) Someone get me a god damn telescope by Alex Gaskarth 

2) Yeah i’m edgy by Alex Gaskarth

3) Fast Food Zombies by Alex Gaskarth 


5) Because every pop punk band wants to leave town right? By Alex Gaskarth

6) We like to share song titles with Fall Out Boy by Alex Gaskarth 

7) Floristry by Alex Gaskarth 

8) Yeah we know Mark Hoppus by Alex Gaskarth 

9) What did I say about fucking people around? by Alex Gaskarth

10) What was that? I couldn’t hear you over all the BALTIMORE  by All Time Low

11) Sometimes I get naked and break into dance by Jack Barakat 

12) Late night drives by Alex Gaskarth 

13) Fuck the haters by All Time Low


Come Home: Part 4: Alex Gaskarth Imagine

I sat on the front lounge sofa and turned on the TV before I felt a buzzing on the side of me. I saw Y/N’s phone buzzing with texts from a Lisa’s number popping up. I confusingly picked up the phone and unlocked it. I typed in the pass code which was always the date of the day that Y/N and I first snuck out. I went to the texts and read the texts over and over. ‘Have you left!?’ 'You’re supposed to be gone.’ 'You better not have told Alex about me blackmailing you, bitch!’ 'Fucking answer me!’ I dropped the phone and stood up quickly and looked towards the door as I saw Lisa walk in. She was looking at her phone and looked up at my shocked face.

 “You… tried getting rid of her…” I said. Her eyes grew wide, “she told you?!” She yelled. I took a step back as Lisa took one forward. “Does it matter? You tried getting rid of her!” I yelled again. “Because she’s been in love with you since high school, Alex! She would ruin what we have!” Lisa yelled back. “She loves me?” I asked. “Yeah. But, she doesn’t matter. Because she’s not going to ruin us!” She yelled. “No she’s not… Cause you ruined it when you cheated on me. I love, Y/N…” I said. Lisa gasped and threw her phone at me, but I dodged it. “Fuck you, Gaskarth!” She said before leaving. I stood there still in shock. She loved me. And it became clear, everything was clear. Everything little thing she did for me, coming to my house at 2 am when I needed her, taking care of me when I was drunk, was because she loved me. 


 You parked your car in the beach parking lot and looked at your bag next to you and sighed. You got out of the car stood in the crowded square and looked up at the large pillars and smiled. This was your favorite place with Alex and it’d be the last time you’d see it and it made you sad. You couldn’t risk confessing your love for him. You’d rather him remember the good times with you then remembering you as the weird best friend who confessed her loved and got rejected. You reached for you phone in your pocket but found nothing. You looked in your coat pockets and no luck. “Looking for something?” You spun around and looked into the red, puffy eyes of Alex. “A-Alex? What are you doing here?” You stuttered. “You didn’t want to hurt anyone… but, you ended up hurting yourself and me, Y/N.” he said. Your face and mind grew confused. He put the phone in his pocket and stared at you, “I love you, Y/N. I didn’t want Lisa. I didn’t care that she came back. I found out what she was doing. She tried getting rid of the person who I love and the person I love is standing in front of me, trying to leave me with good memories when she would’ve left me with hurt.” 

 Tears began rolling down your face and you said nothing but ran to Alex. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist and he held you tightly. He held you tighter than he ever had. “I love you, I love you. I need you.” He whispered to you. You released from the hug and connected your lips with his. It was hard but sweet and something you wanted to do for years. You pulled from away from the kiss and stared into the eyes of the boy you grew to love over the years, “I love you.” You said to him. “Don’t leave and I won’t leave…. I’m here.” You nodded and more tears fell down your face. “I won’t leave. I will and forever will be waiting for you to come home.”

Nothing Personal Track List

1) Motivational Speeches by Alex Gaskarth 

2) Sometimes i’m a fuck boy by Alex Gaskarth 

3) That one video, I screwed my teacher by Alex Gaskarth 

4) Don’t worry I found another girl by Alex Gaskarth 

5) I like alcohol by Alex Gaskarth 

6) I’m not talking about Monopoly by Alex Gaskarth

7) Did you know I passed geography? by Alex Gaskarth 

8) I just have a lot of emotions by Alex Gaskarth

9) Repetition by  Alex Gaskarth 

10) I got to name a song once by Jack Barakat 

11) I got with another girl by Alex Gaskarth 

12) I like to make people cry by Alex Gaskarth