alex funke

Remember when I commented on how I loved the direction of this scene? And how I completely adore Andrew Lesnie? Well. In what I can only describe as utter boredom (during my time off from work), I listened to the Two Towers ‘production team commentary’. The Arwen’s Fate shots are Alex Funke’s favourite in the entire movie. They are some of Andrew’s as well. 

Great minds think alike I tell you.  

Is it just me, or are The Knocks picking up some mad steam lately (in terms of popularity and adoration)? I still remember falling in love with The Brightside several years ago, when I first found out about The Knocks! The NYC based dance pop duo have me swooning and falling all over them again with their latest, a sexy disco original named Collect My Love, featuring glamorously soulful vocals by Alex Newell. The must-dance-to gem is the latest reveal off The Knocks’ new EP, So Classic, out April 7th.

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