alex from all time low


lyric parallel ; 

running from lions (2005) / holly (2007) / a love like war (2012)


“We’ve always had a pretty steady build. There hasn’t ever been one moment or one day that launched anything. It’s always been this gradual climb. It’s really rewarding when you put out new material or a new record or whatever and you see it get a little bit better. The goal is always to continue and step up the rooms we’re playing in, step up the show, bring more production, bring more bands”  - Alex


Tweets from Alex, Cassadee,Jack and All Time Low about life of the party. I think that it is a hit. I love it so much. Rian replied to Nick Martin and Cassadee. Rian also tweeted about loving the song and video. The tweet from Alex on the 11th were lyrics to life of the party.