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Your art gives me life! Can I pretty please get HamLaf just cuddling? Maybe John walks in and Lafayette gives him a death glare?

The sequel of this

I love making Laf’s hair a mess


I actually got off my lazy bum and did something!! I’m not as happy with this one as I had been with the original but I lost that one. Anyway I adore @terror-in-the-dream‘s style and I wanted to try it out by drawing their Lafayette. I am planning to color it later. 


a pricefield playlist

french for rabbits - woke up to a storm// comma fera - how to leave// cat be damned - come over// alex turner - glass in the park// dreamgirl - teenage blue// the maccabees - toothpaste kisses// novo amor - anchor// elbow - asleep in the back// wilsen - magnolia// metric - expecting to fly

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The female writers, for whatever reason (men?), don’t much believe in heroes, which makes their kind of storytelling perhaps a better fit for these cynical times. Their books are light on gunplay, heavy on emotional violence. Murder is de rigueur in the genre, so people die at the hands of others—lovers, neighbors, obsessive strangers—but the body counts tend to be on the low side. “I write about murder,” Tana French once said, “because it’s one of the great mysteries of the human heart: How can one human being deliberately take another one’s life away?” Sometimes, in the work of French and others, the lethal blow comes so quietly that it seems almost inadvertent, a thing that in the course of daily life just happens. Death, in these women’s books, is often chillingly casual, and unnervingly intimate. As a character in Alex Marwood’s brilliant new novel, The Darkest Secret, muses: “They’re not always creeping around with knives in dark alleyways. Most of them kill you from the inside out.”

“Women Are Writing the Best Crime Novels” // Terrence Raftery // The Atlantic

I actually got chills reading this article, because this is someone who gets it. I mean, “The female writers, for whatever reason (men?), don’t much believe in heroes.”

“Most of them kill you from the inside out.”

Hamilton : Whole Sqaud AU

- Modern time au

-So Alex just got into college, and he’s officially adopted by the Washington and majoring in PoliSci

- Thomas and Lafayette are twins who were separated at 13 cuz their grandparents didn’t approve of their parents’ affair

- The twins were finally reunited at 18 and went into college together, roommies

- John Laurens with his pet turtle Philip just got into college too, and are rooming with Alex

- Alex was a bit shy to meet John but was really ecstatic when meeting Philip

- John was really chill and friendly that he helped Alex unpack then invited him for lunch

- They met the twins on the buffet area and they all sat together

- Thomas and Alex were already talking about politics when they got into a small friendly argument that Lafayette had to literally hold Thomas back

- John laughing as he held the back of Alex’s shirt to stop him from going all out

- Lafayette saying something to “Tommy” in french and Thomas rolling his eyes and said something back in french to “Marmar” ( From his name,Marie-Joseph)

- Alex asking them a question in french and Lafayette started talking to him in french really fast

- John was smiling at them amusingly and shared a confused look with Thomas

- Then they all heard a laughing somewhere behind them and saw Charles Lee laughing and mocking at them

- Lafayette tried really hard to stop the three of them from getting into a fight with Lee

- They all left the cafeteria and talked more at the garden

- They spent more time then later exchanged numbers to hang out more

- Then Alex and John went to buy books together and the twins decided to roam around campus

- Lafayette accidentally bumped into Hercules, who was on his way to practice with the football team

- Lafayette was entranced by him that he accidentally asked him for his number in french while Hercules apologized

- Thomas eyeing his brother’s flushed face suspiciously while Hercules chuckled and introduced himself

- Hercules has no idea whaf Laf said

- Lafayette apologized and introduced them and Thomas to Herc

- Herc was called by someone from the team and promised to talk to Laf again soon

- Thomas laughed at Laf as they continued to walk around and talking in French

- Meanwhile Alex and John met Aaron Burr at the bookstore, and he gave them some confusing advices while he bought his own books

- Alex wasn’t too sure what to think if him, and John shrugged at him

- They went back to their dorm together and decorated their room together

- And Alex was afraid if he liked John as crush already, and they just literally met

- And then the next day they met up with the twins for breakfast when Hercules spotted Lafayette and invited them to eat together with his cousin, James Madison

- Thomas was interested in James from the moment they saw each other and Lafayette snorted at him

- The six of them ate together and Alex, John, Herc and Laf seemed to be getting along really well that they started to get more loud

- James sighed at his cousin before listening to Thomas talk about politics

- Surprisingly, he actually conversed with him really well, unlike the other freshmen he met (he and herc are sophomores)

- Then suddenly the Schuyler sisters entered and Herc waved at them to their table

- The cousins and the sisters knew each other since high school

- Angelica’s a junior while Eliza was a sophomore and Peggy was a freshman

- Lafayette was a bit disappointed in Peggy’s fashion and accidentally said it out loud

- He and Peggy somehow became best friends then

- Peggy doesn’t care about fashion as long as it has flowers, she’s okay with it

- Eliza was texting to her friend and roommate Maria before introducing herself to them

- Somehow the majority of the group were majoring in PoliSci

- Then Lee and Seabury went in and almost all the group groaned

- With all of them hating the two, they exchanged phone numbers then Alex spotted Burr and invited him

- He was hesitant at first but he did anyway

- He was a bit annoyed at how loud they were, with Hercules literally shouting, and Thomas and Alex were almost arguing again with Angelica and James looking at them amusingly, and Lafayette subtly flirted with Herc and Peggy noticing, John laughing as he again held Alexander back, and Eliza smiling at the text Maria sent

- And he suspected that Thomas and Alex would join the debate team (which he, angelica, eliza, and james were in)

- But, in all honesty, he kinda liked these guys

This is just a small part if my Au, if you want to know more, just ask me! I’ll be working on a fanfic regarding this AU anyway, I’m so excited!!

Edit: I made a fanfic based on this!! You can read it here.

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  • Who said “I love you” first: Thomas says it first on accident. It was basically a slip of the tonuge. He had known he loved Alex for a while but would never admit that. It was basically giving Alex ammunition to fuck with him. But Alex made him coffee one morning and it was actually terrible (it was bitter and exactly how Thomas thought Alex took his coffee) but Thomas had just woken up even though Alex had apparently been up for hours. So he just accepted the coffee with a quick peck on the lips and it felt so easy and domestic it only seemed natural to follow it up with an ‘I love you’.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Thomas has a picure of Alex as his backgroud. The picture is of Alex somehow managing to balance on a horse and writing on his laptop. Thomas is constantly amazing by Alex’s ability to literally never take a break. Even while on vacation. Alex doesn’t have a picture of Thomas as his background but that’s only to annoy Thomas. Also because he loves the pic of his and the squad that is his background.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: They both do. Alex leaves morning notes for when he rushed out the house early. His notes consist of ‘Have a good day, dickhead.’ and ‘Remember not to be an asshole.’. Thomas leaves notes for Alex at night. Sometimes Alex gets home late from work and Thomas isn’t always in the mood to wait up for him. So he takes a shower and leaves a note in the mirror before he goes to bed like ‘Make sure that you’ve eaten today.’ and ‘Take a shower before you climb in bed next to me, you little gremlin fuck.’
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Thomas is a rich trust fund baby that blows his money on the most unneccessary things. He buys Alex really random things like a typewriter and a quill with authentic parchment. Then he buys them matching rings that say ‘To Infinity’ & ‘And Beyond’ which is almost too cheesy for Alex but he also loves it.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Alex does. They aren’t dating yet and have yet to even admit their feelings for each other but one day they’re debating. Not arguing, which is weird, but just talking out an issue they disagree on. Maybe it’s because they’re both too tired to fight or neither can rationalize a reason to argue that day but they are getting along. They have an entire conversation and it’s intellectually stimulating without raising either man’s blood pressure. Then on their way out Thomas kinda stumbles into Alex and Alex nearly topples over but they somehow manage to stay upright. They do end up almost tangled together and their faces are very close to together so Alex just closes the distance and Thomas starts kissing back and they don’t stop till they pass what’s considered acceptable in public.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Alex kisses Thomas awake. Thomas hates it and loves it. He really can’t get enough of waking up with Alex in his arms, kissing him awake, being surrounded by him but he does not appreciate being woken before the sun comes up and having to feel the warmth of Alex’s body leave his arms.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Thomas does when he wants to distract Alex. Like sometimes Alex is sulking on the couch and Thomas doesn’t like seeing him sad so he starts to tickle him until he starts laughing out loud. Or during a thunder storm when Alex is not scared but upset and Thomas just goes in to tickle him. Alex comes to expect the tickling when he’s feeling down and can almost be cheered up at the thought of it.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Alex doesn’t ask, he just joins Thomas in the shower. This is on the weekends when neither have to go to work and they can actually spend time together outside of a professional setting. Thomas doesn’t mind. He prefers not to waste the water and Alex contends that they’re saving water taking a shower together but Thomas insist they spend more time in it together than they do apart.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Thomas has to drag Alex to lunch in the middle of a work day. Thomas knows that Alex will not eat unless reminded and even when remided he will forgo eating in order to work.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Neither is shy but both are nervous. Thomas and Alex don’t know why they’re even on a date or where they are going. They had a one-night stand which led to a conversation which led Thomas to asking Alex out on a date. Thomas took Alex to a fancy french restaraunt. It starts off awkward until Alex brings up an upcoming vote in congress and neither can give up a good debate and they spend most of the dinner discussing various things they disagree on and finding things they do agree on.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Alex kills all the spiders because Thomas is unabashidly afraid of them. Thomas yells for his ex-military, silver star holding boyfriend to come kill the spider and Alex is fine with killing them but it is annoying to have to get up from his desk to kill them,
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Alex is a rowdy drunk and hangs off Thomas just ranting about how much he loves Thomas and even though he talks a lot of shit about Thomas, he’s like the best boyfriend ever?? And how lucky he is to have Thomas??? Thomas records this.

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Assorted headcanons ive come up with over the years (Featuring Lams and Washingdad and modern AU)

-There’s two types of upset/sad Alexander. One where he get angry as a defense mechanism, and the other where he gets really quiet. Type 1 is more common, and he doesn’t usually admit he’s sad, insisting he’s just angry. The second is more rare, and he tries not to let anyone know he’s upset but since he’s usually so outspoken is fails completely. This usually happens when he’s to sad to be angry, or when he knows the reason he’s upset is ridiculous. Examples of this include the time John claimed he was going to move in with Jefferson because Alexander was being stubborn and wouldn’t sleep, John called Jefferson and insisted he was going to do it before going to class. Alex remained quiet and pouting all day. 

-Alexander is a half happy drunk, which he also refuses to admit, but he just giggles and goes around proclaiming his love for everyone, but he also wants to fight everyone more than usual 

-Eliza is v gay and Alex is with John so they’re ultimate gay bros

-Washington is basically all of their dads. college AU professor Washington being Alex’s dad since he was one of the first people to get to know him when he moved, being the rev set’s dad through Alex, and the southern motherfuckin democratic republican’s dad through fights with Alex. On more than one occassion he has had to call someone from the rev set to come pick Alex up because he is to tired/sick both for class and to drive but he won’t admit it

-Hercules is the mom friend 

-Everyone has a weird love/hate relationship with Burr, Alex and him argue alot but he’s on Alex’s emergancy contacts

-Alex will do literally anything for a cookie

-This theory has been tested many times by Hercules 

-Alex learned french so he and Lafayette can bitch about people, and occasionally yells at Jefferson in french just because. Sometimes Alex and Laf will talk about something random but look upset just to fuck with people. 

-Hercules once found a kitten and kept it a secret in the rev set’s apartment for three weeks. 

-It wasn’t a secret they all knew but didn’t tell him 

-They named it Aaron Purr

It’s all fun and games until you knock on France’s door

(Ok so I had this idea where angry ghost Alexander comes back to ruin Burr’s career by possessing his body turning him into a first class whore in the eyes of everyone that ever knew him. This is a snip bit of his meeting with Lafayette. French Fry is not amused. At all.)

“Come on French Fry. You’ve been cooped up in your dingy little room for foreeeever. Let me help you unwind a little for old times sake.” Alex pushed on twirling the thornless rose as he looked up at his old friend, granted now from a much more interesting perspective. Burr however… was terrified. Hamilton simply had to be blind not to notice to coldness of the stare Lafayette was giving them from behind his lose curls that almost seemed adamant on covering his face as much as possible. By some miracle this man looked scarier with his hair let lose than any ghost Aaron had the misfortune of meeting.

“Hamilton…. Hamilton you can’t do this, this is insane.” He tried, feeling his poor knees starting to buckle, turning cold under Gilbert’s gaze, before Alexander, as per usual interrupted him, ignored Aaron’s words like he did everything else and pushed himself close to the French man’s chest, oblivious to the the shudder he received in return. “Ugh, are you going to make me beg? You can be such a stick in mud can’t you Laf, I really -”

“Go. To ‘ell, Aaron.” Hamilton stopped when he heard those words. It took him moments to react, to even realize that, by now Lafayette was already pushing him off, straightening out his silky night gown as if it was stained with something filthy and was closing the door into his face. Aaron wanted to scream, embarrassment and fear consuming him, the shear coldness of Lafayette’s voice being enough to stop both him and Hamilton dead in their tracks and the only thing the confused, ex secretary of Treasury could do was utter a pathetic little, “What?” in return.

But it was too late. The door slammed shut, making Burr back away as if he was blow backwards by a gust of wind and still, no matter how hard he tried to regain control, to turn around and run away like a child back to his home, Hamilton persisted. He ran towards the door, knocking frantically and calling out, seemingly forgetting that he… really didn’t look like himself. “Wait! Laf, wait, no! Come on open the door! Look wait, I was just joking about the whole sex thing, please just open the door.”

Alex couldn’t believe it. The pain of such a harsh rejection hitting him harder than the bullet he now bore in his chest for an eternity. Still ignorant, maybe on purpose, of Aaron’s growing fear, he continued to bang on the door, refusing to leave a meeting with an old, truly dear friend, on such horrible terms. Even if it wasn’t his terms that he was playing on.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT?! LEAVE THE DOOR! Get me out of here, Alexander please just turn around for once! You got what you wanted, he hates me now please…” Somewhere in the back of his mind, Aaron begged, his normal calm and stern tone of voice replaced with nothing less but abject horror.

But Alex… He did not listen. He couldn’t listen, why should he? He had to make things right, now. Not run, not hide, he had to apologize he had to explain it all NOW! “Please, please, open the door, I swear I’m sorry, Laf, I really just…” A click. The door unlocked. He did it! Yes he DID IT! Alexander was ready! He was so ready to stop this act, just for a second, just have that one genuine goodbye, just - SMACK! –

Both Aaron and Alexander felt their left cheek burn, sparkles of pain flying through their shared face, making their eyes sting even more, forcing cold tears to stream down their face. In the state of shock, Hamilton got pushed out of the driver seat, leaving Burr to be the recipient of the blows soon to come.“Don’t you DARE call me zat!” Aaron felt his ears ring as Lafayette’s booming voice came crashing down upon him, blinding him to the fact that a hand was wrapping around his throat, squeezing down on his air pipe as his entire form was pushed against a wall.

“Don’t you DARE PRETEND LIKE YOU 'AVE ANY WRIGHT TO CALL ME YOUR FRIEND!” Burr wheezed, his hands pathetically trying to push against the thing that was stopping his breathing but Gilbert was relentless. He pushed just a little harder, obviously restraining himself from committing any further assault. Aaron stopped struggling. resigning to covering his face in fear, too scared to look at the once so relaxed and carefree French man in the face. Too ashamed to look at the result of his selfish actions.

“Well DO YOU?!” The question came, and Burrs response could only be a choked, gagging sniffle. The growl of frustration that made it’s way to the vice President’s ear sounded monstrous. “Look at me Aaron.” It was an order… delivered so harshly and threateningly that it made Aaron’s legs give out, choking him slightly further. “I said LOOK AT ME!” That was when the second hand came into play. Burr tried, he really tried to hide his wet eyes, his burning cheeks (weather they were burning from pain or adrenaline he didn’t want to know), his failure to at least comply with the wishes of a man from whom he had taken so, so many things from… and like everything in his life, he failed.

Lafayette slammed Aaron’s head, back against the wall, forcing the other man to open his eyes wide in terror… and look. To look at his shaking, raging form, to look at those crazy dark curls that looked now more like a mane of a hungry lion… and those eyes… those eyes that seemed to shine with… something. Hate, rage, sadness, pity, maybe all of it at once… All Aaron knew is that they were not meant to be on Lafayette. No such burning passion for revenge didn’t fit him. It made Burr feel so never endingly small… and all he could do was try to contain some dignity by now screaming when the next question came. “Look me in the eyes and tell me zat you are not so foolish as to zink we could ever be friends again.”

(I have sinned, sue me.

Sorry if it’s outta character. Tell me if ya want more. Bye.)

"Exclusively Gay" Rumors

I’ve been seeing some misinformation floating around about Beauty & the Beast 2017 that I felt like clearing up. Spoilers for the movie.

Lefou dances with a man in drag.
False. Stanley is dressed in masculine clothing when he dances with Lefou. There’s an earlier scene where Stanley is put in a dress* but Lefou is not involved. There is no joke about Lefou “lusting after a guy in drag” - he only ever sees him presenting as a man.

Lefou dances with a nameless man in the background.
The man is Stanley of Gaston’s trio of henchmen: Tom, Dick, and Stanley. He is played by the gorgeous French actor Alex Loizon and can be seen throughout the movie. The dance shot goes by incredibly quick (2 seconds is not hyperbole) but they are the focus of it.

Lefou dancing with a man is played as a joke.
Some audience members may laugh, but it’s not edited or choreographed in a humorous way, and goes by too fast to have any comic timing.

Lefou and Stanley dance with each other entirely by accident and quickly go back to dancing with women.
To me it looks like Stanley deliberately cuts in. They look mildly surprised in an “oh my” sort of way, but there’s no fumbling or slapstick or anything like that. We don’t see them switch back and I’ve not been able to spot either of them in the final crowd shot.

Disney promoted this as an uber-progressive win for LGBT rights and expects us to crown them with ally cookies!
Not really? The director got a little too excited and overstated things, which he admitted, but it was the media that over-hyped it for clicks. The press interrogated everybody involved about it, and they awkwardly tried to downplay it without insulting the director. It was described it as “subtle”, “not a big deal”, “not in the script”, and Alan Menken refused to even talk about it.

* In a nod to the original movie, Madame Garderobe attacks Tom, Dick, and Stanley by dressing them up in dresses, wigs, and makeup. Tom and Dick are horrified, but Stanley subverts the expectation by being delighted. It is completely fair to read this as a transphobic joke, since much of the audience will laugh for that reason. However, most shippers cheer Stanley on for his nonconformity and celebrate how cute and happy he looks in this moment.