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GPF 2016 Victory Ceremony: gentleman!Scott lifting Tessa down from the podium

layers upon layers of lace

amanda wellsh by jan lehner for the line magazine

happy valentine’s day tyler and josh took off their pants on tv yesterday

The female writers, for whatever reason (men?), don’t much believe in heroes, which makes their kind of storytelling perhaps a better fit for these cynical times. Their books are light on gunplay, heavy on emotional violence. Murder is de rigueur in the genre, so people die at the hands of others—lovers, neighbors, obsessive strangers—but the body counts tend to be on the low side. “I write about murder,” Tana French once said, “because it’s one of the great mysteries of the human heart: How can one human being deliberately take another one’s life away?” Sometimes, in the work of French and others, the lethal blow comes so quietly that it seems almost inadvertent, a thing that in the course of daily life just happens. Death, in these women’s books, is often chillingly casual, and unnervingly intimate. As a character in Alex Marwood’s brilliant new novel, The Darkest Secret, muses: “They’re not always creeping around with knives in dark alleyways. Most of them kill you from the inside out.”

“Women Are Writing the Best Crime Novels” // Terrence Raftery // The Atlantic

I actually got chills reading this article, because this is someone who gets it. I mean, “The female writers, for whatever reason (men?), don’t much believe in heroes.”

“Most of them kill you from the inside out.”

Imagine exchange student Kara:

Kara being that “cute but surprisingly poorly dressed for a french girl"

Alex’s family being the one to take kara in

Kara being from a small village in France 

She’s a prodigy and weirdly naive to a lot of things (probably from living almost all her life in such a small town) 

Kara freaking out at all the big buildings and going up and down on those “magical  stairs that move on their own" 

Cat being in the same class as Alex 

Cat just sees kara with her beret and being all cute and confused and just goes and declares she’s hersAlex: "Kara, she can’t do that, you are not an object” Kara: *eyes watering* “b b but I wanna be hers”

Kara: “Alex, do you know a cat grant?”

 Alex: “Yes, why?" 

Kara: "I think I’m hers now”*goofy smile* 

Alex: “what?!!!" 

Alex feeling defensive of kara

Alex: "Kara, she can’t do that, you are not an object" 

Kara: *eyes watering* "b b but I wanna be hers”

Alex going to confront Cat the next day. Kara freaking out because they can’t fight each other like that “you have to use your words" 

So Alex doesnt phisically fights with Cat but instead it involves a lot more of swear words and name calling. 

Kara: "that’s not what I meant, alex D:" 

Alex just caves and she doesn’t know how they ended up in a park together, with kara eating ice cream. They I mean Cat, Alex and Kara

 Alex and Cat begin to bond and Kara ends up feeling a little left out so she begins to look around… 

And then she sees a girl alone

 And goes to talk to her 

The girl had a dog 

The girl was named Lucy 

Kara’s so excited and almost can’t stop jumping around (the girl thinks she’s a lot like her dog *random name*)

 Lucy begins showing kara what’s in her bag (it’s dog treats) 

Kara is just as happy as the puppy and Lucy let’s her give some to the puppy 

Kara after that is just lost to the world, playing with the puppy 

Cat and Alex are both worried/jealous because kara cant just go talk to strangers like that especially cute ones “its not safe”

Lucy being amused 

Cat now brooding because kara isn’t giving her any attention

Alex is embarrassed Like "Yep, that girl rolling in the grass is my responsibility”

And then Cat flips around and is just like “We’ve been over this Danvers, she is /not/ yours she is /mine/”

 and cue the screaming match It ending abruptly when they both realize “where’s the girl/lucy?!! And more importantly, where’s kara?!”

 Lucy had no freaking idea of what was going on She was just in the park with her puppy, when suddenly a quirky french girl (a cute one though) just appeared and begin talking to her and petting her dog

 And she was just giving treats to the girl (to give to the dog) when suddenly two crazy girls appeared 

And begin asking her questions and basically interrogating her

But then one of them(a blonde haired one) declared that the French puppy was hers “not yours, danvers!”

And the wannabe baddass (lucys words of course) just started fighting with blondie 

Lucy dragging kara along (she thinks she’s saving her) to another place “safe from those two”

 And Kara just following because they are holding hands, so “new friend!!!" 

I can see kara just following her too 

Instead of being dragged along 

Lucy and Kara just talking in a cafe 

Lucy: "so where are you from?”

 Kara: “my home :D" 

Meanwhile Cat and Alex realizing Kara’s not there anymore and both panicking and blaming each other and trying to work together to find their missing puppy.

I’m not very good at expressing my thoughts into words, which might be why I draw how I feel about Arsenal games instead of writing how I feel about Arsenal games. But, today marks one year of doing Poorly Drawn Arsenal. To say that I’m humbled by the support I’ve received would be an understatement. I started this as way to reach out of my comfort zone and share my dumb drawings and thoughts online. 365 days later and my dumb drawings have been viewed over 6 million times. I am officially out of my comfort zone. You guys rock.

Anyway, here’s a quick look back at some of my worst drawings.

The Best Of The Worst

My first drawing

Alexis Sanchez and Dani Alves with his “tattoos” 

An attempt to draw Ozil’s eyes in detail. I stopped drawing halfway through due to fear and the possibility of recurring nightmares.

Alex “French Fries” Song

Aaron “Baby Faced Alien” Ramsey