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I have a headcanon that Kara is Autistic (I am irl) and Alex is real sweet and protective of her. Maybe high school au?

The glasses help.

The glasses help because they dull the overstimulation.

They help, but Rao, they don’t help everything.

Sometimes, they make things worse.

Because her hands are noisy, and her fingers need the solid feel of the rims underneath their tips. 

So she adjusts them constantly – adjusts them when someone expects her to look at them, adjusts them when she jumps when someone touches her, adjusts them when she doesn’t know what to say, because she has her own codes, but it doesn’t seem to match the others’ – and when she adjusts them, people laugh.

They act like she can’t hear. They act like she can’t see.

They act like she doesn’t understand.

But she’s heard her planet scream and she’s seen her planet die and she understands more than any of them ever will.

And she hears them, and she sees them.

And she understands that their hatred exists.

She just doesn’t understand why.

Alex punches them, sometimes. 

She punches them when they don’t lay off. When they surround Kara at her locker and make a game of seeing who can get her to stim with her glasses more fiercely.

But they don’t call it stimming.

Because they think she’s the one that doesn’t understand, but really, it’s them that don’t understand… anything.

So Alex punches them, when her words aren’t big enough.

Alex’s hands talk, just like Kara’s do.

And sometimes, they shout.

Just like Kara’s do.

And when Alex is hauled into the principal’s office, it’s Maggie who slips up beside her.

It’s Maggie who looks at her without expecting, without demanding, a direct look back. Maggie who speaks softly because she knows everything else is so loud.

“Hey Kid Danvers. Do you feel like a soft hug? Or maybe something to squeeze?”

Kara grins.

“Why do you ask me?” she wants to know, and she adjusts her glasses and this time, with Maggie at her side, waiting for her big sister to get out of the principal’s office, it feels good, not weird. Relieving, not stupid.

“Because everyone deserves to control how they interact with the world, kid.”

Kara glances at her and shifts so she’s leaning into Maggie’s arms.

The pressure is soft and the pressure is constant, and the pressure is so, so welcome.

Maggie doesn’t move, and Maggie doesn’t speak, because the touch is more than enough stimulation for Kara.

They wait together, in the abandoned, after-school halls, for Alex to emerge.

Kara flinches when she hears Alex yell inside the office.

“No, I don’t care! They were hurting her, they were taunting her, they deserved it! I don’t care if you call my parents, because you know what my mom tells me to do? Protect my little sister. And you all clearly aren’t interested in doing that, so someone has to! And that’s going to be me, forever.”

She comes out of the office twenty minutes later with a lopsided grin on her face. 

“You should have heard Jeremiah going off on the old man. Something about punishing his daughter instead of the boys who were being mean to you. It was great. I never knew Dad could get scary like that. It was awesome.”

Kara smiles and says nothing, and Alex sighs and lets the adrenaline rush out of her body slightly.

“Hey, looks like you’re pretty comfy there with Maggie.”

“Your girlfriend’s nice to me,” Kara offers by way of explanation, and Alex blushes hard while Maggie beams.

“Anything for a Danvers girl,” Maggie grins, and Kara curls in on herself proudly and Alex preens.

“Ice cream?” Alex invites them both, and she’s not sure who squeals louder, her sister or her girlfriend.

She just knows it’s the best feeling in the world.

Death by Paperwork

A Pam from HR story
Post Supergirl 2x15

Agent Alex Danvers sat in her office, looking meekly at the huge stack of paperwork in front of her. “I, um, have to fill all that out to get reinstated?”

“In triplicate.” Pam folded her arms across her chest and dared Agent Danvers to object. When nothing was forthcoming, she reached for the first sheath of papers, brandishing it for a moment before slapping it down on the desk. “Incident report for a brawl at a local nightclub.”

“We were…”

Another set of papers smacked onto the desk, interrupting the agent’s attempt at an explanation. “Discharge of a firearm in said brawl.”

Her glare halted Danvers’ finger in mid-air, and she kept the glare up until the hand returned to the agent’s lap. “Abuse of a prisoner in custody.” Alex actually flinched as another set of papers hit the desk. “Insubordination.”

“Unauthorized removal of DEO weaponry from the premises.”

“That gun is mine! I called dibs!”

Pam continued as if Agent Danvers hadn’t spoken. “Unauthorized use of DEO weaponry by a civilian. Sexual harassment of an NCPD officer.”

On a roll, Pam ignored the shocked look on Alex’s face and her “I was off-duty” protest. Smack. “Illegal use of explosives in a residential zone.”


“Collusion with a known Cadmus agent (Father).” Pam picked up the last, heavy stack of papers and gazed at them lovingly. She had only been able to file them once before, and also on the behalf of one Agent Alex Danvers. She was going to be legend in Washington. “And finally, Unauthorized Space Launch and Failure to Log a Flight Plan per NASA regulation 47390-13-86.”

Alex finally looked defeated, and she brushed her hair back behind her ear as she pulled a cheap ballpoint out of the cup on Pam’s desk. She grimaced as she tried to write, shaking the pen a moment before trying another pen. “I’ll leave you to it, Agent Danvers,” Pam said curtly. “I need a cup of coffee.”

She walked briskly out of the room and around the corner to find J'onn waiting for her. “How’s it going? Is our agent learning her lesson?” he asked with a fond smile.

“I think so,” she replied with a mischievous grin. “But I think she has missed some mandatory sexual harassment training, and I’ve signed her up for refresher course on safe handling and proper procedures for DEO weaponry.”

J'onn laughed. “If this doesn’t teach her the error of her ways, nothing will. Now what do you say I buy you a nice latte from that new cafe up the street? I think Agent Danvers will be plenty occupied for the next few hours.”

Wrong One (Jamilton + Laf)

AN: yet another late fic of questionable value

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @hamilton4starwars @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @theoverlordofeverything

Warnings: none? 

Word Count: 1,639

Part One - Part TwoMasterlist

Gilbert came back from his run to find Thomas hunched over a mug of coffee at the kitchen counter. That was an unusual sight on the weekend. 

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Where did you learn to fight like that?(poly!hamilsquad x reader)

Prompt: Reader see Alexander getting bullied and takes care of them. reader then takes Alex back to their home

Modern times

Pairing: Poly!hamlisquad x reader while introducing Alexander into their relationship

Summary:Where did you learn to fight like that
I have three boyfriends
Yeah, Hercules made dresses and jewelry, John used to cry whenever anything sad about Disney movies came up and Lafayette can really rock a cocktail dress and six inches heels and I wasn’t about to let people give them shit for it. So I learned pretty quickly how to beat up people bigger than me.

Word count: 1157

A/N: Hi guys. I saw this on Pinterest, which I think in turn came from tumblr but I thought it was a cute idea so I changed it a little to fit The Hamilton squad. Let me know if I should continue this. Sorry for the bad French and their is cursing.

You grabbed your gym bag and started to walk out to your car. You glanced up seeing a group of guys around another guy shouldering a backpack.
   “ Where the fuck is my essay.” one of them growled and the male just seemed to shrink. You grumbled putting your bag in your back seat. You couldn’t just let the guy get beat up. You locked up your car and made your way over to the group and cleared your throat.
   “ Hey leave the poor guy alone.” the male who had spoken before looked down at you and you noticed it was Charles lee. He was in your AP English class.
     “ beat it y/l. This is between me and four eyes.”
You rolled your eyes the one thing you hated more than bullies were cheaters.
     “ Hey dickhead why don’t you pick on someone your own size.” you growled now getting his full attention. You were a lot shorter than him but that was alright. In a fight size didn’t matter it was how long you could last that did.
     “ and what if I don’t. What are you gonna do.” you smirked at the smugness clear on his face.
     “ This.” you then gave him a right hook to his face. He fell back with a thud making his goons stare at you in shock. Charles held his nose blood spilling past his hand.
     “ don’t just stand there get her.” he growled and with that began a smack down you had been dyeing for. Not even five minutes pass and you had Charles and his gang running back to their dorms.
You smirked and glanced over at the male who was now looking at you in awe.
     “ Hey you okay….”
     “ Alexander Hamilton but I go by Alex. You were really awesome y/n. How did you learn to fight like that.” you grinned wiping the blood from your nose.
  “I have three boyfriends.” you said simply seeing the look of course fusion on Alex’s face.
  “Really?” you grinned before cracking your knuckles.

  “Yeah, Hercules makes dresses, John cries whenever anything sad about Disney movies comes up and Lafayette can really rock a cocktail dress and six inches heels. I wasn’t about to let people give them shit for it. So I had to learn to fight pretty quickly especially how to beat up people bigger than me.” Alex nodded understanding before you gave him a soft smile. “ Besides Charles is a dick and you shouldn’t be forced to keep his grades up.” you said before you noticed the cut on his arm. “Shit man I didn’t even see that.” you said and gently grabbed his arm pulling him to your car and getting your first aid kit. “Let’s get that all cleaned up.” you muttered to yourself before covering up the cut he had. You held up a tissue to your nose finally noticing how bad it had been bleeding. “ Damn it that was my favorite workout shirt.” you grumbled before looking back up at Alex. “Hey Alex do you wanna come to my place and grab some pizza. You look like you need some chill time.” You said with a smirked causing the male’s cheeks to flush slightly.
   “Yeah y/n, that actually sounds really fun.” You nodded and grabbed his bag from him sitting it in the back.
   “Alright then let’s get going.” You smiled and hopped into your car texting the boys that you were bringing a friend home.

Group Chat

R.L- Hey guys bringing a friend home hope you don’t mind
L.t.b- No mon amour the more the how do you say….the more the merrier
H.C.M- Yeah no worry babe.
T.C- Is he a new “Friend” ;)
H.C.M- John she hasn’t even told us his name.
T.C- ur no fun Herc :(

   You giggled softly at your boys before setting your phone down and began to drive to your shared house. It was a small townhouse with two bedroom and two bathrooms. You had just moved to the city only about a year ago when you started to go to school. You glanced over at Alex and saw him staring out the window. You held back a smile before finally reaching your home. It wasn’t much but it was yours You parked easily and grabbed your gym back while Alex shouldered his book bag. You skipped up the steps and opened the door clearing your throat. “BOYS I’M HOME!” you yelled which made Alex flinch slightly. You let him in slipping your shoes off as Lafayette peeked from behind the wall leading into the kitchen.
   “Y/n, how was your day mon amour.” he asked walking over to you and placing a gently kiss on your forehead. You smiled before shrugging.
   “Pretty good, are the other boy in the living room I want them to meet Alex.” you said with a sweet smile and Lafayette looked up to see the man standing awkwardly at the door.
   “Yeah, the boys are arguing over what movie for tonight.” he said and walked over to Alex. “ Bonjour je m’appelle Lafayette.” You smirked but was surprised when Alex smiled.
   “Je m’appelle Alexander.” Lafayette smiled turning back to you.
   “I like this one.” he said before walking toward the living room where your other two boys were fighting over the WII remote.
   “Herc, you chose Princess bride last time.” John whined and tugged before Herc pulled it back toward him.
   “John I don’t feel like watching Lion King again for the tenth time in two months.” You rolled your eyes and grabbed the remote, smiling.
   “I’ll pick tonight.” you said sternly and the boy pouted but nodded.
   “Fine.” John grumbled but leaned up kissing your cheek. “How was your workout babe.” You shrugged before standing back up.
   “Hercules, John this is my friend Alexander. I figured he could use sometime to de stress. Alex this is Hercules and this is John.”
   John gave him a flirty smile. “Y/n, he’s really cute.” he muttered and you blushed lightly before clearing your throat.
   “It’s nice to meet you Alex.” Hercules said giving him a warm smile. Alex nodded before he could say anything the oven went off and you smirked.
   “Pizza time.” you grinned and the boys made a mad dash to the kitchen. You walked over to Alex and grabbed his arm gently. “Relax, their harmless, mostly.” you chuckled softly before walking with him to the kitchen

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Do you take story requests? If so would you write one about Alex falling asleep on Maggie and Maggie refusing to move because she loves it.

Alex Danvers didn’t do sick days.

Sure, there’d been the occasional sick morning with a miraculous recovery made by noon, i.e. morning sex, but when she was sick instead of horny, Alex insisted on going to work. Maggie had learned that a few weeks into their relationship, realizing that no matter how much she tried to convince Alex to take just one day off, she wasn’t going to listen. Wise to it, any time that Alex had been sick thereafter, Maggie made sure to fuss but never suggest taking a sick day.

That morning, a sniffly Alex woke to a cooked breakfast, orange juice, aspirin and tissues all waiting for her at the dining table. She had breakfast, went to work and still met Maggie at Kara’s for their prearranged dinner date. By evening, Alex was even worse - tired and distant and running a slight fever.

She was out of it during the car ride home.

‘Bed?’ Maggie knew her stubborn beau would never accept an order, so she posed it as a question.

Alex countered. ‘Couch?’

That was a fair compromise. ‘Sure, babe.’

They changed into their pyjamas and gathered on the couch, switching on the television. However, Alex had no interest in helping Maggie find something to watch, immediately cuddling into her side and closing her eyes.

Maggie ran fingers through Alex’s hair. ‘You could always go to bed, you know.’

‘I like this better,’ Alex replied, feebly.

‘You sure?’

‘You’re comfy.’

Despite her scepticism, Maggie didn’t say anything else on the matter. Alex was content and about to fall asleep and that was all that mattered. Maggie found some cop show to watch and wasted no time in pointing out its inaccuracies. ‘Lab results within an hour? That’ll be the day.’

‘Why do you watch these shows if they annoy you?’ Alex mumbled.

‘It’s fun,’ Maggie said with a shrug, a shrug that caused Alex to shift and battle to get comfortable again. Maggie put an arm around Alex’s shoulders and guided her head to her lap. ‘Better?’

‘Yeah…just don’t move again.’

‘I’ll try not to.’

And Maggie managed not to, staying perfectly still except from her one hand that gently stroked Alex’s hair and eased her off to sleep in no time at all. Watching her girl sleep proved much more fascinating than the TV. She was so mesmerized that a soft knock at the balcony door made her flinch, causing Alex to stir ever so slightly but wasn’t enough to fully wake her. Maggie raised a thumb to tell Kara it was open.

Sensing the situation, Kara entered slowly and crept over. ‘Is she okay?’

‘She’s not been feeling great all day.’

‘I thought she seemed off during dinner.’

Maggie nodded, leaning forward to kiss the top of Alex’s head. ‘The poor thing is exhausted…please tell me there isn’t some DEO emergency that you need her for.’

‘No, no. She forgot her phone so I thought I’d drop it off.’

‘Thanks, Kara.’

‘Anytime,’ Kara smiled. ‘She looks so peaceful.’

And Maggie beamed back. ‘Cute, right? Although, she’s completely trapped me on this couch.’

‘You need a hand moving her?’

‘No, it’s fine, I don’t want to risk waking her.’ That, and she absolutely loved this. Cuddling with the badass DEO agent was a luxury that very few people got and Maggie was so grateful she was one of those lucky few. She’d stay here for as long as possible and she could already feel the first pangs of sleep start to hit her. ‘Hey, do me a favour. Take a picture of us on my phone.’

Kara nodded and grabbed Maggie’s phone from the coffee table. ‘Oh. Password, could you–.’

‘It’s the year she was born.’ It used to be her PIN number but that, as well as not being the safest of passwords, didn’t hold any meaning to her. Alex, on the other hand, did.

Kara snapped a picture before passing the phone back to Maggie. ‘You need anything else whilst I’m here?’

The picture was adorable and she found herself lost in it before returning to the room, returning to Kara. ‘Blanket?’

‘Anything else?’ Kara asked after finding a blanket and carefully draping over the two of them.

‘I think that’s it. Thank you.’

Kara nodded, smiled and then, with a gentle gust, was gone, leaving Maggie alone with her girl. Alone with Alex, she was always much more sentimental, more passionate, more loving.

She whispered softly. ‘Babe, you’re freaking adorable.’

Alone with Alex, she also allowed herself to cry. And she did, suddenly overwhelmed with how happy she felt at that moment in life.

‘And I love you so, so much.’

Alone with Alex, she never felt more at peace.

send me sanvers prompts  

Alex Calling Lucy Post-Rescue

Lucy answers on the first ring.

“Maggie loves me,” she says, and even though Lucy can’t see her, she’s preening.

“No kidding, Danvers,” she can hear Lucy grinning, and her heart skips a beat.

“No, but really – she said she loves me. And then she wouldn’t stop saying it, and I wouldn’t stop saying it, and I don’t ever want to stop saying it, and god, I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

“Such a long way from the badass agent I tried to send to Cadmus,” Lucy chimes wistfully, and Alex scoffs.

“Yeah, and you couldn’t even get that right, Major.”

“Regrets, Danvers?”

“You know I don’t think the dating prospects would have been great in Cadmus.”

“Yeah, that and you’d have been tortured to death.”

Alex freezes and Alex flinches, and even though Lucy can’t see her, she immediately knows something’s wrong by Alex’s lack of immediate retort.

“Danvers,” she starts slowly. “Why did Maggie say she loves you?”

“Because she… does?”

“Yeah, I know, I’ve known that for months, but why… now?”

“Because I… said it to her.”

“Ooh, nice one! But Alex, same question: why now?” 

Her voice is careful and her voice is scared, and she forces herself to remember that whatever happened, Alex is safe, safe, safe.

Alex keeps her voice deliberately casual, calm. Cool.

“I got kidnapped and held for thirty-six hours and almost drowned in a cage tank thing.”



“Shit, Alex, I’m getting the next plane out, how – way to bury the lead, Danvers, are you okay?”

“Actually, the lead was that Maggie loves me – “

“Only you, Alex.”

“I hope she only loves me.”

“No, I mean – only you would almost flipping die and come out of it with the major takeaway of a girl likes you.”

“She doesn’t just like me, Lane, she loves me, pay attention.”

“Oh my god.”

“Are you still coming?”


“To National City. You said you were getting the first flight out.”

“Of course I’m coming, Alex. You almost died. You were tortured. I don’t care how much of a badass you are, you need to be around all your friends. And you don’t have that many to begin with, so…”

Alex ignores her quip, because she’s fixated on something else. 

“Maggie called me a badass.”

“Oh my god, I’m gonna regret this, aren’t I?”


“See you in a few hours.”

“She loves me.”


“A lot.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Maggie loves me.”

“I can’t imagine why.”

“Fly safe, Lucy.”

“Yeah. Yeah, of course, Alex. I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“But not in the way I love Maggie.”

“Oh my god I take it all back.”

But she doesn’t stop smiling the entire ride to the airport.

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you said top 5/10 anything, so... top 5 nb!alex headcanons?

this is a perfect place to also mention that any of my posts that mention or involve nb!alex danvers will be tagged under nb!alex. i’m in the process of going through all my posted prompts and checking they’re all tagged appropriately. enjoy! 

tw: misuse of pronouns 


the night they come out to maggie, alex gets off early from the deo and spends the entire afternoon doing two things: wanting a drink, and sitting pressed against the bathroom cabinet because they feel like if they stand they’re going to be ill.

by the time maggie gets home alex barely has time to scramble to their feet and  walk out of the bathroom. it doesn’t matter that alex throws on a smile, and tries to pull maggie into a kiss, anything to distract from the way their hands are almost but not quite shaking. it doesn’t matter because maggie knows them, and maggie reads the fear in alex’s eyes and maggie kisses alex, gently, gently before stepping back. 

before taking their shaking hands in their own and asking “what going on?” 

because alex may not have realized it, but j’onn noticed how they practically fled the deo that afternoon. and alex may not have realized it but there are two missed texts from maggie on their phone. and it’s not like alex to ignore messages, not from maggie.

so alex may not realize it, but maggie knows somethings different, something’s up.

maggie reads it in the way alex froze at her question, the way alex’s body tenses like a rabbits, ready for flight. so maggie, maggie moves slowly, she curls her hands around alex’s wrists but keeps her fingers loose, relaxed, grounding but not trapping “you can tell me anything.” she says, seeking eye contact from alex, but not getting it. 

not getting it because alex is scared. they’re scared that anything doesn’t include being not quite a girl and not quite a boy. they’re scared that maggie, so confident in liking women, won’t want to be with them any more. them who isn’t quite either. 

alex is scared. and alex doesn’t want to lose maggie, so maybe they can pretend. maybe they can push this down. maybe they can be ‘her’ and maybe they can be ‘alexandra’ and maybe, maybe, maybe if it means getting to keep maggie, 

maybe they can be ‘she.’ 

for maggie, all the while alex is talking themself out of the words that are threatening to spill over, all the while maggie is reading the pure fear on alex’s face. maggie feels the tension and the panic radiating from their body. and it makes maggie ache. it makes her ache because no one, no one and especially not alex, deserves to be this afraid, this scared. 

so maggie takes a different route. she takes a breath and she thinks of the laptop that alex left open one sunday afternoon. with tabs about sexuality and gender. and places that do gender neutral haircuts in national city. maggie says slowly, as softly as she can “you know i love you, alex.” she starts “you know i’m in love with who you are. and nothing can change that, not what pronouns you want to use.” and alex’s eyes widen, their breathing stops, but maggie keeps going 

“and if you want different pronouns, i’ll use different pronouns.” maggie says, asking slowly “is that something you might want?” 

but instead of an answer, alex chokes out “how?” 

how do you know? 

how are you okay with it? 

how do you still love me? 

it doesn’t matter the question, maggie has the answers to all of them. but that’s for later. 

the now is for pulling alex into her arms and kissing their temple and smoothing their hair, and the now is for alex to cling to maggie like maggie could change her mind in a moment. the now is for alex to say, hiccuping and trembling “there’s a thing, it’s - i’m not a man, but, i don’t always feel like a woman? it’s - i think i’m non-binary. i just,” and that’s almost all alex can get out, “can we not use her?”

and the now is for maggie to say “of course,” and “what do you want instead?” 

and it’s they. it’s them. 

and alex cries and maggie soothes and pulls them to bed. maggie lets alex cry and lets them grip at her, and maggie promises she’s not going anywhere. not now. not ever. 

two: it’s date night, they’re with maggie at the baseball game. not a sport alex is wholly into, but they are into sitting in the bleachers and drinking shitty beer with their arm around maggie’s shoulders eating peanuts and watching maggie watch the game. alex is totally into maggie, and maggie’s into baseball, ergo, alex is, kind of, into baseball. 

and the game is great, but kissing maggie against the stadium wall for a moment is better. right up until 

“alex danvers have to say this is a surprise.” 

and it may be alex who connects the voice to maxwell lord, but it’s maggie who reacts first. it’s maggie who reacts first because it’s alex who stiffens against maggie and suddenly they can’t speak. they can’t speak because maxwell lord likes to flirt and maxwell lord thinks he has game, and he, he reminds them of the femininity that they’re not comfortable with anymore. not entirely. 

“do i know you?” maggie asks, talking a half step between alex and maxwell lord, arms folded across her chest. 

“no,” lord replies “but maybe you’d like to.” 

“somehow i doubt that.” maggie replies, but lord is looking past her, to alex. 

“so you’re a lesbian.” he’s saying, and he’s a little drunk, but ever the ass “you like women. and you’re a woman.” 

maggie feels alex flinch. 

lords’ gaze slides back to maggie “you know we practically dated, your girlfriend and i, did she tell you that?”

another flinch. 

“she’s very good with her hands.” lord says, but before he can even finish wherever that statement was going, 

maggie punches him.

“mags.” alex squeaks “you-” 

maxwell lord is stumbling back, nose pouring with blood and maggie is stepping forward “come near them again,” she’s saying “come near alex again, and it’ll be worse than just a black eye.” she says. 

“did you threaten me?” lord asks, spluttering and spitting blood. 

“damn right i did.” maggie says, wrapping an arm around alex’s waist and guiding them away. 

waiting until they’re home before asking “are you okay?” and they answer by kissing maggie, hands cupping maggie’s jaw. 

“i’m perfect.” alex says “you’re - i love you.” 

three: maggie and alex have a conversation about names. it’s a few weeks after the initial conversation in the kitchen, in bed. it’s something maggie brings up because she wants to know, and the best way to make sure she doesn’t hurt alex, is by asking them what’s okay. 

so they’re sittng, maggie with the sports section, alex with the sunday comics and they both have a mug of coffee on hand, and it’s perfect. it’s calm and maggie almost hates to break it, but she needs to, so she stands, so she kisses the top of alex’s head and scratches lightly at the freshly fade they’re trying out and asks “more coffee?” 

alex hums and nods and pushes her mug towards maggie’s hand “please babe.” they say so maggie is at the french press when she asks 

“hey alex,” 


“are you okay if i call you babe?” 

there’s the careful folding of a newspaper and maggie looks up to see alex considering and then saying “yes?” but it comes out unsure and it comes out a question. 

“is there something you’d rather i call you instead?” 

alex swallows, playing with the edge of the newspaper “i-” they start “i don’t think so?” 

maggie brings the mugs back, setting them down and reaching for alex’s hand “i just don’t ever want to make you feel uncomfortable.” she says “that’s why i ask.” 

“i think,” alex says, taking a deep breath “babe is okay. just not, babygirl? i’m-” they start to apologize, but maggie squeezes their hand. 

“you don’t have to apologize for what you want to be called, okay?” 

alex nods. 

“and if any of that changes,” maggie says “you can always tell me.” 

alex nods again, squeezing maggie’s hand and reaching for their mug with the other “i know.” they say, after a sip “i know.” 

four: kara is the first one to call alex handsome. they’re going to some catco event thing and kara is bringing alex because maggie is out of town and they’re moping. plus james is away on, and she quotes 

“dude stuff with clark” 

which as far as she’s concnered probably means clark is posing for more pulitzer photos or something. it also means that she’s dateless to the gala so alex gets to come. and it means that alex gets to wear a suit, and they’re in the bathroom trying to figure out how much make up they want to put on when kara walks in, sees them, squeals and says 

“alex you look, like ridiculously handsome, get out here i’m taking a photo of us for maggie.” 

alex is so caught on handsome that they seems a little distracted in the photo, and for a full five minteus after that. to the point where kara has to come into the bathroom and ask nervously “was handsome not okay? i figured, because gorgeous makes you uncomfortable that beautiful would too, and just, you look really good and I wanted a word to say that that wasn’t just, ‘good’ becasue good is lame.” 

“handsome is,” alex starts, smiling “it’s perfect. i wasn’t sure how i would feel about it, but it fits.” 

“good.” kara smiles, standing and kissing them lightly on the cheek “but you’re going to be handsome and late if you don’t get a move on.” 


you’ve got very lovely daughters eliza.” a neighbor says at a summer barbecue. 

“i’ve got two very lovely children.” eliza agrees. 

and alex is by the grill, but she’s close enough to hear and close enoguh to pretend that it’s just the smoke in her eyes that’s making them water. but it’s her mother saying “you know alex, they’re doing great work for the fbi these days. i’m so proud of them.” 

because it’s them. 

it’s who they are. 

and they’re loved. 

Sanvers Couch Saga - Part 2

Part 1:

Friendly heads up: They’re gonna fight a little, but they’re gonna be ok.


She didn’t think it would feel that different—being engaged—but there’s something…permanent about it. Permanent in a way Maggie never could imagine her life would be. A way she never thought she would love.

Until recently, of course. Now, she couldn’t imagine it any other way.

But still…they’re learning. And it’s not always easy. The road to their happily ever after requires making decisions, which requires discussions, and sometimes…occasionally…means arguments.

And, boy, did they argue tonight.

Over the couch.

Seriously…the damn couch.

They’d avoided a lot of the pettiness they’d seen in other peoples relationships. They talked openly, honestly, and kindly almost all of the time. Both of them surrounded by enough drama and divisiveness in their work lives and past lives to know that they never wanted to intentionally cause the other that kind of pain. True fights happened rarely. Most were small and dissolved quickly.

One time, it starts with “You’re loading the dishwasher wrong.”

Maggie pokes her head over the counter, staring at Alex in the living room as if she had just told her she had three heads. “If the dishes come out clean, how can it possibly be wrong?”

Alex closes her book, sighing, “The cups have to go on the left, and the bowls go on the right.”

Maggie knew her tone was serious, but she simply raises her eyebrows and continues loading them “wrong” anyway. She isn’t about to redo it. Alex huffs and stalks over. So, naturally, Maggie hurries the dishwasher shut and flips it on. It locks automatically and starts the cycle.

Alex is not pleased. Maggie is betting she can change that.

“Mags, they won’t get clean!” she whines, just on the edge of anger.

Maggie holds her ground, holds her back against the dishwasher, calm, “I promise you, they will.”

Alex crosses her arms, gives her a look that says she is not playing games. Maggie takes that as a challenge.

She steps slowly toward Alex, invading her space, but not quite touching her. She gives Alex her best puppy dog face—head tilt, dimples and all—but Alex doesn’t flinch. So Maggie tries another tactic.

She brings her hands to the sides of Alex’s waist, dances her fingers under the hem of Alex’s t-shirt, skimming her waist softly, slowly. She feels the goosebumps on Alex’s stomach, feels her skin dance under her hands. But Alex is stubborn. Her body may be betraying her, but she won’t let her face show it.

Maggie smirks and bites her bottom lip, but Alex holds strong. “I was trained in psychological warfare. I’m a secret agent in a government black-ops unit. I can withstand—” And Maggie suddenly pulls her waist hard and fast, pulls her against her own body. Alex’s hands automatically reach out to Maggie’s shoulders to catch her balance, and she gasps. She exhales the end of her sentence, barely above a whisper “—torture.”

Maggie’s eyes burn hot. She feels Alex’s body melt against her own, feels her tension, her annoyance, fade. She knows she’s got her now, so she keeps going. She slips her hands in Alex’s back pockets and pulls her impossibly closer—tighter. She puts her mouth up to her ear, gently bites at her earlobe, earning a low moan from Alex, and Alex’s hands through her hair. She whispers low, “I’m not sure we’re talking about the same kind of torture…”

Maggie could load the dishwasher however she wanted after that.

But today…today was different.

Today, they couldn’t use their hands, their mouths, their bodies, to will the other into compromise. Today, the emotions went deeper. Tempers ran hotter. Today, the fight held real pain.

And they felt it.

Maggie’d had an awful day at the precinct. She had to stand as backup and watch other cops follow through on an arrest warrant for a single mother accused of distributing drugs and child abuse…among other things.

She had to stand and watch CPS take three terrified little kids away from their home, their life, their mother. She had to watch the oldest boy try to comfort his crying sisters, not shedding a single tear himself. She had to watch them get loaded into a van and taken away.

She watched them pull away knowing their world was turning upside down, and memories of how hers had so many years ago flooded her brain.

She watched them pull away knowing they were headed for foster care, and so she watched them pull away praying, praying, they’d end up in the good kind. She consequently spent the rest of her day with her mind caught up in moments she’d really hoped she’d forgotten. Moments she hadn’t thought of in…well, in quite a while, actually…now that she thought about it.

By the time her shift ended she’d dug herself into a painful hole she couldn’t climb out of, and she was angry at everything. Angry at that mother for her poor decision making. Angry at her own parents for their poor decisions. Angry at foster parents who didn’t give a damn about the kids they were responsible for. Angry at the system in general that forced her to witness the whole thing.

She turned the corner of their street white-knuckling the steering wheel and seething. Seeing their building, her home, snapped her out of her anger just enough that she started taking deep breaths to calm herself, to try not to bring all that pain inside with her. Then she pulled up to the curb to see Alex’s couch—their couch—sitting on the curb outside the building. That sent her spiraling back into anger, and by the time she got in the door, she’d worked herself up again, and she was livid.

A new couch was in the middle of their living room, looking so out of place to her. Too new, too big, too clean. Alex was in the kitchen finishing up dinner when Maggie walked in, greeting her with a smile like everything was fine, everything was normal. A smile that on most days, made Maggie swoon.

“Hey babe, how was your day?”

“What the hell is this?” Maggie’s standing with one hand on her hip, one held out, gesturing at the couch.

Alex turns around. “Oh…” Her face a little confused, a little apologetic. “I ordered that a while ago. With everything that’s been going on, I actually forgot about it until they called me this afternoon to say they were dropping it off.” She registers Maggie’s anger and tries to address it, “I know it’s not quite the same as the old one, but…” she gives it a once over and shrugs, “it’s ok I guess?”

Maggie throws down her keys and her bag. “You didn’t think to tell me?”

Alex tries to read her face, figure out where the anger is coming from, but she has to turn her attention to the stove, to dinner. “I’m sorry, like I said, I forgot all about it! I ordered it…I don’t know…” she thinks back, “almost two months ago?”

Maggie kicks off her boots, seething silently on her way to the bedroom to change. Alex finishes quickly in the kitchen and by the time she’s made it to the bedroom, Maggie has changed, but is now somehow angrier.

Alex puts a hand gently, gently, on Maggie’s side, but Maggie pulls away like it’s fire. Alex flinches, tears threatening to spring up in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Maggie. I should’ve told you. I was too busy rushing back from the DEO and helping the moving guys shuffle things around and then…I was making dinner…”

Maggie relaxes just slightly. She knows she’s being immature, but she’s still hurt.

“…I didn’t think it was a big deal.” The sentence comes out of her mouth before she can take it back, and Alex regrets it immediately. She braces herself.

Any tension Alex had eased is back in spades. “You didn’t think it was a big deal?”

“I didn’t mean…I’m sorry. That came out wrong—” Alex backpedals. She pleads.

Maggie doesn’t hold back now, “I’m sorry, Alex. I know this is your apartment, your couch, but I thought it was our apartment now. I thought this was our home. My home. Which means I get a say in things too. Or is that not how this works?”

“Of course it’s our home, Maggie! Of course you get a say—” Alex tries, but Maggie cuts her off, almost yelling now.

“I deserve to be heard, Alex! I deserve to be asked, to be considered. You can’t just go ahead and make all the decisions without even telling me!”

“Whoa, whoa…Hold on.” Alex goes on offense. “It’s a couch, Maggie. Now I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, and I’ve apologized for that. If it bothers you so much, we can take it back—”

“That’s not the point!”

“What is the point?!”

Maggie is angrier than Alex has ever seen, “You didn’t even think to tell me? It never once occurred to you to consult the other person living here, you know, your fiancée?!

Alex tries to reel her in, even slightly, “Ok. You’re right. Please, just…talk to me. Just calm down.”

Maggie scoffs, “You do NOT get to decide that for me, Alex.”

That cuts deeper than she intended.

The tears Alex was holding back finally spill over, starting silently down her cheeks. They’re not going to get anywhere this way, but Maggie’s not backing down. Alex knows she’s talking—shouting, really—without saying what she actually means. But Alex is not going to stand here and be yelled at. She waits a few seconds, tries to cut through the anger on Maggie’s face, but Maggie can hardly look at her. Not right now.

So Alex resigns. She turns her back on Maggie standing in the bedroom, stone-faced, shaking in anger.

The silence is as deafening as the shouting.

Alex heads to the door and quietly pulls on her jacket, her boots. She grabs her keys with one last look to Maggie, now sitting on the edge of the bed, but Maggie still isn’t looking at her. She can’t.

Alex doesn’t even slam the door when she leaves. Maggie wishes she would. Then she could justify a little bit more of her anger. The door clicks quietly shut and Maggie surrenders to her own tears.

That was three hours ago.

Alone in the dark, quiet apartment, Maggie sits curled up in the armchair, staring down the couch. If she were Kara, she would’ve burned it to the ground hours ago.

Actually…she almost thinks to text Kara, ask if Alex is there. But she knows Alex could be anywhere, and if she’s not with Kara, the text would just send her into a panic. Instead she checks her watch. It’s past 10. She catches her reflection, eyes red and puffy from crying, even though she’s long been out of tears. She takes a moment to replay their whole argument in her mind and manages to laugh to herself…I guess this is technically a first. She tells herself to remind Alex of that…later, though. Maybe tomorrow.

She stares at the couch again. The stupid couch that sparked her anger. And Lord…there was so, so much anger. More than she even knew she still carried. And Alex…god, Alex.

Now that she’d calmed down, she knew she was actually a little upset about the couch—not really the couch itself, more what it represented. But mostly, she also knew, she was over-exhausted and bitter and on edge after work…so when she saw it, she overreacted. And that was not Alex’s fault. Or the couch’s.

She slowly uncurls herself from the chair and stands in front of the couch for a second considering it, thinking. Just sit on it already. It’s only a couch. It’s actually…it’s way bigger than our last couch. She sits, reluctantly.

And it’s also really comfortable.

“Dammit,” she mumbles to herself.

The sound of the door opening makes her jump, but it’s only Alex. She breathes. She waits.

Alex doesn’t look at her, not at first. She kicks off her shoes, shrugs out of her jacket and finds Maggie sitting in the middle of the couch. She tries to read her face—her temperament—before she speaks. “I see you two have made amends.” It could be a joke, but it’s quiet. It’s careful.

Maggie looks sorry, but all she says is, “Come here. Please?”

Alex does. Despite her own anger, her hurt, she trusts Maggie, loves Maggie. She sits with a distance between them though. Not quite ready to forgive.

Maggie tries to bridge the distance with her words first, “I am so, so sorry, Alex.” She reaches a hand out to Alex, but stops short, dropping it on her own leg at the last second.

“That was really unfair of me, and I am sorry for how I acted,” she adds, “…over a couch.” The word makes her laugh just a little. But Alex doesn’t laugh. She’s still searching Maggie’s face for more.

“I think this may be about more than the couch.”

Maggie shrugs, looks up at Alex a little embarrassed, “It was a little bit about the couch.”

Now Alex laughs, “Is it really that bad?”

Maggie takes Alex hand and is grateful that Alex doesn’t pull it away. “No, it’s fine. It’s actually really comfortable, which makes it so much harder to be mad at.”

Alex puts her other hand on Maggie’s cheek, “I promise not to buy any more new furniture without you.”

Maggie turns and kisses the inside of her palm. “I appreciate that.”

Alex knows there’s more. She’s waiting to hear what Maggie has to say, but Maggie only flips Alex’s hand in hers and traces circles into her palm, staring down at it, avoiding Alex’s gaze.

Alex pushes a little, “You gotta talk to me, Mags. You’re allowed to be angry, ok? You’re even allowed to be angry at me…” she laughs a little, “although I’d prefer you weren’t.” Maggie smiles, meets her eyes briefly. “Talk to me? Please?”

Maggie sighs, nods, “I had a bad day at work. Watched some kids get taken off to foster care while their mom was arrested. I just…It brought back a lot of memories. Of me, my own childhood, that feeling of helplessness…” A tear falls down her cheek and Alex gently, gently wipes it away. Ironically, her kindness makes Maggie tear up more. “I just…I don’t know…to come home and see that stupid couch sitting out on the curb…out with the garbage…it felt like…like the day I found my stuff on the curb.”

She gathers the strength to look up at Alex. She sees the tears in her eyes too—she’s hurt, but she’s not angry. Maggie continues, “That couch felt like a part of us, you know? A part of our story. There’s a lot of memories there. Seeing it out like that… It felt like you could take a piece of us—of me—and just throw it away without telling me.”

Alex’s heart breaks. “Mags—” She takes Maggie’s face into her hands, kisses her forehead, and makes sure she’s looking right at her. “I would never, ever, throw away any part of you—or of us. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. That was so far from my intention.”

Maggie is grateful, even if slightly embarrassed at the amount of feelings she has over something as silly as a couch. “I know, I just…I panicked.” A small sparkle comes back into her eyes, “We had some good times on that couch.”

Alex laughs and kisses her, “Yeah, we did.”

Alex puts her arms around Maggie, holds her close. “I never want to get rid of any of those memories, Mags.” She waits for Maggie’s breathing to calm, waits for her to relax into her more. “But…you know…we’ve needed a new couch since you and Kara ruined the last one.”

Maggie pulls away, looks at Alex in shock, mouth wide open, “You knew?!

Alex laughs, kisses Maggie’s shocked face, “Instantly. Like…as soon as I walked in the door.”

Maggie laughs, shaking her head. Alex pulls her to her chest again, “Normally I would’ve been mad at you two for lying to me but…that was the moment you guys started becoming sisters. I couldn’t take that from you. Either of you.”

Maggie looks up and pulls her into a long, sweet kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Alex stares at her for just a little longer, pushes her hair behind her ear, “You know…it also means we get to make new memories on this couch…”

Maggie grins—dimples on full display, love in her eyes—and raises an eyebrow, “Oh, I have a few ideas…”

Part 3:

Day 4 Hogwarts AU Sanversweek, two days too late :)

Hey guys!

So i had inspiration to write another Sanversweek piece today! plus I even made @queercapwriting cry with my last one, so here is this one to make upp for it I hope!


Sanvers day 4 Hogwarts AU

Alex her footsteps echoed through the hallway as she held her head high whilst others stared. Some Gryffindor assholes were bullying Kara, so she stepped in and now her knuckles ached, and her black eye was throbbing with pain.

She no doubt will get a howler from her mother, and detention and all kinds of other troubles, but she couldn’t help the smirk blooming on her face knowing the other guys got out of it much worse than she did.

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{ five’s company }

t/w: none

french used:

bonjour - hello

oui - yes

mon cher - my dear

magnifique - magnificent

comment allez-vous? - how are you?

mon coeur - my heart

au revoir - goodbye 

inbox || masterlist


Lafayette needed a break. After being on his feet for almost half of the day, he finally had a chance to take a breather and retreat to the bathroom. He washed his hands, splashed his face, and tried to wake up. He missed his boys. He missed you. 

A newfound energy came about him when he looked at the time on his phone. He was almost done. This was his last assignment then he’d get to be home. He thought about going to Hercules’ studio. He just wanted to be near one of you and since Hercules had the most flexible hours, it wasn’t like Hercules could really get in trouble for having his boyfriend in his office. 

Plus, maybe he could look at the pretty dresses and nice suits his boyfriend made. 

If not, he was sure he could at least pop in to see John or Alex. Mr. Washington was a dear friend to him and he was sure that the older man would be more excited to see him rather than immediately ask him to leave.

He decided to go to Hercules. Maybe they could get lunch together. 

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anonymous asked:

Are you going to write a fic about NB!Alex meeting Adrian? Because that is something I need in my life.

Maggie’s never used the term partner before, with anyone she’s dated.

Not that she’s introduced any of them to Adrian – none of them have been special enough, kind enough, open enough.

Until Alex.

But he’s always grilled her about her love life like it was going out of style, so he knows all the stories; the girlfriend who loved zip lining, which was great, but ultimately left Maggie for another woman; the girlfriend who was verbally abusive and the one time it got physical, she tried to not talk about it with him and he just stared at her gently until she did, because how many times had she been there for him; the girlfriend who Maggie constantly fought with about race, but the sex was amazing and after the last relationship, she was just about broken enough to stay until she was dumped.

Adrian hadn’t met any of them, but he’d heard all the stories. All of Maggie’s girlfriends.

She never used the term partner.

Too close to work – she had a cop partner, after all – and it had always felt too clinical for her.

Until there was Alex.

Adrian’s ears perked because now when she said the word – partner, my partner – it wasn’t about the guy she spent her days driving around with in an NCPD car.

The word, now, is laced with adoration, laced with love, laced with intensity that Adrian has never heard Maggie have for anyone before.

“So, when do I meet them?”

Maggie beams at his automatic use of Alex’s pronouns, at his intuition, at his heart. But then she blinks.

“You’ve never asked me that before.”

“And you’ve never swooned like that before.”

She tilts her head and glares slightly, but denies nothing, and the quirk to her lips gives her away.

“Please, Alex does not make me swoon.”

Adrian just stares, and Maggie’s phone buzzes. “Hey babe,” she answers eagerly, her voice rising an octave or two, and Adrian chuckles to himself.

“Sure you don’t swoon,” he mouths, and Maggie sticks her tongue out at him.

The three of them decide – through a series of gestures and mouthing and suppressed giggling between Maggie and Adrian – that Alex should come for dinner that night.

Maggie paces while Adrian does most of the cooking.

“They’ve never met anyone really, from my life. And you’ve never met anyone really, from my life. What if you two don’t get along, what if – “

“Hey. Hey hey hey, Maggie.” He wipes his hands on the “Kiss the Cook, He’s Hot, Just Look at Him” apron Maggie keeps in the cabinet for him, and rests them on her shoulders. “It’s gonna be fine. I promise.”

She sighs and she nods and she grabs a spoon and pokes at the simmering rice.

“Hey, get outta there, it’s not ready!”

She scowls and sighs again and surrenders the spoon.

“Was I like this before you met my friends when I was in high school?”

“Please, you were so much wors – “

The sharp but somehow also gentle knock at the door interrupts her, and Adrian kisses her cheek as she heads to the door.

“Hi babe,” she greets, and Adrian watches carefully from the kitchen as this new person in Maggie’s life presents her with flowers – red roses, so they’re serious, he observes – and kisses her cheek and holds up a small paper bag and says something softly.

They’re in loose fitting jeans, a spectacular belt, and a henley over a pretty flat chest that makes him grin – it’s always nice to not be the only one binding in a space – and their hair is a short, almost red mess of post-motorcycle emotions.

“Hey there,” he calls from the kitchen. “Sorry I’m not coming to you, I don’t wanna burn the plátanos – “

“No, you’re fine,” Alex says with an easy grin, and he observes their confident stride, their low voice, the way they casually kiss Maggie’s hand before letting it go to walk toward him, with a deep-seated joy.

“I’ve heard a lot of about you from Maggie,” they smile as they lean on the counter next to Adrian, offering their hand and smiling deeper as Adrian rushes to dry his own before taking it.

Alex’s handshake is firm and confident and Adrian hopes his matches up – from the nod Alex gives him, he’s pretty sure it does.

“So, I hope this isn’t weird – I mean, it might be totally weird, and you can tell me if it is – “ Adrian glances at Maggie as Alex’s swagger melts into adorable prattling, and Maggie is beaming and Adrian makes a note to tell her later that yes, Alex Danvers definitely makes her swoon.

“But I know how much you mean to Maggie, and I wanted to get her flowers, but I didn’t want to not bring something for you – I mean, not that I think you’re a child and wouldn’t be okay with it or anything, but – I wanted to bring you something. Anyway, I hope you like it.”

They slide the paper bag they brought close to him, and he lowers the stove’s flames under his various dishes before diving eagerly into the bag.

“I always like presents! But you didn’t have to bring me anything, I – whoa, cool!”

He digs out a pair of astronomical binoculars and turns them over and over in his hands, his eyes wide and his smile even wider as he presses them to his eyes.

Maggie shifts to stand behind Alex, wraps her arms around their waist, and stands up on her tip toes to kiss the back of their neck, their cheek. Alex melts into the touch, but Adrian isn’t watching to be able to note that Maggie also makes Alex swoon, because he’s too busy with his new toy.

“Maggie said you were taking astronomy in Star City, and I figured you might as well be able to see the places you’re studying. They’ve got really great resolution, you can see the – “

“Do you like hugs from people you don’t know?” Adrian is interrupting, something he generally tries not to do, but his eyes are flooded with tears and his heart is moved beyond telling.

“I – no, not usually, but if you’re asking if you can hug me right now, then yeah, I’d like that.”

Maggie beams and steps back from Alex so Adrian can slip into their arms, and Maggie notes with both a full and broken heart that Adrian is almost as tall as Alex, and given another growth spurt, he’ll probably wind up taller.

He meets her eyes over Alex’s shoulder and winks.

“This one’s a keeper, Maggie,” he says softly, but intentionally loudly enough for Alex to hear him, and they hug him closer.

“You take care of her, okay?” he tells them as he pulls back from the hug.


“And fortunately, you have all of dinner to give them the shovel talk, but for now, can we eat, is everything ready?”

Adrian and Alex laugh.

“You sound like my sister, babe” Alex comments, and Maggie flinches with a lopsided grin on her face.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t sound like your sister last night – “

“Innocent child is present, please don’t corrupt innocent child!”

Maggie laughs because she knows he’ll be grilling her for details about their sex life later, but for now, his interest is in feeding his queer mom and her partner, in making them laugh, in feeling like the kid in the… family.

Family. Family.

She stands on tip toes and kisses Alex’s cheek again. They turn to her and beam down at her. “You and his parents have raised a beautiful son,” they tell her, and Maggie burrows into Alex’s chest as they watch Adrian taste-testing the rice.

“I mean he can cook like a god, so he’s worth keeping around.”

“Oh my god, he should meet Kara! Adrian, you should meet my sister, she exists to eat!“

“Sounds like my kinda woman! Now sit down, you two, I will accept no help from any mere mortals in my kitchen.”

“Technically, it’s my kitchen, Ade.”

“Technically, now I will make you help, so go set the table with your partner, Mags.”

“Yes sir.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

Alex laughs. “Are you two always like this?”



“Oh please, Maggie, tell them the truth!”

Maggie looks up into Alex’s shining eyes. “He brings out the worst in me.”

“Really? Because you look like the best to me.”

“There will be no making out in my kitchen! No – it – okay, fine, just don’t knock over the – okay. I’ll clean it up, I… oh well, they’ll come up for air eventually.”

And when they do, it’s to grab onto each other and gasp with laughter.

Between the three of them, it doesn’t stop all night long.

Not Enough

@emily-ily2 Hope you’re still in the mood to suffer because here it is! Thanks for requesting this because I’m out of ideas lol. I’m really sorry for this disaster aghhh

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: Cheating, angst, sadness, yelling (it sounds fun already, I know)

Word Count: 808 (short, i know, i’m sorry)

It was three in the morning when Alexander finally came home. You were sitting on a chair in the living room with no space next to you for Alex, should he try to join you. You heard him unlock the door and clenched your fists, anger boiling up inside of you again. When he entered the room, surprise filled his eyes, but that surprise changed to concern when he noticed you staring straight ahead, not greeting him or smiling like usual.

“(Y/N), why are you still awake? You have work tomorrow.” He made his way towards you, leaning in to kiss your head, but you held up your hand to stop him. “Babe, what…”

“We need to talk, Alexander.”

A brief look of panic flitted across his face before he slowly knelt down in front of you, attempting to take your hand in his, and wincing when you pulled away. “What’s wrong?”

You took a steadying breath before answering. “I met someone today.”

He stood up quickly, taking a step back and shaking his head. “You… met someone? You don’t mean–”

Looking up at him, you nodded. “Oh yes. I was getting coffee and ended up having a lovely conversation.”

Alex looked hurt as you stood up and walked into the kitchen, filling a glass of water and taking a long drink. “I don’t… what…” He ran a hand through his hair, looking absolutely helpless. “What was their name?”

You relished the confusion in his eyes when you responded. “Maria Reynolds.” You watched his mouth open and close, for once struggling to find words. Just as he began to speak, you cut him off. “She was very nice. She had a beautiful smile, and was exceptionally charming. I had a good time talking with her. It seems like she’s quite the girl. She’s going to school to be an architect, did you know that? Oh, and then she told me about this amazing boyfriend she had. Alexander Hamilton.” A look of anguished crossed Alex’s face, but you continued. “He works odd hours, of course, so she doesn’t get to see him as much as she would like, but he’s witty, and smart, and loyal.” You practically spat the last word, watching Alex flinch, and shoving past him as he tried to say something again. But you weren’t done yet. “And of course,” you continued, raising your voice so you could be heard over his protests and heading toward the bedroom. “She’s pretty sure he’s not married. Or at least she’s never seen him wear a wedding ring.”

“(Y/N)…” Alex grabbed your wrist and you turned to him with fire in your eyes, yanking yourself out of his grasp. 

“Do you know what she did then?” You fought back tears and clenched your fists. “She apologized, and she cried, and she blocked your number, and she asked for you to never speak to her again. She was sorry.”

Alex took his chance to speak while you furiously wiped away a tear. “(Y/N), please! We… we can fix this. I messed up, I know, but I’m willing to try if you are!”

His words froze you, and fury greater than any you’d ever know consumed you. But when you spoke again, your words were soft. “Are you… asking me to stay?”

“Yes. Please, let’s work this out.”

But you were already picking your stuff up from the bed–you had packed much earlier in the day. “No,” you breathed as you walked towards the front door. “This can never work, Alexander. Because you, you jump around from one interest to the next, idea to idea, project to project! And do you know what you do with things when they aren’t quite turning out how you want? You forget about them! You set them down and never pick them up again, because you found something better! You found something else that can make you happy! But that never lasts, nothing ever does! I’m sick of being treated like this, like one of your projects! So when you say you want to fix this, when you say we can ‘work it out,’ you are wrong! Because I’ll let you down, I will always let you down. I’m not enough for you to be satisfied!

You had found your way to the front door, and you threw it open, stepping out into the cold. You turned back around to look at Alex, waiting for any final remarks, and silently praying that he would give you a reason, just one reason, to stay.

But you were met with a blank stare, and your heart, which had been falling all day, finally hit rock bottom. “You’re right, (Y/N). You’re just not enough anymore.”

He closed the door, leaving both of you to wonder how anything could ever go so terribly, terribly wrong.

French Revolution

Prompt; France is no longer safe for your family, and with your husband away, theirs no other choice

Pairing(s); Lafayette x reader 

Warning(s); blood mention, some angst, some fluff 

A/N; I got this idea after recalling some essays I wrote in freshman year and then I remembered daddy Laf so I came up with this trash :)


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Established sanvers, A gets hurt, probably is unconscious, and M is stressed at her bedside but so is Lucy? When A wakes she is super happy to see both of them, but they discover Lucy was roughed up pretty bad too and had ignored it to make sure Alex was okay and that has got to be more than just guilt that she put A in harms way. A doesn't know why she was so happy to see L. M doesn't know why her presence was so comforting. Neither knows why they're so pissed L didn't take care of herself.

anyway this is really cute maybe?

Maggie is shaking.

Maggie is pacing.

Maggie can’t make herself sit still.

Alex is unconscious, and Alex is concussed and Alex is an absolute idiot. She’d let a building collapse around her as she funnelled civilians out of it, completely disregarding her own safety for the good of the people in need.

And Maggie is slightly pissed. Only slightly, that Alex wasn’t looking after herself. But she knows that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Alex was a hero.


Alex is a hero.

The doctors had told her that all they could do now was wait.

Wait for Alex to wake up and assess the damage.

Maggie can’t sit still.

But then there is shouting down the hall. Someone is kicking up a riot by the front desk because they won’t be let through.

“Let me through, I have to see her!”

“Ma’am, you can’t just-”

“See this? I am a federal agent, and you will let me in.”

“Ma’am, you’re bleeding. Please just let the doctor-”

“I don’t care about that, it’s just a graze. I need to find my-”

Maggie rounds the corner to find Lucy Lane in all of her 5”3 glory accosting the nurse at the front desk. There is a gash above her eye about 2 inches long that definitely needs stitches, and a trail of blood running down her chin and neck.

Maggie breathes a sigh of relief.

She had known Lucy was in the building too, but Kara had promised she was safe before flying Alex to the closest hospital, returning a few minutes later to fly Maggie over as well.

“Let her through.” Maggie tells the nurse. The women begins to object, but Maggie waves her off.

“She’s not going to sit still for you unless you let her in.” Maggie sighs, exasperated. “You can stitch her up in room 7.”

Maggie holds her hand out, beckoning Lucy to follow her to Alex’s room. She drags a second chair up to the opposite side of Alex’s bed and they both sink down, trying to get comfortable on the hard plastic.

“Idiot.” Lucy grumbles, eyes raking across Alex’s body to note every injury.

“Yeah.” Maggie lets out a harsh laugh. “Same goes for you.”

Lucy rolls her eyes. “At least I’m conscious.”

“Yeah and bleeding from your head.”

“It’s just a graze.” Lucy waves her concern off, rolling her eyes and scratching at the half dried blood on her face. A nurse enters the room before Maggie can argue with her, and Lucy lets her stitch up the cut in her forehead and clean up the blood with some gauze. After fifteen awkward minutes, the nurse leaves, letting the room fall to silence aside from the beeping of Alex’s heart monitor.

“She’ll be fine.” Lucy whispers, half for her own benefit and half for Maggie’s. They’re not the closest of friends. Hell, they barely know each other. But they both care for Alex, and it bonds them in a moment of pure panic and fear for the woman lying between them.

“She is fine.”

Alex’s voice is dry and croaky, but strong. Lucy and Maggie shoot out of their chairs, each grabbing at Alex’s hands.

“Hey, baby. You’re okay.” Maggie comforts readily, reaching for the call button to get the doctor in.

“Yeah. You okay?” Alex asks dazedly, eyes unfocused and hand wandering for Maggie’s face.

“Yeah, Danvers. I’m good.” Maggie promises, catching Alex’s hand and pressing it to her cheek. Alex shifts, turning her head slowly to the opposite side.

“Luce?” She asks, hand also wandering for Lucy’s face.

Lucy just nods silently, mirroring Maggie’s actions and catching Alex’s hand, to press it to her cheek in a move that feels far more intimate than what is done between friends… Colleagues?


But Maggie doesn’t flinch, and Alex smiles groggily and Lucy just feels warm.

None of them question it right now, but they all tuck it away for later as they let the doctors and nurses flood in to begin their tests.

“Stay.” Alex croaks. “Both of you.”

Maggie and Lucy find themselves nodding without a second thought.

“Of course, Alex.” Lucy whispers.

“Always, Danvers.” Maggie smiles.

They’ll talk about it later.

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Hey mom I went out with some friends on tuesday night and have been sick since then Could you write some sanvers being sick? Maybe Maggie starts throwing up and is a very bad sick person? Ps. Congrats on your engagement

She hasn’t thrown up in front of anyone since that party in college after that cute girl from organic chem lab dumped her, and god, how that backfired.

(Instead of taking care of her, her supposed friends had laughed and her supposed friends had let her drag herself back to her dorm and her supposed friends couldn’t be bothered to check in on her when she missed classes the next morning because, surprise surprise, she was still throwing up.)

This time, the cause wasn’t alcohol.

This time, the cause was the damn flu.

And Maggie is used to taking care of herself. She’s used to powering through, because no one had ever… offered. No one had ever taken care of her.

At least, not without making sure she knew what a burden she was, what other, better, things (or people) they could be doing. How grateful she should be.

So she doesn’t text Alex to come over, because sure, she’s a doctor, but why the hell would she want to be around Maggie when she’s gross and snotty and achy and – yep – there it is again – throwing up?

Alex wants to be happy with her, not be a caretaker, for crying out loud.

But when she doesn’t show up for work – because even Maggie isn’t stubborn enough to go infect the entire precinct with this damn flu – and Alex asks after her, and her cop partner tells her she’s got the flu, Alex is livid.

And she’s at Maggie’s apartment a half hour later, with medicine and tissues and cough drops and crackers and soup and and chapstick orange juice and a handful of old 90s and early 2000s DVDs she grabbed from Kara’s on the way over.

“I can’t believe I had to hear you have the flu from Donahue, Sawyer! This is a relationship, you need to tell me when you’re – Maggie?”

Because she’s not on her couch and she’s not on her bed.

But there’s retching coming from the bathroom, and Alex’s heart breaks as she deposits her grocery bags hurriedly on the counter and rushes to the bathroom door.

She pauses before opening it – because even alone, Maggie is a door-shutter – and she inclines her head toward the door, knocking softly.

“Mags. It’s me. Can I come in?”

“I didn’t call you, Danvers,” Maggie rasps miserably, and Alex hears her spit, and she sighs silently.

“I know you didn’t, Maggie, but I’m here now. Let me help you. Please?”

Maggie wretches and Alex flinches, because she knows that pain, and she hates that pain, and god, she’s only two feet away from her and the only thing between them is a very breakable wooden door, but she’s never felt farther from her, more useless to her.

“It’s okay, babe, it’s okay. I’m here, it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.”

Silence. Ragged breathing. The toilet flushing. Scuffling. Mouthwash being chugged. Mouthwash being spit. The doorknob twisting.

Maggie, poking her head out of the bathroom, looking up at Alex like she’s terrified, like she’s just killed someone and Alex is here to clean up the mess, like she’s wracked with guilt, like she hates herself for being sick, for being weak, for inconveniencing her. For being gross.

“You don’t have to be here,” she croaks, and Alex just tilts her head and smiles softly.

“I want to be here, Maggie.”

“I’ll get you sick.”

“Worth it.”

“Danvers – “


“I have to throw up again.”


To Alex’s surprise, Maggie lets the door stay open, and Alex slips inside as Maggie kneels, as Maggie starts holding her own hair back. Tears sting Alex’s eyes as Maggie retches, because her entire body is wracking with the force of her vomiting, but her hands are steady, calculated, holding her own hair back expertly, and Alex’s heart breaks wondering how much practice Maggie has had being sick and all alone.

Not anymore.

Alex’s gentle hands replace Maggie’s, stroking her sweaty temples and holding her hair back, one hand focused on her hair, the other focused on keeping a steady hold on her back, a comfort, an anchor.

“It’s okay, Maggie, I’ve got you. Get it all out, babe.”

Maggie starts to apologize, but her entire body tenses, and she convulses again, emptying whatever could possibly be left in her stomach.

She sniffs and she trembles and she shakes her head and she spits once, twice, three times. She wipes her mouth with toilet paper, and she shudders, and Alex thinks she might be crying, but she doesn’t let Maggie know her suspicions.

She starts to rise on her own but Alex shifts so Maggie can brace herself on Alex’s arms. Maggie hesitates, but concedes, and Alex smiles softly, flushing for her as Maggie gropes for her toothbrush. Alex moves to put toothpaste on it, and Maggie grimaces a disbelieving thank you. Alex keeps her hands out and waiting for Maggie to stumble as she brushes, rinses, mouth washes, spits.

When she’s ready, Alex puts a gentle hand around her shoulder, gingerly avoiding touching her queasy stomach, and guides her out of the bathroom.

“Do you like the couch or the bed when you’re sick, babe?”

“Couch,” Maggie grunts, and Alex smiles.

“Me too.”

Maggie’s exhausted eyes go wide when she notices the grocery bags Alex brought on the counter.

“Danvers, what – “

“I got you the necessities. Including…” She tucks Maggie in and darts across the house, pulling out old L Word and Sex in the City DVDs and holding them up excitedly.

“You know I have netflix, right Danvers?”

Alex grins, looking just like her little sister, and Maggie cracks out a smile.

“It’s better on DVD!”

Maggie doesn’t question her nerd’s logic, just watches as she bustles around the studio, bringing Maggie chapstick and water and tea.

“Why are you here, Danvers?”

“You’re sick,” Alex says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“I’m gross,” Maggie amends, and Alex shakes her head and kneels in front of Maggie, stroking her hair and kissing her nose.

“Maggie, you’re my girlfriend. I want to take care of you. You deserve to be taken care of. Let me? Please?”

She doesn’t understand why, and she doesn’t really think she deserves it, but god, do Alex’s hands feel nice on her clammy skin, and god, do Alex’s eyes sparkle when they look at her.

She nods, slowly, nervously, and Alex’s smile goes straight to her heart, and she swears it’s that smile that’ll make her flu go away.

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Can you do one where someone really close to R (like, bestie or mom or something) dies, but R acts likes she's unaffected but she's really bottling it all up and either Alex or Lena confronts R about it and R breaks down

Originally posted by xdelinquentx

“How do you do that?”

You looked up, having been unaware of Alex’s appearance in the room, and then went back to the papers on your desk.  

“Do what?”

“Just go about your life like nothing happened?”

Her words made your hands freeze and the work on your desk was completely forgotten.  

“What are you trying to do, Alex?” you asked quietly.  You fingers drummed against the surface of your desk.  “Cause if it’s what I think it is, stop.”

“Y/N, that was your partner who died.  You and Jesse have worked together since training.  Everyone here has been devastated and you just go about your normal life.”

“Just drop it.”

“I’m not going to drop it.  You’re my agent and you aren’t processing what happened.  I don’t want you out in the field when your mental state is compromised.”

“Then what the hell do you want?” you all but jumped to your feet and Alex flinched when she saw the look on your face.  “You want a breakdown?  For me to go back to his grave and throw myself down on it in tears?  You want me to scream at God and ask why this shit happened?”

Your voice rose with every rhetorical question and as it did, tears welled in your eyes.  Alex’s confrontational demeanor softened and she uncrossed her arms as she walked to you.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.  I just…I needed to know if you were alright,” she apologized softly as you wiped at your eyes.  Almost at once, you brought your walls back up and sat down in your chair.

“Of course I’m not,” you muttered.  “That’s a stupid idea.  I’m just trying to move on like he would want me to.”

Must Be Love

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Alex/Maggie

Rating: M

Author’s Note: What could have happened between Maggie and Alex after they left the DEO in episode 2x15. This is also a couple of prompt fills. The first is #46, “I’d give it all up if you asked me to,” for @fanaticalqueergeek, and the second is #23, “You scare the hell out of me,” for @misswidgetsays. Thanks as always to @zennie-fic for looking this over for me!


Feeling a strange mix of exhaustion and euphoria, Alex stepped into the shower, ducking her head under the scalding spray. There was little on her that didn’t ache, and her knuckles stung from an excessive amount of punching the last two days. She was bruised and battered but unbroken, her faith in her father vindicated, her faith in her sister stronger than ever.

And then there was Maggie.

Ride or die, Maggie had promised, and she’d delivered. As the hot water soothed Alex’s tired muscles, sluicing down her back and thighs, she shook her head in wonder. Whatever she’d done to deserve a woman like Maggie Sawyer in her life, Alex was profoundly grateful. No one had ever been there for her emotionally quite like Maggie had been today, and Alex was left in awe of the things her girlfriend had done to help her without question.

When the ship had lurched beneath Alex’s feet, her very soul had cried out for Maggie. She’d barely been able to think, knowing in moments there would be a galaxy between them. To know she’d never look into Maggie’s warm, fathomless eyes again had crushed something inside her, the ‘I love you’ Alex had never spoken useless on the tip of her tongue.

Thank God for Kara.

The shower door jerked open, and Alex flinched in surprise as a cold gust of air spilled onto her damp, heated skin. Soft lips pressed against her shoulder before a hand snaked around her waist, pulling Alex back into Maggie’s curves.

“Need a hand, Danvers?” Maggie teased, her tone huskier and deeper than usual, sparking an immediate fire in Alex’s guts.

Read the rest on Ao3.

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Hi! You are amazing and your writing lights up my day. There's something I would like to see. We're always portraying Eliza being hard on Alex and I really feel that. I also love my mom and I'm sure she loves me, but I grew up with high expectations from her, she was always harsh without even noticing. I just wanted you to write something that showed Eliza being sorry for the way she treated Alex, taking the blame for once, that really comin from her. And also showing them just loving each other

Alex has been fighting with her for years.

Usually, without acknowledging the real problems. Usually, making mountains out of seeming molehills, because the mountains are too terrifying, too vulnerable, to mention.

Sometimes, tackling the real problems head on.

“Why hasn’t it ever been enough?”

It takes Eliza a lot to realize how deep the scars she caused go.

It takes Eliza a lot to realize that what she’d thought of as support, Alex had received as abuse. As condemnation. As affirmation, not of how smart and strong she is, but as affirmation that she really is worthless at the core.

It takes Eliza a combination of Alex’s sister and Alex’s girlfriend to unveil her denial, her unwillingness to see just how badly she’s damaged the daughter she loved more than anything in this world.

It takes Kara, rising from the Thanksgiving table, and telling Eliza point-blank that instead of reprimanding Alex for drinking so much, Eliza should stop to consider why she is, what she’s coping with, and she knows Eliza loves her but Rao, couldn’t she show Alex that a little more often instead of just telling her and expecting her to feel it?

It takes Maggie, taking Alex’s hand into one of hers and the car keys with her other, thanking Eliza for her hospitality but telling her in no uncertain terms that she couldn’t stay under a roof where the woman she loves is being made to constantly feel like she’s not enough, because Alex is more than enough just as she is, and she’s sorry, but they can’t stay somewhere that’s so hostile to Alex’s ability to recognize how incredible she really is.

Eliza doesn’t call for a week. 

Kara texts to tell her that Alex needs time.

Maggie texts to tell her that Alex needs space.

Alex doesn’t text at all, simply nodding her red-eyed approval at the messages her sister and her girlfriend are sending on her behalf.

Eliza doesn’t call for a week, but when she does call, she knows what she has to say, and – for the first time – she understands why she has to say it. And she feels it. Means it.

“Alex,” she says softly, stopping herself from saying her full name, because Kara’s pointed out how Alex flinches at her full name, every time, so why use it as a weapon? “Everything you’ve said to me over the years? About me making you feel responsible for Kara, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? You’ve been right, all this time. Of course you have. My beautiful daughter. I took a fourteen year old child and I put the weight, not only of this world, but of another, on her shoulders – on your shoulders, my Alex – and I blamed you for things that weren’t, ever, your fault. When your father was taken by the DEO, I… and this isn’t an excuse, Alex, I have no excuses… I expected you to… to somehow replace him while also living up to impossible standards as a sister to Kara, and I… I didn’t see how you suffered. I didn’t want to see it, Alex, because if I did, then I… I would never be able to forgive myself. But that’s my problem, my darling daughter, not yours. I can’t ask for your forgiveness, Alex, because I’ve already asked for far too much from you, but I… I wanted to say that, forgiveness or not, I am sorry. And I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and I… I will do better, Alex. If you want to give me the opportunity. I know you’re a grown woman, and I am so, so proud of the woman you’ve become – I’m so sorry I don’t say that enough – but I’d still love the opportunity to be a better mother to you. The mother you deserve. The mother you should have had all these years.”

Alex can’t speak because all Alex can do is sob, but Maggie drives her to Midvale the next morning, and she waits in the car, a small, somewhat sad smile on her face while Alex falls into her mother’s arms and sobs some more.

But the sobs are happier, now, than they have been in the past, and when Alex and Eliza both come to the car to insist Maggie come inside and eat with them – Eliza’s bought tiramisu, and Alex’s favorite pie, not Kara’s – Alex makes sure to hold Maggie close to her side, all day, all night, pressing extra kisses to her face.

And Eliza gives her extra attention, extra love, too, because she might be making up for lost time with Alex, but Maggie has lost time with parents to be made up for too.

And that idea? 

Eliza, mothering both her and her girlfriend with warm smiles and affectionate pet names and incredible cooking and even more incredible nerd talk?

Makes Alex the happiest woman in the world.

What the heart wants pt. 3

Requested by a few anons and @halseysbuttplug. Hope you guys enjoy it!

AN: The next steps in Alex Summers’’ relationship with his soulmate
Characters: Charles Xavier, Alex Summers, various mutants
Pairings: Alex Summers X reader, Charles X Erik
Spoilers: none
Warnings: mentions of abuse


Alex could hardly believe his luck, in fact he was so excited that he pulled you into a tight hug, spinning you in a circle while you laughed.

“Y/N this is amazing! I can’t believe-really?” Alex laughed.

“Really!” You answered, “Alex you need to put me down, people are starting to stare.”

“Who cares? My soulmate is a mutant!”

You smiled, your cheeks turning red as people glanced at the obviously jubilant boy. No one had ever reacted this positively when finding out about your mutation before, and you were so thankful to Alex that you weren’t quite sure what to say.

“C-can we maybe talk about this when we get back to your place?” You asked, prompting Alex to put you back on the ground. Almost instantly, you missed the feeling of his arms around your waist, “I just don’t want to get caught by any weirdo anti-mutant fanatics.”

Like my father, you thought to yourself. You grimaced as Alex’s eyes softened in a way that made you think he may have understood more about your reservations than you would’ve liked.

“Of course, we’ll call a cab and then-“ Alex started, scrambling for his phone.

You reached out to stop him, worrying at your bottom lip.

“We-uh-we might not need a cab,” you started, “if you’d like I could…” You let your voice fade into nothingness.

Alex raised his eyebrows genuine curiosity sparkling in his blue eyes, “What? You could…get us back?”

You nodded, offering him your hand and trying to hide the fact that you were shaking with nerves, “If you’d like.”

Without a second’s hesitation, he took your hand, lacing your fingers together and pulling you a little closer. You walked to a seemingly deserted section of the parking lot and tried not to flinch when Alex leant forward to whisper the address in your ear.
You were, in equal parts, nervous and excited to share this part of yourself with someone. You’d traveled with your sister once or twice, but she’d always hated it and, after each trip, could never quite meet your eye. Alex, on the other hand, seemed incapable of looking anywhere else, his eyes tracing every detail of your face as you reached into your soul and tried to picture your location clearly in your mind. Despite your eyes being closed, you knew the portal had opened, you felt it even before Alex’s wonder-filled gasp confirmed your suspicions, and as you pulled Alex forward, you couldn’t help but smile.

The portal spat you out on a perfectly manicured lawn outside one of the most beautiful, grandiose buildings you had ever seen and you instantly turned to face Alex, certain that you’d taken you both to the wrong place. Alex shrugged, his hand still clasping yours with a mischievous smile on his face and simply dragged you towards the front door.

“Welcome home Y/N.” Alex whispered as you stepped into the foyer and gasped, completely taken aback by the luxury of the mansion. Alex was more than happy to stand back and watch you, smiling affectionately and allowing himself to, for the first time, truly accept that this was happening. To him. In real life.

“It’s beautiful,” you gasped, turning back to the smirking blonde, “you live here?”

Alex nodded, secretly thinking that the house paled in comparison to you, “It’s quite something isn’t it?”

“Alex,” a voice called, “is someone here?”

Erik Lensherr sauntered into the lobby and froze. Alex watched, with a dull hint of panic as your body tensed and you and Erik stared one another down, like two deer in headlights. He stepped forward, taking his place beside you and letting his fingers brush yours in a subtle show of support. Erik’s eyes fell on your hands and then recaptured your gaze. Alex felt himself swallow hard. Alex had never been particularly close to Erik, especially after he’d crippled the professor, but over the years they had established a fragile peace, and Alex knew that Erik was never entirely comfortable with change, particularly change that involved bringing strangers into their home. After another moment of tense silence, a ripple of understanding seemed to flow between you and Erik and he smiled, extending his hand for you to shake.

“Erik, vice-principle, I control metal.” He introduced.

Visibly more relaxed, you answered, “Y/N Y/L/N, I create portals.”

Erik’s eyes flashed with curiosity and Alex internally sighed, anticipating lots of questions on Erik’s part in the future, “A pleasure, miss Y/L/N. Will you be staying long?”

You shot Alex a quick look and shrugged, “I suppose that’s yet to be seen.”

Erik nodded, understandingly and stepped back, just as the professor himself appeared in the doorway.

“Ah, Alex, this must be your guest.” He exclaimed excitedly, “Miss Y/L/N, on behalf of my school, I’d like to say; welcome.”

You opened and shut your mouth, unsure of how to respond to this wheelchair-bound man who knew more than he should. Seeing your confusion, the man nodded and looked vaguely apologetic.

“Of course, my apologies miss Y/L/N, an unfortunate side effect of my mutation.” He explained, tapping his temple lightly, “I am Professor Charles Xavier, I read minds.”

You recoiled slightly at that, instantly panicked again as you noticed the tangible sympathy in Xavier’s eyes. In that one look, you could tell he knew everything, every dark secret that you’d tried to hide from the world was now shared with this man who was a relative stranger. Alex felt his heart twinge as he remembered his own first encounter with Professor X, and wishing that he could do more than just watch and gently stroke your hand to remind you that he was there. As if that wasn’t enough, Raven and Hank chose that moment to rush into the room themselves and instantly begin fussing over you.

The sudden influx of people left you reeling and feeling claustrophobic and, as Raven began stroking your hair and pulling you into crushing hugs, you felt panic set it. Your throat tightened and your vision started to blur. Your heart began to race, your breath coming in short, painful bursts as you felt your consciousness slip away into a state of pure instinctual need to survive. Countless moments of abuse flashed through your mind and you found yourself pushing away from the crowd of strangers and searching for something; an anchor to keep you from drowning, a patch of land on which you could steady yourself. Anything.

Just when things truly became too much, and you felt the cold breath of terror on your neck, Alex’s warm hands on your upper arms kept you from falling and his wide blue eyes that were filled to the brim with concern became like a calming drug to you, slowly but surely bringing you back.
It registered somewhere in your mind, as Alex scooped you up in his arms and carried you further into the house, that you shouldn’t feel this safe with someone you’d just met but, honestly, you didn’t care. Instead of fighting, you decided to trust that, maybe, the world was finally giving you something good, and you buried your face in his chest, clinging to Alex like he was your salvation.

Meanwhile, Alex had just experienced the closest thing to a heart attack he’d ever imagined. Watching his friends crowd you, watching them force themselves into your personal space, it had torn him up. In the short amount of time Alex had known you, it had become blatantly clear that physical contact wasn’t an entirely comfortable concept for you, and neither were sudden movements. He reminded himself to tell his friends that and, as carefully as he could, Alex set you down on his bed, crouching in front of you and holding you steady until you stopped shaking.

“Y/N I’m so sorry,” he gushed, “I had no idea that they’d react like that.”

You shook your head, waving away his concerned tone and trying for a smile that came out more like a grimace.

“It’s-it’s fine.” You breathed, “There was no way you could’ve-no way you could’ve known.”

Alex hesitantly took your hand, encouraged when you gave him a slightly brighter smile, and kissed your knuckles. You flushed, but squeezed his hand, desperately grateful to him for being there for you.

“Thank you,” you said softly stroking your hand over his cheek, “for getting me out of there. I-“

Alex shook his head, leaning into your palm and letting his eyes flutter shit as that rush of exhilaration he always got from your touch shot through him.

“Hey, you’re my soulmate aren’t you?” He teased lightly, “I’m always going to be here for you.”

You chuckled, reveling in the casual comfort you already felt around Alex.

“I still can’t believe that this is happening,” you admitted, “I still can’t believe you’re actually here.”

“Me neither,” Alex answered, “I’ve waited so long…I didn’t think I would ever find you.”

“I’m glad you did.”

Alex smiled, “So am I.”

After a comfortable dinner, taken on the floor of Alex’s bedroom, and apologies and proper introductions from the other members of the staff, Alex had set you up in your own room and had said goodnight. You took a long, luxurious bath;’wrapped yourself in one of the very big tops Alex had offered you as pajamas and curled up in the middle of your bed! Staring at the ceiling X pondering the day’s events.

You were comfortable for maybe twenty minutes before your anxiety began to bubble up again, and the sheer amount that had happened over the course of one day began to overwhelm you. Searching again for that safety, you crept along the corridors and knocked quietly on Alex’s door, before you could properly think through what you were doing. He made a soft, affirmative noise and you let the door swing open, shifting from foot to foot, suddenly aware of how much of your legs were on display and what a bad idea this probably was.

Alex was lying on his bed, his shirt abandoned somewhere on the floor and his eyes glued to the pages of a thick book. You leant against the doorframe, partly because it seemed like the sort of thing that those glamorous women in movies or books would do, and partly because the sight of a shirtless Alex Summers had, quite literally made your knees go weak.

“Hey.” you called, wincing slightly at the shakiness of your voice.

Alex’s head shot up and his eyes scanned over you body as he let his book fall shut without a bookmark to keep his place.

“Y/N! Hi, what’re-are you okay?” He asked, instinctively standing and moving towards you.

You nodded, crossing your arms over your chest and trying not to let your gaze linger on any part of Alex for too long.

“Is there something wrong with the room?” He prompted.

“No, no it’s lovely,” you assured him, worrying at your bottom lip with your teeth again, “I just-I guess I got lonely.”

“Oh,” Alex replied, clearly happy that, in a moment of loneliness you’d decided to come to him, “yeah this old building does tend to do that to people.”

You nodded and, not for the first time, Alex had the overwhelming urge to kiss that adorably unsure expression off your face but, as always, he resisted and, as always, he reminded himself that there would be plenty of time for that when the moment was right.

“Alex,” you started, still unsure, still hesitant. It drove him mad. Couldn’t you see that he could never deny you anything? That he was entirely yours already? “Alex, could I maybe stay here tonight? I don’t think I can be alone here just yet.”

His heart stopped beating and Alex felt as his skin began to flush, “Uh, yeah. Yeah of course.” He stammered, suddenly realizing what a mess his room was, “Yeah, I’ll sleep on the floor and you can take my bed.”

You frowned and Alex thought that it was entirely unfair for you to look so good doing that.

“No, I’m not kicking you out of your own bed,” you protested, holding up your hand to cut him off as he opened his mouth to argue, “I’m not doing it. Either I sleep on the floor or…” You looked over his shoulder, “or we share.”

Alex raised his eyebrows, “The bed? Share the bed?”

You nodded, trying hard to look confident and sure, “Well, we’re soulmates aren’t we? It’ll end up happening eventually, why not now?” You paused, “If you’re okay with that of course.”

“Okay, yeah I’m-that’s fine-let’s…do you want to go to bed now?” Alex asked, surprised by how nervous he suddenly was.

You nodded and let Alex thread his fingers through yours as he lead you to his messy, unmade bed. Without looking at him, you clambered under the sheets and sighed with relief. Alex sat down on the other side of the bed and looked over at you with an affectionate smile. He made you feel safe, safer than you’d ever imagined and your heart couldn’t help but swell at the sight of his goofy, nervous smile. On a whim, you sat up and hugged him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing a kiss to the skin in between his shoulder blades.

You felt Alex’s muscles tense before he relaxed and chuckled, his voice low and raspy, “What was that for?”

You shrugged as Alex lay down, his eyes clinging to yours, “For letting me stay here, for welcoming me into your home, for looking out for me, for everything.”

Alex kissed your knuckles again, “It’s nothing Y/N, I’m glad you’re here believe me. I'm…so, so glad.”

Slowly, Alex let his arm wrap around your waist, pulling you closer so that your head was resting against his chest and your legs were tangled together.

“Is this okay?” He whispered, his heart pounding in his chest like a sledgehammer.

You shifted slightly and then nodded, nuzzling into Alex and biting back the whimper of relief as a gorgeous warmth spread through your veins.

“Your skin is soft.” You mumbled into his chest.

“Thanks.” He whispered back, relaxing as that same warm contentment flowed through him, “My shirt looks really, really good on you.”

You giggled together, basking in the joy of just being with one another and fell into an amenable silence. Alex stroked up your spine slowly, easing you gently into sleep.

“Alex?” You murmured, already dozing off.


“I was abused by my dad,” you admitted sleepily, “I don’t want to go back home to him.”

Suddenly, Alex was wide awake as pure, unadulterated fear and hatred coursed through his veins. Everything made sense now, and Alex’s heart broke. He felt helpless, completely helpless and he squeezed you gently, pressing a kiss to your forehead and vowing, should he ever meet your father, he would make sure that the man never got within 500 meters of you. He wanted to talk about it, to tell you how sorry he was, and promise to protect you but, as he looked down at your sleeping face, he couldn’t bear to wake you. There would be time to talk in the morning, he reasoned, for now he would just hold you and let you sleep.

“You don’t have to go back.” He promised, “Not ever.”