alex fawkes

anonymous asked:

what would it be like to be in a relationship with junkrat?

I asked @elandriakeeperofthelostsouls for help because he’s the expert on Junkrat. Here’s what I got (all the credit goes to him).

“Hes a complete goober. Even though hes a bit messed up in the head he knows rights from wrongs. 

He will do anything to get your individual attention.

 In the mornings he will pepper you with kisses until you get up and them will smile and give you a big kiss right on the forehead leaving some slobber so you would have to wipe it away. 

He will make you little trinkets and stuff from scrap he finds and will look at you with big puppy eyes until you tell him if you like it or not. 

He will always try to 1 up himself on being sweet - per say he buys you flowers. Next time he will get you flowers and chocolates.

 Bath time is a bit rough because hes scared the soap will get in his eyes or the water is radiated and will burn his skin so you have to show him its all okay first. 

Hes a great cook, can make a meal out of basically nothing. 

Sleeping in the same bed with him is a bit rough because he tosses a lot in his sleep but if you two cuddle before he goes to sleep he will stay in that same exact position unless you move. 

When you’re sick he goes to Roadhog for advice on making you feel better and honestly doesn’t want you out of his sight so he can make sure your okay. 

Hes scared of you leaving him and has his days were he thinks hes not worth your love.”