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…and because I haven’t done one of theses in literally years. Tagged by @fleetofshippyships 

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to know better (i dont even know if 20 folks follow me, so i’m just going to answer these)

Name: Alex

Family name: I’ll keep it private, because the internet is forever

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′ 5″

Age: 29

Fave Color: Blue, but like a greeny-blue

Time RN: 11pm

Hours of Sleep: 6 or 7. or 8.

Lucky Number: 5

Last Thing I Googled: “What dinosaurs are in New Mexico?” (answer: stegosaurus, which is my favorite) 

Fave Fictional Character: Elizabeth and Mr Darcy (honestly, his first name is Fitzwilliam, how can you not love a man with a name like that) are a tie. Also, Candy Quakenbush from the Abarat series by Clive Barker.

Blankets I Sleep With: All the blankets.

Favorite Artists: Franz Marc and Der Blaue Reiter movement, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Manet, Georgia O’Keefe, the German Expressionists, literally any gothic cathedral (but particularly Chartes).

Dream Trip: Chartes Cathedral (but like realistically do a Northern France thing), a Scotland/Ireland trip (they do trips where you can ride horses across the country?!), some sort of Africa trip that included Kenya/Tanzania/Zimbawbe/Madagascar/see all the animals

Dream Job: If someone would pay me to travel around the world and learn about art and new cultures and read books all day, that would be it.

What You’re Wearing Right Now: Cozy pants and a tshirt

Follower Count: 13 lol. 

Why Did You Make This Blog: To see what my favorite authors are up to.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: its my internet nickname. and a nod to my grandma - her maiden name was Hayden, and she was very close with her sisters. The women in my extended family are very close, and so we all call ourselves Hayden sisters after Grandma :)

Countries You’ve Lived In: The US and Italy (briefly)

Favorite Fandom: Harry Potter

Languages You Speak: English, with some rusty Spanish and a smattering of Italian

Favorite Film: Well, I like a lot of them, but the ones that I go back to all the time are Amelie and the most recent Pride and Prejudice. 

Last Article You Read: I read my local newspaper today - my horses always show up in it when we have a lot of snow bc they look pretty in the field - they have a fanclub haha

Last Thing You Bought Online: Plane tickets!! For my awesome trip that im soooooo excited about!

Last Person You Dreamt Of: I literally couldn’t recall

A Recurring Dream: I don’t have any of those. But I do consistently have dreams that I’ve overslept. And I usually have.

Phobias/Fears: No Phobias, but I wish spiders would exist in a space that is not the same space as me.

How Would Your Friends Describe You: Smart, caring, enthusiastic!

If You Had $$$ To Spend What Would You Buy First: Literally plane tickets. My passport is new and looks sad without stamps. And I would board my horse rather than have her at home.

Shuffle Your Song Library And List The First Three Songs That Play: …I dont have a song library anymore? But my recent 3 Pandora stations are Milky Chance, Queen, and The Decemberists.

That’s it!

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