alex doing stuff

I was reading @foxx-queen​‘s amazing General Danvers AU fanfic “stardust”, in which everyone has daemons, and I got really attached to the idea, and then I just had to draw a scene she told me about them snuggling in their sleep and their daemons doing the same.

  • Washington: Where’s Alex?
  • Lafayette: Doing stuff.
  • Washington: I don’t like the sound of that. Where’s Hercules?
  • Lafayette: Trying to stop Alex from doing the stuff
  • Washington: John?
  • Lafayette: Trying to stop Hercules from stopping Alex from doing the stuff
  • Washington: I see. And what are you doing here, Laf?
  • Lafayette: I’m supposed to stop you from stopping John from stopping Hercules from stopping Alex from doing the stuff.

if it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it


You asked it as if nothing else mattered to you.

anonymous asked:

kara, walking in several minutes late with messed up hair and a red face: sorry i'm late i was. um. doing stuff / alex: .ok but where's lena she was supposed to meet us here / kara: she got a little, um.... tied up

sweet innocent alex being like “but is she coming now?”

and kara is distracted and trying to compose herself so she just replies with “she already did”