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Yo! Not sure if you're still taking director sanvers prompts, but I was wondering if you could do one about Alex being hit on and being totally oblivious about it. Maggie and Lucy are not happy about it where it goes is up to you :)

Sorry for the delay :)

Between a detective, the right hand of a black ops agency, and the co-director of that same agency, it was hard to schedule a date night. They were lucky to be able to schedule time at the same gun range to be honest, and that was far more entertaining for Alex and Maggie than for Lucy. Sure there was late night take out at Alex’s, one on one meet ups for drinks, that once a month game night that Lucy still couldn’t be on time to, but being able to all get out together was rare.

Tonight was supposed to be about getting out and having fun, dancing and drinks, unwinding together after weeks of hard cases and disasters, just three women having a great time, coming home a little tipsy before worshiping each other into the wee hours of their day off.

That was the plan, anyway.

“Ten bucks says she hasn’t even realized this is a gay bar.”

Lucy snorted. “I’m not taking that bet, three women have bought her drinks in the last ten minutes and she hasn’t realized they’re hitting on her.

“It was a lot cuter when we were the ones she was oblivious to.”

“Maggie, you made three sex jokes of increasing obviousness on the ride here, and she still thought you were talking about an arts and crafts project.”

Maggie laughed. And really, Lucy couldn’t hold a straight face for long after saying that either. God help her, Alex was a certified genius, but she was about as observant as a brick wall sometimes. It was cute, right up until other women got handsy.

Which was about to happen, because Alex was doing the thing she does where she ducks her head down and looks up at people while her cheeks blush all prettily and Lucy was not okay with sharing that look with anyone but Maggie. Lucy was done watching other people make her favorite agent blush. “Watch my purse, Mags.”

“Need me to hold your flower too, baby?”

Lucy paused and shot an incredulous look over her shoulder. “I need you to stop hanging out with Winn and Kara on the internet, apparently.”

Maggie’s grin was deeply dimpled, and equally unrepentant. “Go get our girl, Major.”

Lucy approached the bar with a straight spine and a smile that could make a grown man cry. She shoved her way past the women casually hanging around her girlfriend and paid absolutely zero attention to their indignation, wrapping her arms around an unnaturally stiff Alex. Hm. Maybe she was finally catching on. Despite being the taller of the two, Alex practically melted into Lucy. She, of course, basked in the glares and irritated looks she was receiving from Alex’s fan club. Couldn’t blame them, really, she had done the same to Maggie, once upon a time. But, while Alex’s bed was massive, the lanky agent was a starfish at night and Maggie stole the covers, so sorry ladies, no room for tagalongs. 

Lucy leaned up a bit to rest her chin on Alex’s shoulder and brush her lips against the agent’s ear. “I know you’re having fun making new friends, babe, but Maggie and I want some time with you.”

Alex’s smile becomes blinding when she glances over at Maggie, who holds her drink up in salute. Alex grabs one of the hands wrapped around her and uses it to spin Lucy to her front. “Well. Can’t keep you two waiting or you’ll keep me waiting later.”

A casual “Nice meeting you ladies,” is tossed over her shoulder as Alex allows Lucy to drag her back to the table. Because Lucy is Lucy, she pulls Alex into a sweltering kiss as soon as they stop next to Maggie. Which, of course, meant that Maggie pulled each of them down to her in turn. God Lucy loved the taste of jealousy in the air, and it was billowing over from the bar. Oops.

Hey if the women of National City weren’t smart enough to snatch this one up before, that’s their problem. You snooze you lose.

Also? Sometimes Lucy was really glad Alex was oblivious to the attention she drew. If she knew, she’d be a hell of a lot smoother, and then Lucy would miss out on seeing Agent Badass blush the color of her sister’s cape.

Tonight was about them, after all. Just them, a couple of drinks, a couple of dances, and hopefully, not too much later, much less clothing.

Provided the world didn’t try to end in the middle of getting her girlfriends naked. Again.

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 4

Day 1 | Day 2  | Day 3

In which Alex enlists James to help her Christmas shop for Maggie; and Maggie enlists Kara to help her Christmas shop for Alex. The four wind up running into each other at the National City Holiday Market, and extreme fluff ensues.

“James. James Olsen. Such a nice name. You know it wouldn’t occur to me right away why you’d want to adopt another name when James Olsen is such a nice one, but hey, I respect you and your life choices.”

A shiver ran down James’s spine: he wasn’t actually afraid of Alex. They’d bonded a lot over the last year, especially since the day Kara was attacked by the Black Mercy and Alex had trusted him to let her die trying to save Kara. Because she knew that he knew how much Kara meant to her. To them both. That kind of love for the same person? It can bring people together. And it had.

But damned if Alex wasn’t going to milk knowing James’s Guardian secret for all it was worth until he told Kara.

“What do you want, Alex?” A smile tugged on the corner of his lips because he could see, even when she was trying to be low-key threatening, how happy she was now. Since coming out. Since Maggie.

Alex mock glared at him and sighed when he didn’t rise to the bait. She battled his eyes with hers for a moment before tossing her hands back, palms out. “I need to get Maggie a Christmas gift and I’ve never gotten a Christmas gift for a girlfriend before, so I figured, you know, you could help.”

To his deep, deep credit, James didn’t laugh. He didn’t mock her and he didn’t flinch. He did, however, sit back on Cat Grant’s old desk and furrow his brow at her. “You’re asking me, not Winn?”

“Lucy had a lot of good things to say about your thoughtfulness. And Winn would never let me live down asking for his… help.”

He smiled slightly, fondly, thoughts on Lucy, and nodded. He glanced at his watch and sighed.

“You free right now? I can take an early lunch.”

Alex groaned, relieved. “Ugh, you are the best.”

Kara’s brow was furrowed, squinting under her glasses at desk she was standing at, bent over a messy pile of police reports and hastily scrawled notes: Snapper still hadn’t allowed her a chair, but he was giving her multiple assignments at once now. Superhuman endurance or not, she was considering asking for a chair instead of a holiday bonus.

“Hey, Little Danvers!”

Kara looked up and grinned. “Hi Maggie.”

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  • okay so I’m here for Supercat and everything but has anyone ever considered Alex and Cat’s friendship if/when they meet?
  • like at first alex is super wary of cat because shes heard a lot of different things about cat and not al the things are good
  • so alex is on her guard cause obviously she loves her sister, and she wants to protect her
  • and cat is being cat so she isn’t exactly trying to impress alex but at the same time she knows that if alex doesn’t like her, kara is going to be upset
  • so here we are. two women who are very headstrong and determined and cold at first together because of one person they love
  • kara is running around trying to break the ice with james and lucy
  • (winn is gone. hes dead idc winn is gone)
  • anyways so dinner starts and somehow they got onto the topic of supergirl
  • and alex is obviously very proud of kara but her form was off and she casually mentions it, as a means to move on
  • and cat arches her eyebrow and asks how alex would know
  • and alex explains that shes an agent for a secret organization and that she learned how to fight
  • cat is now interested b/c she wanted to take martial arts but her mother wouldn’t allow her
  • and she asks if alex can teach her
  • and alex is mildly surprised but gets over it and agrees
  • but kara butts in and she says not tonight
  • and the conversation continues and slowly alex and cat find more things to bond over
  • but alex is a woman of her word and when cat wants something she gets it
  • so alex does teach her martial arts and after a while asks he why cat wanted to learn and decided to learn now
  • and cat confesses that its because supergirl has a lot of enemies
  • and sometimes cat gets in the middle of the crossfire
  • and she would rather be helpful than useless in situations like that. and also to protect kara if she’s given the chance
  • and alex gets that because thats what she chose to do with her life
  • and honestly the two bond and have the best friendship ever