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A list of things I want from Holby City.

When Serena is away on Sabbatical I don’t want Bernie to just be a background character.
I want:
• Bernie and Dom scenes, talking through Doms recent revelation with Issac and Serena leaving
• I want to see Bernie at least trying to communicate with Serena, maybe even a reply and a look into where Serena has gone?
• I want Bernie and Ric scenes.
•I want Bernie and Zosia Scenes.
• I want Alex to come back and for there to be a storyline there.
• I want Cameron to come back and stay with his mum.
• I want to see Bernie socialising with Raf, Fletch, Morven and everyone.
• I want Hanssen to be all protective and have scenes with Bernie.
• I want to know how Bernie is coping with Serena being away.
• I want Jason and Bernie scenes, I love their relationship and want to know if they’re still close even after Serena left.


Think happy thoughts...

I’m just going to sit here in my happy bubble pretending…

Elinor didn’t die

Bernie never went to Ukraine and Berena had lots of fluffy moments over the winter

Cam stayed and got together with Morven

Essie and Sacha got their shit together and got back together

Issac went to a “gays on the roof” meeting and tragically fell to his death

Rossini appeared for a brief moment as a stereotypical Italian waiter at the restaurant Bernie and Serena went on a date and never appeared again

Alex reappeared briefly just for a bit of lesbi-drama but ultimately was bombed out when Bernie told her she was in love with Serena conveniently overheard by Ms Campbell (probably resulting in a kiss on the ward)

Half of season 18 on AAU wasn’t Raf having scenes which involved talking about the Fletchlings! (Cute as they are)

Mo told Derwood the baby was his…9 months ago (yawn, storyline)

The junior doctors went on strike mirroring the reality in the UK leading to some funny protest scenes outside the hospital mostly involving Hanssen, who to everyone’s surprise backed the juniors 100% when he commandeered the klaxon and megaphone

And a musical episode happened…for some reason

High on every sound, all the lights are down

In this state of mind I wanna stop the time

And nights like this we own

And you will never be alone

Me and my friends grown tall, we make big cities small

-“Nights like This”, Icona Pop (x)

My favorite Icona pop song and my favorite gorgan monster boy uwu Oh yeah and jellyfish. Can’t have Kura without jellyfish.

Wherever they are it’s totally trespassing.