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Who slips into bed at two in the morning and immediately gets wrapped in a hug and not let go?

Alex typed furiously, the ideas coming more easily to him now than they’d done all day. His fingers couldn’t keep up with his mind; he was desperate to finish this article… With finality, he tapped in the last period of the article, sitting back with a satisfied sigh.

He checked the clock on his computer and sighed. It was two in the morning. And he had to be at work by eight. Groaning quietly, he got out of his desk chair and made his way down the hall, peering first into Mary’s room. She was sleeping soundly, a book splayed next to her on the bed. Alexander crept in, closing the book and putting it back on her shelf, kissing her head gently, so as not to wake her.

He smiled softly to himself and left her room, turning off the lights. He padded down the hallway then, to his own bedroom. Thomas was sleeping soundly, his breaths even and melodic. Alex quickly shed his day clothes, pulling on his pyjama bottoms, and crawled into bed next to his husband. As soon as he was settled, Thomas rolled over, pulling Alex into an embrace.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Alex whispered apologetically.

“D’djou git th’ art’cle done?” Thomas muttered sleepily, and Alexander smiled.

“Yes,” he mumbled back, tucking himself further into his husband’s embrace. “All done. Now go to sleep.”

“M’kay,” Thomas murmured and soon had fallen unconscious once more. Alex smiled against his husband’s dark skin, placing a small kiss there. There were few things he enjoyed more than Thomas’ sleepy cuddles.