alex day forever yours

       More Than Just A Dream - An Ectofeature Fanmix[x]

love away-capital cities

out of my league-fitz and the tantrums

sloppy seconds-watsky

shooting stars-bag raiders

forever yours-alex day

not over-bag raiders

everybody talks-neon trees

ghost-mystery skulls

drop pop candy(english cover)-jubyphonic+kuraiinu

Who’d have known-lily allen

shiver shiver-walk the moon

holy sh*t-brendan maclean

origami-capital cities

who is in your heart now-studio killers

step with me-mika

super bass-nicki minaj

stupid-brendan maclean

hollywood-marina and the diamonds

vanilla twilight-owl city

absentee-jack campbell

Just some ectofeature stuff i put together. Be warned this fan-mix has 20 songs on it(also I used the English cover Drop Pop Candy). Not in the mood to ask permission to use someone else’s art so I’m just gonna use something from the show. weh.

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Hello Internet,    

I felt that I had to come back with a bang to youtube! So i’ve made a Slam Poem about the Alex Day scandal voicing my opinion from a Fan point of view, like he was the 1st Youtuber I subscribed to so many years ago!   

*Disclaimers I wrote this poem in 20 mins that why I’m reading from a book*

So here is the Video! Hope you enjoy it! I’m longer making Vlogs just beautiful Poetry videos! Subscribe to be kept in the Loop about my poetry!


Wacey aka Jake  


Playlist of positive and motivating songs, for when you need that extra nudge. (x)

  1. Always Dance - A Very Potter Senior Year Cast
  2. Animal Love 1 - Charlene Kaye
  3. Beauty - Starship Cast
  4. Big Girl Lullabies - Jaime Lyn Beatty (link to iTunes)
  5. The Coolest Girl - A Very Potter Sequel Cast
  6. Forever Yours - Alex Day
  7. Get Back Up - Starship Cast
  8. Get Up Get Out - Jim and the Povolos
  9. Good Morning Sunshine - Alex Day
  10. Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
  11. Happy Ending - Twisted Cast
  12. Hummingbird Heart - Charlene Kaye
  13. Lets Begin Again - Tom Milsom (link to iTunes)
  14. Loved and Alive - Jim and the Povolos
  15. Not Alone - A Very Potter Musical Cast
  16. Start Runnin’ It - Matthew Gaydos
  17. Woman Up - Charlene Kaye (link features Kalae Nouveau in the Dave Scalia Remix)

DRIFT COMPATIBLE || a mix by wingedflight

for those days when you and your moirail end up travelling in the tardis to a future populated by robots where you bust some ghosts by piloting a jaeger before heading to a party with batman.

Somewhere Out There - Donald Glover & Danny Pudi | Forever Yours - Alex Day | I Ship It - Not Literally | Pacific Rim Cover - LittleVMills | Ghostbusters - Ray Parker, Jr. | Robots - Flight of the Conchords | An Awful Lot of Running - Chameleon Circuit | Sburban Party Rock - hrmnzr | Super Friends - Starkid

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