alex crown


Who wants transparency when you can have magic? Who wants prose when you can have poetry? Pull away the veil and what are you left with? An ordinary young woman of modest ability and little imagination. But wrap her up like this, anoint her with oil, and hey, presto, what do you have? A goddess.

Smoke and Mirrors


3 apr 2017 | 10/100 days of productivity

i’m somewhat proud of this month’s spread, it was also very fun to do !!

the aesthetic if one can call it that & the pic i chose & stuff for this spread was mostly inspired @studylustre’s journals bc da m n,


Just because BATES MOTEL is over doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to this KILLER cast. Here is where you can see them next! You’re welcome.

Things I Live For:

•Magnus Chase fic writers jokingly tagging their fics with ‘Major Character Death’

•Haikyuu chat fics

•Flower crown fanart

•Haikyuu first years as third years fics


•Bamf Sally Jackson

•Slytherin!Harry Potter (+ drarry)

•Victuuri soulmate au’s

•Protective!Phichit Chulamont

•Big brother Percy

•Magnus Chase correctly guessing Alex’s gender every time

•Canon Solangelo

•John back at 221B

•Bamf Mrs Hudson

•Famous dancer Yuuri au’s

•Pining everyone