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Gravity Falls

I am so excited about the photos we took of our Gravity Falls group! More to come but here is a (not good) edit I made yesterday!

Bill - @deet-doot-diz

Dipper - @thelittleghostmouse

Wendy - @starpaarty

Grunkle Stan - Xander/Smiling Moon (Tumblr???)

Mabel - Me!


Versailles + costumes

“ The Duke of Anjou [later Monsieur, Duke of Orleans] was made to occupy himself with only futilities and bagatelles. Very proud of his pretty face, he likes to decorate himself, he seeks out trinkets.  Nothing gives him greater pleasure than to be dressed as a woman.

Later, in a masked ball that he gives at the Palais-Royal, one Monday Gras, he is unable to resist the temptation of showing himself in clothing which, by displaying all his graces, makes him appear one of the prettiest people at the Court. After having opened the ball with Mlle de Brancas, he went to dress himself like a woman on the arm of the Chevalier de Lorraine. Men, when they think themselves beautiful, are twice as taken with their beauty than women. It is this same mania which makes him choose, in Court performances, the roles where he appears not as an actor, but as an actress.”

HAAAH! Done!

While discussing Alex Busybody i come up with an idea of SupermanAU:

Ok, but how about Alex Busybody as Sportacus secret identity? Like Superman!  Also this backstory give us so much material on Robbie and Alex relationships?  Did Robbie liked Alex? Or does Sportacus have a crush on Robbie and still thinks he’s a cool guy?? DOES ROBBIE know it’s Alex or Sportacus costume works as disguise (elven ears and mustache and thats the reason Sportacus sleeps in it)?  God, there are SO MUCH material and ideas for art and fics!

So here goes movie cover for this idea.


Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

Modern AU

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1544

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, kissing

A/N: Happy Halloween! I hope you all have enjoyed Spoopy Week! There may be one or two more Halloween imagines up today, but still it is sadly the end of Spoopy Week! Love you all!

“My Halloween party is going to be great! You coming, (Y/N)?” Alex asked, his face covered with a wide grin.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Who’s going?” You asked, smiling just as brightly as he was.

“I invited pretty much everyone we know.” Alex said.

“Even Eliza?” You asked, wiggling your eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up!” Alex yelled, his face turning a bright red.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you two are cute together.” You said, causing Alex’s face to grow an even brighter red.

“Stop!” Alex covered his face with his hands.

“Hey, Hamilton!” You stopped your teasing to see Jefferson approaching the two of you.

“What do you want, Jefferson?” Alex growled, glaring at the puffy haired man.

“Just wanted to ask you something about your Halloween party tonight. Is it a costume party?” He asked, shifting his eyes every so often to look at you.

“Yes, it is and you better be wearing a good costume.” Alex said, rolling his eyes. “What a stupid question. Why wouldn’t a Halloween party be a costume party?”

“Wait! You invited Jefferson?” You asked in horror.

“I said that I invited everyone we knew.” Alex shrugged.

“I didn’t think that included him!” You exclaimed, pointing at Jefferson.

“I’m still standing here.” Jefferson said, watching in distaste at the exchange between you and Alexander.

“I noticed.” You rolled your eyes.

“Chill, (Y/N). I invited him to show him that I throw the best parties and that he could never out do me.” Alex smirked at Jefferson.

“I never throw parties.” Jefferson said, raising an eyebrow at Alex.

“Exactly.” Alex nodded his head, looking very proud of himself.

“Don’t you have a meeting right now?” You asked Alex, looking down at your watch.

“Damn it! Thank for reminding me. See you tonight!” Alex called over his shoulder, beginning to sprint down the street.

“So, what are you dressing up as tonight?” Jefferson asked, his eyes still on Alex’s retreating figure.

“Why do you want to know?” You asked, ready to defend yourself.

“Just curious.” He shrugged, turning to face you.

“I’m not sure yet, I’m not as lucky as you.” You said, watching Jefferson’s face contort in confusion.

“What do you mean?” He asked, his head tilting slightly.

“You don’t need to buy a costume. Your horrible personality is terrifying enough.” You shook your head sadly.

“Wow, (Y/N). That was low.” Jefferson glared at you.

“Yeah, I know. See you tonight, Jefferson.” You turned and began walking away. Jefferson’s eyes not straying from your back until you turned a corner.


You arrived at Alex’s house when the party was already in full swing. You were only a half hour late, yet it looked as if everybody had already arrived. You smiled at those you knew, as you pushed your way through the house.

“(Y/N)!” You heard a girl scream from across the living room.

“Eliza!” You squealed, racing into the girls open arms. “You look adorable.”

You grinned at Eliza’s costume. She was dressed as Sandy Dee from Grease and from where you were standing, it looked like Alex had dressed up as Danny Zuko.

“Oh, thank you! I didn’t think Alex would actually be okay with dressing up as Danny Zuko.” She blushed, glancing over at Alex. “But, I love your costume! You’re actually matching someone that already came.”

“I am?” You looked down at your costume. “Someone dressed up as an old lady?”

You were dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. You couldn’t think of a single costume that would match this. An old lady? A lumberjack?

“No silly, he’s dressed as the Big Bad Wolf.” She grinned, winking at you. “Maybe the two of you could hook up tonight.”

“Hm, maybe. That does sound a bit kinky though.” You smirked, winking back at her.

“Oh my God, speaking of the devil. Good luck.” She hugged you again, quickly walking to Alexander’s side.

“Looks like we’re matching.” You turned, your face inches apart from the man dressed as the wolf.

“It would seem so.” You said, studying the man in front of you. He seemed distinctly familiar, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

“Would it be rude of me to hope you didn’t bring a date to this party?” He asked, smiling at you.

“Why would you not want me to bring a date?” You laughed, raising a brow at the strange question.

“Because I was hoping that I could spend the majority of the night with you.” He laughed with you.

“I would enjoy that very much. Want to go get a drink with me?” You motioned to the kitchen.

“It would be my pleasure.” He held out an arm for you to loop yours through.

The two of you got shot after shot. You never ran out of things to talk about, and agreed on many topics. That didn’t mean that you disagreed on some things, but even then he was able to be very respectful of your opinion and try to see it from your perspective.

Talking to him seemed like one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. As the night was drawing to a close, you grew sad. You didn’t know if you would ever see him again. You hadn’t even learned his name yet!

“I like you a lot, wolfy.” You smiled, leaning slightly on him.

“I like you too, red.” He kissed the top of your head lightly.

“I’ve honestly never felt like this with someone before. Is that weird of me to say?” You looked up at him, slightly nervous to hear his response.

“Not at all, I feel the exact same way. I’ve never been able to connect with someone this easily.” He intertwined his fingers with yours.

“I don’t want this night to end.” You sighed, watching people say their goodbyes.

“It doesn’t have to end. Would you like to come home with the Big Bad Wolf?” He smirked.

“I would love too.” You smirked back at him, the two of you walking hand in hand past a very shocked Alexander. “What’s his deal?”

“I have no idea.” You could see Eliza having to hold back Alexander from running straight at you. The look of horror on his face was unforgettable.


You slowly woke up, the sun blinding your eyes. The sun never shined in your room like this. You shifted slightly in the bed, the sheets feeling softer than normal. You shrugged it off, nuzzling your face deeper into the pillow, only to feel it vibrate with a laugh.

“Well, good morning to you too.” A deep voice rumbled in your ear.

You shot up in shock, looking around at your surroundings. This was most definitely not your room. You heard another chuckle from behind you. You slowly turned around, to be face to face with Jefferson.

“Jefferson?” You asked, your eyes widening.

“Hi.” He smiled at you. The surprising thing was, it was a genuine smile, not one of his smug smirks.

“How did we end up here?” You asked, fidgeting with your untamed hair. Unconsciously trying to get out the knots.

“You wanted to go home with me. Will you stop messing with your hair? Trust me you look beautiful.” He reached out and grabbed your hands gently.

“You’re the wolf?” You looked down at how easily the two of your hands had intertwined so easily.

“I thought you knew that…” Thomas started to trail off, you could see pain flash through his eyes.

“Um, no. Did you know it was me?” You asked, beginning to slowly play with his fingers.

“Yeah, I knew it was you when I came and approached you.” He watched with a small smile as you played with his hands.

“So we…” You trailed off, beginning to stare at his shirtless chest.

You don’t know how you hadn’t noticed that before. To say the least, it was very distracting.

“Yup…” He stared at you sadly. “I’m sorry to have put you in this position, (Y/N). I just assumed that you knew it was me and I hoped…”

“You hoped what?” You asked, looking at the bed. It was too hard to look him in the eyes.

“I hoped that you liked me as much as I liked you.” He sighed, slowly peeling his hands away from yours.

“What if I did like you back?” You asked, slowly bringing your eyes to meet his.

“What did you say?” He asked, perking up slowly.

“If I liked you back, what would we do? Cause my best friend hates you. Not to mention, that we constantly argue. I’m not sure if this would even work out, but what if I did like you?” Thomas slowly inched towards you, his face becoming inches from yours.

“Then I say, what the hell? I like you, you like me. This may not be love, but if it is, isn’t it said that it’s able to defy anything?” You could feel his warm breath on your face as he spoke.

“Then, I like you. I like you a lot, Thomas.” You smiled, shifting your eyes from his, to his lips.

“Good, because I’ve liked you for way too long now.” He grinned, slowly closing the distance between you.


You and Alex had become so close since you met over a year ago. The first day on set you had approached him eagerly wanting to meet all your new castmates and his infectious personality and bubbly spirit had drawn you in immediately. You spent a lot of time together seeing as you played brother and sister, going over lines and practicing scenes together but it seems that fans loved that you spent time together outside of work or scripts. You had become somewhat of a staple in Alex’s Instagram over the past year and he had more than a few starring posts on your own Instagram, causing fans to ship you together with a fanatic passion. Most recently relationship rumours had sparked when you had gone to Thailand with Alex and his family and a stream of holiday pictures with each other had emerged online. You had to admit that you did have a crush on Alex, though you had already accepted that you were only going to be friends. It had been hard initially trying to get over your feelings for him when you were working together 24/7 but you had done it and here you were, back on set for season 5B. 

You had just exited your trailer when you heard an excited voice shout your name. Turning around you saw it was Alex dressed in full costume and running towards you at a fast speed. He reached you are smothered you as he hugged you tightly. You couldn’t help but hug back with a smile. After a few moments you pulled away and looked up at him.

“Hello to you too.” You greeted with a chuckle. “I’ve only been away for a week. Can you really not function without me for a week?” Alex looked at you with an expression of mock hurt and slung his arm around your shoulder pulling you into him as you walked to your next set.

“Am I not allowed to miss my favourite fake sister? Or her brownies? You know I need sustenance and I am only a young man who cannot cook. You however can cook more than noodles so yes, I did miss you and also your cooking.” He replied, a stupid teasing grin on his face.

“Ah Alex, you always have your priorities set straight. Also, when are we going out again? Marco was telling me about a new bar in the city that we should head to for Fridays.” Once you mentioned Marco’s name, Alex’s smile lessened at he looked down at you. You were unaware of Alex’s change in mood and continued to chat a little more until you reached the first set of the day. “Ok. Let’s do this. Just like riding a bike.” You said nervously, the first day back jitters causing you to bounce on your toes.

“You’ll do great Y/N, don’t worry.” Alex said, pulling you into a hug. You were interrupted by your names being called and so off you went to work.

A long day later, you had headed over to Alex’s apartment for a pizza and a drink. Your feet were so sore and you had spread out over your friend’s couch as he sat across from you, scoffing down a pizza. Sitting up, you addresses him. “Hey, give me some of that before there’s none left. That was supposed to be my pizza anyway but since I’m such a generous person I let you have a slice. That was four slices ago. Hand it over Andersen.” 

“Fine. You should have gotten some earlier though. I’m an eating machine, you should know that no matter who’s food it is, the rule is still first in first served.” He said with a cocky grin, the one that was so familiar to you.

“Speaking of, Marco wanted to know if we were in for Friday? 7 O’Clock at Denny’s?” You watched as Alex rolled his eyes and scoffed. In turn you raised an eyebrow, confused at why he was acting like this at a simple suggestion.

“You and Marco have been talking an awful lot Y/N. Are you sure there isn’t something going on between you two?”

You laughed as you looked at him. “Between Marco and I? There is nothing between us and I highly doubt there ever will be. Why does it matter anyway?” You asked. Alex looked at his hands for a moment before he muttered out something inaudible. “What was that?” This time he spoke louder, enough for you to hear.

“It matters because I like you.”  

You were shocked. How was it possible that Alex, your best friend, liked you. The guy that you had convinced yourself would never feel that way about you was here in front of you telling you he liked you.

“What?” You asked softly, evidently in shock. “You like me?”

“Well it’s probably closer to love, but I don’t want to scare you off.” He replied voice shaking . You smiled at him lovingly and crawled down to join him on the floor. You sat next to him and took his hands in yours.

“You can’t scare me off because I love you too. I was just scared that you didn’t feel the same way and I couldn’t bare to destroy our friendship.” When you stopped speaking you could see the brilliant smile forming on Alex’s face and you couldn’t help but mirror it.

“Can I kiss you Y/N?” He asked already leaning in close. You simply nodded and then his lips were on yours. You couldn’t believe this was happening and to think that it was better than you had ever imagined. His lips were soft and warm and moulded against your own lips perfectly. You kissed for what felt like hours and when you finally pulled away it was to gasp in air.  “That was amazing.” He said grinning like an idiot.

“Yes, yes it was. I do love you you know. I have for a while.” You rested your forehead against his own and smiled back at him. 

“I’ve think I’ve loved you since you went on that midnight walk with me in August.” Alex said, looking deep into your eyes.

“I remember that. That was the first time we held hands.”

“I hope we can hold hands more now.”

“Me too.” You whispered as you kissed him once more.

My first Alex imagine down! I hope it was ok :)

EDIT -  I changed the last Gifs at the bottom after someone said that they were having a hard time imagining the girls as a daughter of Ragnar and Aslaug so I have changed them. They are now pictures of Willa Fitzgerald, who I feel looks like a female mix of Ragnar and Aslaug. 


Jared Leto’s Joker - comic book comparisons and inspirations (Suicide Squad)

MORE INFOGRAPHICS about Leto’s Joker [here]!

To see the pictures in HQ visit the creator’s page below:

Credits: AnotherPrettyFlower



The creator of the infographs also had the Bowie-comparisons at the end, but I had wrongly chosen not to include them in my original tumblr post, sorry for that you guys. They later updated the info concerning Bowie, so I added it here as well!

The comicbook comparison infographic was created by AnotherPrettyFlower on March 2016, so it is very old BUT it is still accurate despite that! Ayer has now even confirmed the whole homage to Joker’s history through his clothes.

joker: infographics | Leto | tags

An examination why Sportacus and “Alex Busybody” are completely different from each other.

-Sportacus has the tips of his ears hidden.
-Alex’s ears are fully exposed.

-Sportacus’s chest insignia obtains a magical crystal.
-Alex’s insignia is just an insignia, plus the site never mentioned any crystal.

-Sportacus gets rather disgusted over anything unhealthy.
-Alex is tempted by junkfood.

-When Sportacus first arrived to Lazytown, Robbie acted as though he’s never seen him before.
-Reading from the site, it seems Robbie recognizes his favorite target from school very well.

-The zeppelin is a home.
-The zeppelin is only used for patrol. Ya know, since he doesn’t have the crystal.

-Sportacus speaks in a thick, Icelandic accent, with bad English.
-Alex is straight out Sonic the Hedgehog.

-Since the release of the show, Sportacus was never referred to as a human, just a “superhero.” It’s possibly safe to assume he’s still an elf due to the many hints, plus he’s openly elf in the Icelandic dubs. And not to leave out, the photoshoots of Magnus wearing the pointy ear tips, while in costume.
-Alex is a confirmed human, even his exposed ears says so.

-Sportacus is from the TV series.
-Alex is from the unaired pilot.

I hope y’all are happy now.


and you drive me wild

(Click here to read the previous chapters!)

PART SIX: Let’s make your outfit look hot

“Laf?” Alex called from his bedroom. He was standing in front of his bed, six different outfits spread out in front of him.

“Oui, mon ami?” Lafayette poked his head into Alex’s room. He had little green spots all over his face–– a face mask to treat his nonexistent acne.

“I can’t decide on what to wear,” Alex whined.

“Mon ami, seriously?” Laf asked, picking up the suit Alexander wore to all of the Washington’s uber formal events.

Alex gave a nervous laugh and shrugged. “I… wanted to make a good first impression?”

Laf shoved the suit at Alex for him to hang back up in the closet. While Alex was doing so, Laf had rejected three more potential outfits.

Alex went to gather them up when Laf stopped him.

“I must tell you why not to wear these for this kind of moment or you will never learn,” he said. He cleared his throat as he picked up the first outfit, a faded t-shirt for an obscure band and torn jeans. “This is not at all you,” Laf said. “Wasn’t this a Halloween costume?”

Alex blushed. “But what if he likes the whole grunge thing?”

Lafayette tsked. “Mon ami, do not lie about who you are or what you like to get a boy or girl or anyone. Ever. It is not worth it.”

With that, he picked up the next outfit, a bright blue polo shirt and khakis. “Alexander, mon ami,” Laf said, cocking an eyebrow at his brother. “What the, how you say, fuck?”

“Remember my job at the snack shack on the golf course last summer?”

“You were going to wear your work uniform?” Lafayette exclaimed. “I do not believe I even have to explain why you should never do that.” He shoved the clothes into Alex’s arms.

“I was trying to look professional!” Alex said.

“Professionally bad a fashion,” Laf muttered.

Alex glared at him, but stayed silent. Lafayette was just trying to help, after all, even if he was being the ultimate sass queen about it.

“And this little number,” Laf said, holding up the final outfit. It consisted of tight black pants and a purple sequins top. “This was from a talent show performance. From eighth grade. Do you even fit it anymore?”

“Fuck off,” Alex muttered, swiping the outfit out of Laf’s hands.

“Were you going to wear the hat, too, and bring your wand?”


“Ah, I am only teasing, mon ami,” Laf said with a wink.

Alexander crossed his arms and huffed at his brother.

“Now, let us look at the final two outfits.”

All that was left were two pairs of dark blue jeans, a collared flannel shirt, and a dark green cable knit sweater.

“The sweater,” Laf said confidently. “It goes well with your skin and brings out your eyes.”

Alexander studied the sweater. “And which pair of jeans?”

Laf looked at each pair before turning to Alex in confusion. “They are the same, non?”

“One has more of a distressed look than the other,” Alex said as if it should have been obvious.

“And are you distressed, mon ami?” Laf said, his tone light.

“Always,” Alex mumbled, rolling his eyes.

“Then the more distressed ones it is!” Laf turned to leave the room, but stopped short of the doorway. “And when you are done, mon ami, come to my room. I will fix your hair.”

“But my hair is fine, L––”

“I will fix it,” Laf said again.

Alex knew it was useless to argue. “Fine,” he said with a sigh.

“Magnifique,” Lafayette said with a grin. “Let us prepare for game night!”

River Song's Wardrobe (Updated for “The Husbands of River Song”!)

So after my post on Martha Jones’ wardrobe got unexpectedly loved, and before I wrote about Rose’s Series 1 clothes, I thought I’d continue to put my two favorite things together (costume analysis and Doctor Who) and see what I could come up with. Because this is my specialty, yo, and it makes me happy.

So: let’s do River Song!

Now, there’s a small difficulty here. Either I can analyze River’s outfits in the order we see them, thus revealing the writer/viewer’s arc of her character’s trajectory, or we can look at them in the order River wore them from her perspective, going all in-universe and watching River’s wardrobe progression in the order it happened for her. I’ve decided to go with the second object, because then we can admire how the costume team managed to keep certain threads (oops, pun) consistent in a story that’s all out of order and out of time. And then you can go back and piece it together in order if you want! What nerds we are!

So, anyway, what’s River wearing when we first meet her? Well.

I’m sure it’s the height of baby-fashion, whatever it is. One nice anon pointed out that it looks like something called a Halo sleep sack, though, so there’s a thing for you. Baby fashion, guys. It’s complex.

River/Melody appears a few more times as a child, but her clothes are so little seen that I can’t really build anything solid off of them. River’s wardrobe only really starts to come into its own when she’s under the name of Mels, larking about with her parents:

What a lovely gif. You can’t see the outfit terribly well (because I chose this gif over closer shots, sue me), but it’s a gray tank and a black leather jacket. Not much to go on, but tank tops tend to be for active people and leather jackets always signal “tough person,” unless David Tennant is wearing one and looking like a wet adorable rat.

He is so smoll.

But the color palette for Mels’ clothes is already important: despite being a very colorful person, River sticks to a neutral palette most of the time, relying most heavily on beigey colors or muted earth tones, often with a shot of black to spice it up.

Kinda like the above outfit, actually. While we’re looking at it, note the pattern on her dress: how weird it is, kind of skeletal. It’s bold, but not an easily identifiable print like polka dots or stripes or florals. It looks like rows of spines, or barbed fencing. Something fierce and weird and not to be trusted.

Ah, good, now Alex Kingston is wearing it! Look at how the fit changes: that’s the River Song shape, right there, from the knee-length hem to the v-neck neckline to the drapey bodice. There’s usually a lot of draping in her dresses; I think it’s to add to the drama of it all, that appearance she has of living life on a very great stage.

In the above picture, River’s showing off her great lace-up boots, too. Here is someone who came dressed for murder. She totally looked in the mirror today and said “And that’s how an assassin looks!” to herself, while dancing to punk rock. Or to the screams of horrified civilians, as happens with her next outfit.

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Request: Business call - Part 2

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism, smut


Originally posted by samcroimagine


After the last time I talked with Alex, I began to think it was time to go, I just had to decide which city would be my next stop. Charming was a nice place and I could live there, but that meant things I wasn’t ready for. My boss asked me if I would consider staying, he tried to convince me for a while, but accepted it when I said I had made up my mind. I would work on the bar for a few more weeks and take more hours to save money for my trip. I was covering for one of the girls, on her afternoon shift, when bikers entered the bar. Even an outsider like me knew who they were, and the Sons had never been there before.

“Can I help you?”, I asked to the blond leading the group. He had a “President” patch on his kutte.

“I’m looking for Michael”, he answered and I grunted, pointing to the back of the bar. Michael was an idiot who hung out at the bar every day, he liked to brag about his connections with the Cacuzza Family, which I had learnt was the “Italian mob” around there.

“Hey Mike!”, I yelled; he hated to be called Mike, “Take your business out of the bar please!”

“Come on Y/N”, Michael begged, trying to be charming, but I gave him a death glare and he guided the bikers outside. However, one of them stayed behind. He had black curls and amazing blue eyes.

“Aren’t you going with your friends?”, yes, he was handsome and I wouldn’t mind to spend some time with him, but I didn’t want those bikers around the bar when my boss was away.

“Hi Y/N”, he finally spoke and I recognized the voice, “I’m Alex”

Tig’s POV

Life was back to normal; and by normal Tig meant no drunk phone calls from Y/N in the middle of the night; she had disappeared. He didn’t know why he had saved her number on his phone, but he did it. No, he wasn’t planning to call to check on or invite her to dinner or something. Tig just thought he should keep the phone number. Talking about phone calls…

Their next meeting was with Cacuzza Family and Jimmy was a reasonable man, but this time they had to deal with a small fish. Apparently, Michael’s office was a bar downtown and Tig hated the guy as soon as he heard about him. The Sons parked their bikes on the front and Jax led the group inside. He was looking around and didn’t notice the girl behind the counter until she speak. Her voice was familiar. She yelled for Michael, who called her Y/N and confirmed Tig’s suspicious. It was her, the same Y/N he had been talking on the phone. He stayed behind as his brothers left with Michael and walked toward the counter, Y/N’s watching him carefully.

“Hi Y/N”, he blurted, “I’m Alex”.

Her eyes widened as she remembered him, “Alex? Alex from the phone call, wrong number…”

“Yes”, he chuckled, “You pictured me different, didn’t you?”

“To be honest…”, Y/N raised her eyebrows, “Yes”

“Are you disappointed?”, he asked. As far as he knew, she probably had pictured him as a guy in a suit who owned a company and made business phone calls.

“No, not all”, she smiled. Both turned their heads to the door opening and revealing Chibs, who was surely looking for Tig, “You friends are waiting”

“Yeah”, he signed for Chibs to wait for second, “Listen doll, I mean when I say I got worried the other night. Promise me, don’t go out there alone and drunk?”

“Promise”, Y/N nodded and bit her lip, trying to hide her smirk. She surely was a beautiful and interesting woman; and Tig would love to stay and hang out with her, but duty was calling.

“Call me if you need, I mean it”, he emphasized before turn his back on her and leave the bar.


I actually had pictured Alex as someone different, but I wasn’t disappointed. To be honest, I had no expectations, I’ve never thought I would meet him. He was nice and truly worried about my drunk errands. I felt sorry about it and grateful for his offer to call if I needed; he was a good man indeed. That night I listened him and didn’t drink, I just went back to the hotel, ordered pizza and fell asleep listening a random show on TV.

I guess it was the first morning, in a long time, that I woke up without a hangover. My day was pretty much the same as the previous one, except that I would work on the night shift and no bikers would interrupt it. Yeah, I was wrong, because I just had started my shift, Alex walked in. I’ve never thought I would see him again so soon, actually, I thought I would be out of Charming before I had the chance. However, there he was, walking toward the counter with a smile on his lips.

“Alex”, I greeted him and he sat on a stool.

“Y/N”, Alex’s smile widened, “I’m looking for Mike, I don’t see him”

“He will come later”, I said. It didn’t matter the day, Mike would always be at the bar every night.

“I volunteered to bring him something”, he leaned over the counter, talking low, “Do you mind if I wait here?”

“No, not at all”, I smiled. How could I say no? I was just so curious about him, “What can I get you?”

Alex was drinking a beer as he waited for Michael, taking sips as he watched TV. I caught him looking at me once or twice and though I had other costumers to serve, the bar wasn’t crowded. I could grab a beer and sit for a while, so I put a stool behind the counter, close to him. He looked at me and smiled as we toasted with our bottles.

“Your boss doesn’t mind?”, he motioned to my beer, raising an eyebrow.

“My boss doesn’t mind”, I shrugged, looking at him as I took a swig of my beer, “Now you know how I got drunk and called you”

“I meant it Y/N”, his expression hardened as he locked his eyes with mine, “It’s dangerous”

“I can take care of myself Alex”, I dismissed his advice with a wave, “Don’t worry”

Alex just shook his head and we both turned our eyes to the game on TV. I had to get up and pour some shots for a group of friends, when I got back he wasn’t there. I looked around and found Alex in a corner, Michael by his side. They shouldn’t be doing business inside the bar, my boss wouldn’t like it, but I pretended I haven’t seen them and continued to work. When I looked again, Alex was back on his seat, but he didn’t want another beer. He put the money on the counter, paying for his beer and winked at me.

“See you around Y/N”, he said before leave. I grabbed the money and our bottles, mine half empty. I threw the bottle out. Another sober night for me.


Alex became a regular costumer at the bar, coming over to grab a beer every evening. We even had burgers and fries together in one particular slow night for business, we sat together by the counter and watched TV. He became my friend, the first one in a long time, but we definitely had some sexual tension going on between us. Glances that last more than they should, fingers touching as I handed him a beer and his way to look after me, making sure I wasn’t getting drunk every night. Actually, I spent weeks without knowing what a hangover was.

I had left my hotel room in a good mood that morning and went to the bar to get my weekly payment. My boss raised an eyebrow when I thanked him and said he had thought that would be my last payment.

“You said you would stay just a few more weeks”, he explained, “I’m not complaining, you’re a good employee and a nice girl, though you drink too much, but… You said your decision was final, sounded so determined. What made you change your mind?”

He was right. I had completely forgotten about my plans to leave Charming. I was supposed to be heading to Oregon, but there I was, still hanging around that little town. What had made me change my mind? Alex. I cursed when I realized I had been falling for him, more every day. I had let it happen again, he was part of my life now.

“Nothing. I didn’t change my plans”, I answered to my boss, “I just wanted to save more money”. I said goodbye, promised to see him one the next day and went back to the hotel. I laid in my bed and stayed there, hiding my face from the sun sneaking through the blinds and thinking.

Alex had invited me once or twice to SAMCRO clubhouse, but I’ve always said “Maybe another time”. He wouldn’t push me, Alex had always been nice to me and once, mysteriously said this wasn’t like him at all. I doubted that, for me he was the nicest man I had ever met. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so I decided to get up and dressed, surprise him that night.

Tig’s POV

Everybody had missed him, but Bobby was finally back and that called for a party. Tig walked toward the bar, greeting friends and smiling. He asked for a beer and sat on a stool for a moment, savoring the first cold swig. Sons were working hard lately and he could say his life was good, he was in a good place. It was nice to spend some time with his brothers, have a party, but his mind went back to Y/N, it always did. That party also meant he wouldn’t go to her bar and grab a beer, which was just an excuse to see her.  

Y/N had become a part of his life; his brothers mocked on him when they knew Tig had a female friend, that wasn’t him and wouldn’t work. Yes, it wasn’t like him and there was a sexual tension between them, stolen glances and touches, but there was no rush, he didn’t want to spoil it. She was reserved about her past and personal life, but he respected that, Tig had his own ghosts to haunt him. The only thing that actually bothered him was Y/N’s habit to drink at work and frequently leave the bar drunk. She had sworn not to do it anymore, said she had been drinking just one beer per night. However, he still got worried, Tig couldn’t help it.

Someone called him and Tig looked up; he noticed the prospect but only realized Y/N was following the boy when they got to the bar. “Y/N”, he was surprised, but happy to see her.

“Hi Alex”, she smiled and thanked the prospect. Tig pulled a stool for her and ordered a beer as she took the seat close to him, “Sorry to show up without calling, I wanted it to be a surprise”

“It’s okay”, Tig handed her the beer, their fingers touching for a second, “It’s a great surprise”

“I’m not working tonight and you invited me a couple times…”, she shrugged, taking a long swig of her beer.

“Sure”, Tig nodded. He grabbed his own bottle and finished it, his eyes meeting Y/N’s. There was something different, something was happening but he couldn’t put his finger on it, “Come on, let’s introduce you to everybody”


Gemma, as always, kept a safe distance, Y/N an outsider and the bikers’ Queen had to be careful, protect her loved ones. His brothers were all smirks and flirts, curious about Y/N and glad to meet the woman who had charmed Tig. She was happy, actually having fun which made him happy too. Tig always had the feeling Y/N had a ghost on her past, something that had made her move to a stranger town, alone, and drink the way she did. They walked outside and he showed her the bikes. Y/N looked at him, a silent question if she could hop on his bike. Tig nodded and watched her, amused by her admiration for the Harley.

“It’s gorgeous”, she said and hopped off, losing balance for a moment. Tig kept her from falling, wrapping an arm around her waist. Y/N looked up at him, eyes moving from his lips to his eyes. She smiled and pressed her lips over his, soft but demanding.

He couldn’t not kiss her, Tig had been waiting this, he couldn’t deny the attraction. But a voice inside his mind was telling something was off, “Y/N”, he whispered, pulling back, trying to get her attention.

“I want you Alex”, she whispered, tugging on his kutte, “I need you tonight"

Y/N didn’t give him time to answer, she fiercely kissed him again. Her mouth on his, her taste, made his mind went blank. They pulled back, breathless, and Tig guided her through the clubhouse to his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door behind him, Y/N pushed his body against it, claiming his lips. She ripped his shirt open, making the buttons fly, clawing on his chest. He growled from within his throat, grabbing the hem of her shirt and taking it off. Y/N unclasped her bra and pressed her chest against his.

“Take off that short”, Tig hissed. Y/N bit her lip, slowly taking her clothes off, “Leave the hells on”

She smirked, letting her panties fall around her ankles too, stepping out of it. Tig was only in his boxers, easily lifting and carrying her to his bed. They both fell on the mattress, limbs tangled. Y/N caught his low lip on her teeth as Tig slid his hand between them. His fingers found her folds slick, ready for him. He introduced two fingers inside her, pumping them slowly. She threw her head back, moaning and gripping on his arms. Tig lowered his head to her collarbone, sucking her skin, his fingers sliding in and out of her.

“Alex”, she whined, frantically moving her hands to his boxers. Tig dragged them down his legs, getting up just time enough to grab a condom. He closed his eyes as she helped him to unroll it down his length and then lined him with her core. He pushed inside Y/N, her walls stretching for him, “Harder”, she whispered.

Tig thrust deeper, kissing and savoring her skin. His face was hidden on the crook of her neck as he panted, “Will you stay?”

To be continued…

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Halloween Fun (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Prompt: “May I request poly!hamilsquad x reader, Halloween addition? (like their costumes and if they’re going to a haunted house or maze or something like that) Thanks so much, love your blog!!”

A/N: My first requested fic! Hope you enjoy~

“C'mon, (Y/N)! We’re going to be late for the Halloween Harvest Carnival! I wanna get a caramel apple before they sell out!” pleaded John from behind the door.

You knew that your boyfriends were waiting for you in the hallway, already in their costumes. You stared at yourself in the mirror, already feeling self-conscious about your costume.

“How did I end up with this costume again?” You yelled to your boyfriends.

“You got outvoted remember.” stated Alex. “Besides with these costumes we’re sure to win the costume contest! I can’t wait to rub it in Jefferson’s pompous face—”

“Enough, Alex. We’ve heard this already.” interjected Hercules.

“Oui, everyday for the past mois.” added Laf, a hint of annoyance in his voice. All of you loved Alex to bits, but sometimes his constant feuding with Jefferson got old. “Please come out already, mon ange. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Yeah, I worked hard to make these costumes for us. Do you not like yours?” You could feel Herc’s sad expression through the door, you couldn’t disappoint your big teddy bear.

“Fine, but if any of you laugh I’m going to punch you.” You sighed before straightening the tiara on your head.

Opening the door to be greeted by your costumed boyfriends. You had to admit they looked good. They were all dressed up as members of the Justice League 2017 version.

Alex was Batman, Laf was Superman, Hercules was Cyborg, and John decided to be the Flash, which left you to fill the role of the sole female of the group. Wonder Woman.

You played with the short blue skirt, feeling embarrassed about the length. “How do I look?”

John gave you a tight hug. “You look absolutely Wonder-ful!”

You and the others groaned at the horrible pun. “I’m going to be hearing those jokes all night, aren’t I?”

“Yep~” John smiled. “Now lets go already! I want my caramel apple!”
“Did I have to come?” You whined to your boyfriends as all of you made your through annual Halloween Carnival. You were freezing in your costume and your feet hurt from the shoes.

“It’s Halloween, babe. Lighten up.” John says playfully, nudging your arm as he chews on his third candy apple.

“Easy for you to say. Your not it heels…”

“C'mon this is fun. Did you see Jefferson’s face when we won!” Alex said, showing off the blue ribbon we’d won. “Besides all that’s left to do is the haunted house.”

“Hmmm… You’re right. But can we go home after this? I can’t walk in these boots for much longer.”

So you made your way to the haunted house line, and they hear screams inside.

“All of you coming to the haunted house?” Peggy asks as she lets them in. Yes, the sweetest girl you know worked the haunted house.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Herc says resulting in Laf and you grabbing his hands in comfort. Hercules didn’t do so well with horror.

“Then I’m required to warn you. This haunted house is known to cause fainting and traumatic experiences. Enjoy the attraction~” Peggy says with a smile.

“I won’t.” Herc said back.

The five of you made your way inside the haunted house, and they approach a long hallway with blood slowly dripping down the weathered walls.

“I hate Haunted Houses.” Herc says nervously.

“It’s okay, mon beau. We’ll protect you.”

“What’s happening?” Alex asks as the five of you make your way down the hall. At the end of the hall, it reveals an madman with a chainsaw.

“WHO DARES TRESPASS ON MY HOME!?” he roars. John and Herc scream, as Alex just looks at the madman’s outfit.

“That outfit makes you look fat.” He says.

“GET OUT!” the madman shouts.

“But we just got here.” You say and everybody laughs. But then you see that the chainsaw works.

“GET OUT!” the madman roars once again chasing them into another part of the attraction.

“It sort of looks like a living room, but…” You say looking around. “A really weird one.”

A little girl is handcuffed to a dead little boy. Of course, all of you know that he’s just acting, but it’s still terrifying and horrific. The girl is pleading and crying as you approach her.

“Save yourselves!” the little girl pleads. “I couldn’t save my brother, but you all have to get out of here!”

“W-Why?” Alex asks frightened.

“She’s coming soon!” the little girls says terrified.

“Who’s coming soon?” You ask.

And all of a sudden, the lights go out. A scream fills the room instantly, and the lights go back on again revealing that a few people are missing.

“Where’d the petite fille and garçon go?” Laf asks.

“JOHN!? HE’S GONE!” Herc yells dramatically as he falls onto his knees and roars.

“Calm down, Herc. This is a Haunted House remember. We’ll probably see him at the end munching on another caramel apple.” You say nonchalantly.

Another scream erupts from a door in the corner. Blood drips on the floor, and Alex examines it closely.

“I can’t tell if this is jam or tomato juice.” Alex says as the door slams open.

“Not another room.”

The room inside appears to have nothing inside, except a bed. They looks inside to see a girl sobbing under the covers.

The group of friends approach the girl, and notice that it’s Angelica who’s acting tonight. She looks like a cross between a zombie and a beautiful princess.

“Angelica? What’s wrong?” You asked.

“My name isn’t Angelica. I’m Sleeping Beauty.” she says as she wipes her eyes… Only to cry harder.

You don’t get how this is supposed to be scary, but something was bound to happen.

“What’s wrong?” Laf asks.

“My prince never came to rescue me, so I died waiting for him.” she cried.

“Then why are you awake?” Alex asks, paying attention to logic.

“My prince never came to free me out of my slumber, so death came for me,” she stated, and then her attention focuses on Alex.

“You!” she says angrily.

“What did I do?” Alex asks, not understanding why.

“You left me to die! Because of you I’ll never be satisfied!” she shouts and a flash of thunder gives her a creepy look. She almost looks… Scary. Crazy, even.

“I’m sorry?” he says wondering what was going on.

“I died because of you! Now, it’s time for revenge! You’re gonna pay! Your little friends too!” she yells and then she does an evil laugh creepy enough to send chills up your spine.

“Little? We’re all taller than you.” Alex protests. Only he could focus on height in this situation.

“Quiet! You’ll all pay! You’ll see!” she says maniacally.

And then the lights go out, and a scream erupts through the air once again.

The lights go back on and Herc and you see that Laf and Alex are missing, along with Angelica. All that’s left are blood stains on the bed and the faint cackling of Angelica left behind.

“S–So we’re the only ones left, huh?” Herc asks, clutching your hand.

“Yup. Let’s get out of here.” You say, opening a nearby door, which revealed a small cemetery.

“What now?” Herc asks, squeezing you tighter.

“I don’t know. Zombies, probably?” You replied calmly. “It’s a basic horror theme.”

All of a sudden, everything gets quiet. The scary music stops. And then…

“Yep. Zombies.” You says as the zombies rise from the graves. As Hercules grabs you in fright.

“You guys are great actors.” You say, as Herc picks you up and runs away.

The zombies chase Herc and you into a room. It’s a small room. It doesn’t have anything in it. Just a mirror.

“You know this costume is really well made, Herc. Didn’t move out of place at all.” You checked yourself mirror.

“This is it. We’re going to die. Game over.” Herc muttered, obviously scared out his wits. You quickly silenced him with a kiss.

“Calm down, honey.” You cooed, pulling away. You were about to comfort him so more.

When all of a sudden, the lights go off again.

And there was a loud scream.

You heard a thud and the lights came on. Lying on the floor was an unconscious Hercules and the Grim Reaper was standing in front of them wielding a scythe.

“YOU ALL SHALL DIE- Oh my god! Is your friend okay? Did I scare him that badly?” the reaper said.

“Umm… Is there an exit around here?” You asked awkwardly, trying to lift up your unconscious boyfriend. “Can I get some help carrying him?”

So the Reaper showed you to the exit as he helped you carry Herc out by his shoulders. Once you exited the attraction, you saw the rest of your boyfriends waiting near the exit, eating cotton candy and candy apples.

“How was the house?” You asked, as Laf slung Herc’s arm over shoulder. Thanking the helpful worker.

“I had a good time.” John says with a childish smile, his mouth filled with cotton candy.

“Of course you did.” You snicker.

“The little girl, boy, and I ended up in some cage hanging over cauldron. The kids were supposed to be demented version of Hansel and Gretel. Then I saw the madman chasing Alex and Laf. Turns out it was Eliza in the costume. She was super pissed at Alex for calling her fat. You should have seen Alex. He was—” John reported.

“We aren’t speaking of it, John!” shouted Alex. “What about you two do? Why did the Herc faint?”

“I think our Cyborg overloaded his system.” You joked, looking at your big teddy bear. You gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Next year let’s skip the haunted house.”