alex christopher williams

Crazy (but highly plausible) theory on doctor who

All of the episodes arent from the doctors perspective because all of the episodes are from the tardis’ perspective
Its always there
And we know that it is a living consciousness that can go invisble and travel in time
Meaning it can record all of everything in doctor who


Also want to add when Clara said that last one to Twelve and also how Rose and Clara both asked the doctor to pay for snacks, which he replied to with the fact that he had no money, but I don’t have access to season 8 episodes. Also there are some that go along with classic who I’m sure but I can’t get those either, and I probably missed a bunch more.

July Heat, 2012

I tend to over look this photograph, as I tend to do with most of my other work, because of the simple reason that I have just looked at it too much. Not in the comparable way that I have with most of my other work though. Tangential Note: I will admit to one, and only one, narcissistic trait of myself and that its that I really enjoy looking at my own work, almost more so than many other photographers, even including Alec Soth. With that said, I typically get tired of my work because I am a helicopter parent of my social presence on the internet and am always grooming my internet image. As any self-portrait photographer would know, that characterism inside of us just doesnt go away after we turn the camera back around. Getting back to this photograph however, its not only that I have looked at this photograph so much in the past years, its that I have looked at this image of a man as my very dear and loving step-father for the last fifteen plus years and it has become so “normcore” to me. Yet, still people are so intrigued by it, which is every photographers dream to find some thing ephemeral in the ordinary I guess. This image and this photograph represent a fifteen year relationship with a man that I was forced to love and find security in, yet, our relationship is seemingly only a product of which and doesnt extend past that. Its that duality of the caring work-on-the-car-together relationship next to the blunt and intrusive military man gaze that makes this photograph the best representation of a man that I have called Dad for so many years.