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not so little anymore- rob holding

rob holding x reader ft. alex chamberlain and calum chambers 

summary: calum introduces rob to a friend, and his crush on her was not as small as he thought 

a/n: idk if it’s good, but i loved the plot in my head at least!! 

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rob, ox, and chambo has always been best friends. whether it was dancing to drake in their hotel room or plane banter, the three england internationals were always side by side.

chambo going on loan to middlesborough, leaving ox and rob at arsenal, didn’t break up the bromance. they always found a day or two during the week to hang out.

and today was one of those days. the three were hanging out at calum’s flat, holding their weekly fifa tournament.

“so today, y/n is supposed to stop by the flat to pick up her charger.” calum piped up, alarming the guys incase she stopped by.

“sounds good.” alex added, focused on the intense game in front of him. which he was currently trailing in.

rob pulled away from the tv after hearing y/n’s name. it was common of ox and calum to talk about her, but rob had personally never met her.

“oh, i get to meet her today?” rob questioned innocently, secretly bubbling inside.

he knew who she was. he found himself frequently scrolling through her instagram and peering over at calum’s phone when the two snapchatted. y/n was rob’s stupid, tiny (or so he said) crush.

he was nearly shaking, the idea of confronting the girl he found himself day dreaming about. the girl who was way out of his league.

“yea, she’s been asking about you lately.” calum teased, acting like he had no idea about rob’s crush. rob was ecstatic, y/n? was asking about him?

his cheeks were burning from the comment calum just made, leaving his stomach twisting and turning.

he turned his attention back to the game of fifa, which he was still leading in. he slid back into the couch, grinning uncontrollably. his hands were sweating, trying to grip the controller tightly. but he couldn’t focus on the game. alex had scored again and again, and by the time that rob was finished day dreaming, ox wasn’t trailing anymore.

“oh my god mate!” alex laughed, holding his chest from rob’s awful performance. “where was your head? oh my.” he heaved in between laughs.

“mate, i let you win. felt bad.” rob laughed along, but he knew exactly where his head was.

it was right there, trying to figure out what to do and say when he confronted y/n.

the three boys were still at calum’s flat, and had reached the final round of their fifa tournament. they were all sprawled out across the couch. boxes of pizza were laid out on the table and empty bottles of water flooded the floor.

but the boys had straightened up and picked up the mess all over the living room as the door bell ran.

“um we are coming.” calum yelled out, making sure y/n didn’t notice the state of the apartment.

chambo and ox sped around the apartment, but rob had just sat there with sweaty palms, pulling at his fingers. “what am i going to say? what if she doesn’t like me?” he questioned, the words repeating in his head like a broken cassette.

“rob? can you hear? go answer the door!” calum yelled, waving his hands in front of his face.

rob shook with anxiety as he slyly slid to the door, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. he took a deep breath, and grasped the door handle.

in the midst of rob’s walk of shame, ox and chambo were running around headless in the flat. thankfully not noticing rob’s near to death experience.

his hands gripped the door handle, knuckles white from anticipation. he opened the door, revealing y/n smiling.

rob was overwhelmed. she was even prettier in person than what he had seen over instagram. her deep dimples gorged her soft cheeks as she grinned at rob. her gentle eyes looking him up and down, making rob’s heart nearly pop out of his chest.

y/n, on the other hand, was stunned. rob was much more than she had imagined, from chambo’s constant rambling about him. his tall stature had overtaken y/n. his hands fiddled at his sides, y/n noticing he was ridden with nervousness. his silken eyes looked down at her, which made her blush. in front of a boy she had never met, she was worked up. he was so handsome, just standing there in the door way. her head filled with thoughts of him, something rob had also frequently done, until she was interrupted.

“hey, you must be y/n. i’m rob.” he introduced, drawing y/n in with his manchester accent.

she was lost for words. how could a boy she had never met make her react like this. make her go numb and lose the ability to form sentences.

“oh my god.” she chuckled embarrassingly, being caught day dreaming by the cute boy in front of her again. “sorry. hi rob.” she stuttered, pulling him into a hug.

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