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So, my wife and I were having a discussion about the wonderful creation of Pam the HR lady by the fandom and this kind of happened…

Pam walks into the break room at Quantico and looks for the coffee machine; she was going to need a hit of caffeine if she was going to make it through the early morning start. She hadn’t been to Quantico since her original induction, but with the DEO becoming known to other agencies, she was now required to attend the yearly inter-bureau briefing. She nods at a few of the other people present as she fills a mug and inhales deeply.

The caffeine hits her bloodstream as they’re called through to the conference room. They all filter through and Pam takes a seat around the tables that had been arranged into an L formation.

One by one they were asked to introduce themselves and the agency they worked for and Pam feels a sense of relief at finally being able to state that she worked for the DEO, rather than her usual vague answer. What she wasn’t expecting was all the eyes watching her to go wide and a cacophony of noise to fill her ears, one question louder than all the rest;

Which of the Agent Danvers stories are true? They can’t all possibly be true.

Pam chuckles, she had a feeling once it was know she worked for the DEO, stories about a certain Alex Danvers were certain to surface.

‘They’re all true’ she replies with a shrug. She’s a pain in my arse she added in her head.

‘But…’ a young agent stutters, his eyes wide as he watches the HR manager for the FBI nod.

‘All. Of. Them’ Pam states, enjoying the look on the agents face, she was well aware of the rumours that had been going around for years about Agent Danvers and the ‘legendary’ status she had picked up among other agents.

There is silence until the same young agent pipes up again, ‘so she really did fly a spaceship to save Supergirl?’

‘Preposterous!’ an older man in a military uniform yells out. ‘I’ve head many stories about this… this Agent Danvers and refuse to believe that she piloted a spacecraft without any prior training or advance notice! The paperwork alone…’

Pam stays silent and instead reaches into her bag where she had stowed the paperwork she needed to file with the FBI today; the paperwork relating to the second time Alex Danvers had taken it upon herself to fly a spaceship.

‘The paperwork wasn’t any easier the second time around…’ Pam smiles sweetly as she places the paperwork on the table in front of her.

The room erupts once again and Pam just smiles.

The following week Pam opens up the tenth email that day requesting that she holds a HR training session at the DEO. She shakes her head and wonders if they think she doesn’t know the only reason they want to come to the DEO is to meet Agent Danvers.

Her phone rings and she picks it up, pretty sure in who is on the other end. Sure enough, Director Henshaw speaks first, ‘Pam, do you know why I’m being inundated with requests from other agencies for training sessions here?’

‘I do Director, it seems our Agent Danvers is somewhat of a legend at Quantico…’

‘Ah, let me guess, they all want to meet her?’

‘Yes Sir, I’m sorry, I’ll sort this out.’

Pam hangs up and emails Maura the HR Manager at the FBI;

Maura, you have to tell Agent Roberts to stop harassing my Director! Just leave it with me, I’ll figure something out.

Pam decides that she can’t exactly have a ton of agents descend upon the DEO, the only other option is to send Agent Danvers on a field trip…

She shoots a quick email off to Alex explaining that she is required to go to Quantico to pass their training in order to keep her fake FBI badge, now that the DEO is a known organisation to them.

A month later Agent Danvers strides into the training facility with Pam at her side.

‘So I just need to pass the training?’ Alex questions.

‘Yes. To the rest of the world, you’re officially Alex Danvers, FBI. They didn’t take kindly to us faking your credentials, so have decided you need to actually obtain them…’ Pam explains, rather pleased with her cover story.

‘Understood. But that doesn’t explain why you’re here?’

‘To make sure the paperwork between the FBI and the DEO match up…’ Pam replies vaguely. In truth, she couldn’t wait to see how the other Agents reacted to Agent Danvers.

Pam spotted the young agent, Agent Li, from the briefing and smiled. Agent Rogers was also waiting in the training room, bouncing happily from foot to foot in excitement. Alex nodded towards them before entering the changing room to get ready.

The first few physical challenges, Alex passes with ease; simulations of various situations, requiring her to act quickly, shooting targets to avoid danger. As she exits the room, Agent Rogers looks like he’s about to pass out with excitement; she had set a new high score on her first attempt. Pam is filled with pride.

Next is the sparring match, in which new recruits are usually paired against each other. A dark haired woman steps forwards, her hand outstretched, ‘Agent Rizzoli’ she introduces herself, ‘we thought it was a bit unfair to pair you with a rookie…’ Alex laughs as she shakes Agent Rizzoli’s hand.

The pair are evenly matched and soon a small crowd has amassed to watch; money is quickly changing hands as various bets are made. Finally, Alex manages to pin Agent Rizzoli, winning the match. She stands and offers her hand to help the other agent up.

Finally, Alex is taken to the shooting range; by now there are roughly fifty other people crammed into the tiny side room to watch. To no one’s surprise, Alex gets a perfect score in the first round. Deciding she wants to show off a little and also because she’s a tiny bit pissed at being made to jump through all these hoops, she reaches down to her leg to pull out her favourite gun, the one she knew she probably shouldn’t have brought, but there was no way she was leaving her baby at home where Maggie could claim it.

Pam is out of the door and on the shooting range in a flash.

Alex barely has it raised to eye level before she hears a voice behind her.

‘Put it DOWN Agent Danvers’ Pam booms.

Damn it Alex thinks, before lowering it sheepishly.

‘You were under strict instructions not to bring your gun!’

‘But!’ Alex pouts.

‘No buts Agent Danvers… Give it here’ Pam holds out her hand, ‘you can have it back when we return to the DEO.’

Everyone’s jaws drop as they watch badass Agent Danvers slink over to Pam the tiny HR woman and hand over her gun.

Pam nods and heads back into the side room, alien gun in hand, to a captive audience.

‘I think we’re done here’ she states, ‘I expect Agent Danver’s FBI paperwork to be on my desk by the end of the week.’

Rumours still fly around the various agencies about the antics of Agent Danvers, but with a new addition; the tiny woman who can make Agent Danvers relinquish her weapon, just by raising her voice… Pam becomes a legend in her own right.

The Goat

Summary: Alex learns a fact about demons that he never knew before

Authors note: Look at @katzun ’s sinners au to understand the dynamic between all the characters. I am very tired XD Not proofed and updated on mobile :)
There was a goat in their living room.

Actually, Alex wasn’t sure that the small mass of black fluff was even a goat. The animal that was sleeping on one of the fluffy, Egyptian cotton pillows from one of the many guest rooms in their apartment didn’t seem like a typical goat. It was a lot smaller than one. Alex thought if it stood up on all fours it would only be about knee high, and that was including the ears. Another thing that made this goat different from other goats was that this one seemed to me a lot fluffier than most. Curly black hair swirled and compressed around it’s body almost like sheep wool. In fact, the only reason Alex thought it was a goat was that it had two small horns poking out of his head. Although this goat was strange, Alex couldn’t deny it was adorable.

Alex stared at the goat for a solid ten minutes, watching the little goat’s chest rise and fall as it slept, before he was finally ripped away from his thoughts from his phone ringing. He smiled seeing that Thomas was calling him from work. Usually, Thomas did his business in hell around the same time Alex was at work. It was something that worked for them as a couple,  and Alex appreciated the alone time. After all, Thomas could be clingy sometimes. He walked onto the kitchen and set reusable, grocery bags on the table full of groceries he picked up on the way home from work.

“Hey, babe. Do you have a break right now?” he asked stuffing semimelted things into the freezer.

“Yeah, I might be a little late tonight. James has been dealing with some border disputes for days without sleep. I sent him home earlier to rest, and dumb ass and I can’t come to an agreement about how to handle this.” he groaned.

Alex laughed. “Dumb ass” was one of Thomas’s cute nicknames for Charles. Charles was another demon who Thomas had recently hired to help out with everything happening with hell. It was something James appreciated since he felt he was being worked harder than an underpaid and underappreciated school teacher. “You know you really shouldn’t call Charles that.” he muttered putting the milk in the fridge.

“I’m just saying the truth.” Alex could nearly see Thomas smirking through the phone. “Oh, and if James is still sleeping on the couch, can you move him to the guest room? He gets kinks in his back easily.”

Alex looked on the couch and didn’t see James. All that was on the couch was the small goat. “I don’t think he’s here anymore. And did you make any unusual purchases?” he asked noticing the goat shift and start to wake up.

“I’m not sure what you would describe as an unusual purchase…” Thomas said. Alex could hear Charles yelling at Thomas on the other side of the lines, and Thomas groaning. “I have to go Alex. I’ll be home later. Love you.”

“Love you too” Alex muttered putting the rest of the groceries away. As he was putting the last box of crackers on the shelf, he felt something hit his leg. He looked down and saw the little goat head butting his leg. The goat looked up at him and brayed softly. Alex melted. This thing couldn’t get more adorable.

“What’s up, little guy?” He chuckled picking the goat up. The goat brayed again and nuzzled into Alex’s hand like he wanted Alex to pet him. Alex smiled and pet his cloud soft fur carrying him to the couch. “Did Thomas buy you or something?” The black goat only looked at him and blinked before braying again. Alex laughed. “Right, what ever you say. Let’s just wait on the couch until Thomas comes home. I’ll just order a pizza or something.” He muttered using an app to order. After he was done, he groaned realizing the remote was across the room. The goat looked at him, got up, grabbed the remote, and set it into Alex’s lap. Alex grinned.

“Thanks, buddy.” he said patting the goat’s head before softly rubbing the goat’s velvety ears. He wondered how Thomas taught him to do that trick. The goast purred, but Alex paid no attention to it as he watched “House Hunters”. He had been around demons long enough that he didn’t even notice…

Alex pet and rubbed the goat for a while until the doorbell rang. The goat poked his head up and ran towards the door head butting it. Alex laughed and patted his head before opening the door.

“Uh, you ordered a small pepperoni?” A teenaged delivery boy asked checking a ticket.

“Yeah, hold on a second. Let me grab some money.” Alex muttered. The goat brayed and both Alex and the pizza guy looked down at the goat. The pizza guy cooed and pet him after handing the pizza to Alex. “Awe! He’s so cute! What’s his name?” he asked tickling the goat under his chin. Alex smiled.

“I’m not sure. I think my boyfriend just made an impulse buy. He’s such an animal lover.”

“Well, he’s got good taste. This little guy is so friendly. Yes, you are. Yes, you are” the man cooed talking to the goat like one would talk to a small puppy. Alex laughed and handed him the money along with a sizable tip.

“Alright, say your goodbyes. I have a pizza to eat.” the man cooed and picked up the goat and rubbing his fur before setting him back down and leaving. It seemed the goat was too cute for his own good. Alex grabbed a slice and gave the goat one. Being New York raised, he didn’t know what goats ate. All he knew was that pizza tasted good and it didn’t hurt his childhood dog any whenever Alex would give him some. The goat would be fine. After he ate, the goat laid down next to Alex and fell asleep.

About a half hour later, Thomas walked in to see Alex watching television with the goat sleeping next to him. He sighed and picked up the small goat who brayed in its sleep.

“Alex, I thought I told you to put James in one of the bedrooms. ”

Alex yawned and followed him to the nearest room. “What are you talking about? James isn’t here.”

“James is right here.” Thomas said motioning to the goat. Wait, that cute little goat was James? Alex’s eyes widened in shock. The goat did act intelligent… and it was purring earlier…. everything fit.

“That’s James?” he asked. Thomas nodded shutting the door.

“Every demon can only stay in its animal form when it’s exhausted. I thought you knew that.” he muttered giving Alex a quick kiss before walking back to the kitchen. “Hey, thanks for ordering food. I didn’t want to cook.”

Alex was frozen in place. Demons had an animal form? Thomas had some explaining to do. But, for now, all Alex wanted to do was cuddle with his boyfriend on the couch. He made a mental note to be around a lot more when James was exhausted, and plopped on the couch before asking Thomas about his day…

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Side note: I think the reason behind Kara not being able to express emotional support for Alex as compared to everyone else is because she’s emulating Alex’s support for her, something she has benefited from a lot and projecting it towards everybody else, especially in season 1 and early season 2. Also, I distinctly remember a meta about Kara drawing from people she looked up to, especially from Alex.

Ah yes, that post is hiding over here. This point was kinda hard to connect to the main post, but you’re right. Some of the reason Kara and Alex keep butting heads when Kara tries to be supportive is that she frequently tries to mimic what Alex does for her. And they have very different personalities, so it doesn’t work.

2x06 is a really good example of this, actually. The first time Alex tries to have the coming-out conversation, Kara’s very still and quiet and holding back her reactions so Alex can say what she needs to say, but Alex reads that as disapproval/disappointment because it’s just … not Kara. So she panics and shuts down. It’s not until the second go-around that Kara realizes her mistake and is like, “oh, you need concrete emotional feedback from me? HERE, HAVE ALL THE HUGS AND OF COURSE I LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU, DUMMY.”

With Kara, once you give her an opening to talk she’ll just take it and run until she’s emptied out all her anxiety, and then she absorbs whatever advice she’s given and takes it to heart. Alex usually isn’t looking for that kind of help – most of the time she already understands what’s bothering her and just wants a safe space to think aloud, and she’ll withdraw fast if there’s no back-and-forth engagement.


Laurens, Hamilton

Summary: John is trying to sleep, but having the sound of Alex writing in your ear can make it harder than it needs to be.

A/N: Thank @queenoftickles for this fic. I asked her to go through my prompts tag and pick a prompt that I should write, and after I ignored her first choice she settled on this one, and thus this fic was born. I hope you like it!

Based on this prompt.

Words: 837

The sound of drunken laughter and out of tune singing coming from outside the tent should’ve been what kept John Laurens up all night; either because he’d be so tempted to join in that he would’ve abandoned his bed immediately, or because the noise would simply be too much for sleep to find him. But no, the men outside, his fellow soldiers, were not the reason for his sleepless state.

Alexander Hamilton was.

John never would’ve thought that the sound of a pen scraping against paper would be his enemy, but as Alex wrote and crossed out, wrote and crossed out John was sure he never wanted to see a piece of parchment ever again.

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Hidden Voices (Track 2)

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, world renown, critically acclaimed rapper has lost his inspiration. In an attempt to start over and regain his lost inspiration, he made the bold decision to move to New York City. There, he meets a quick witted barista named Alex, who unknowingly becomes the source of Thomas’s knew found inspiration.

Authors note: Uploaded on mobile

tag list: @katzun(my dude), @gum-and-chips
New York City was still a mystery to Thomas. He wasn’t New York born and raised like Alex was, so he didn’t know about the hidden gems in the city that the average New York native would know by heart. However, Thomas did have a little trick up his sleeve. He had the newest android phone that had only come out a couple days prior to his and Alex’s date, and luckily, he was fluent in Google.

Per Se was one of the most expensive and highly rated restaurants in New York, (according to Google, Thomas might add). It was a relatively private establishment that surprisingly got Thomas right on the reservation list when he called. Thomas made sure to get a table close to the window, so that Alex could look at the tops of the trees in Central Park, and Thomas in turn could look at Alex.

Currently, Alex was holding a glass of wine looking wide eyed at the skyline beyond Central Park. Thomas grinned knowing full well that Alex had never been at such a high class establishment.

“What do you think, Alexander?”

Alex exhaled slowly as if he was amazed. “It’s wonderful, Thomas. This must have costed a fortune.” He breathed out. This dinner costed more than Alex made in a month.

Thomas smiled softly and reached across the table with both hands. One hand grabbed Alexander’s, which was laying on top of the snow white table cloth, and the other gently grabbed Alex's  chin. Thomas guided it to look at him and Thomas melted. Alex had a certain passionate fire in his eyes that was incomparable to anything on this Earth. Thomas could stare into his eyes all day and happily burn under his firery gaze.

“If I could to spend the evening with you, I would pay with all the riches in the world.“  Alex blushed and stared back at Thomas opening his mouth to say something. But, Thomas raised his finger to his lips to stop him. "Let your lips do all the talking, darlin’ ” He whispered trailing kisses from his jawline to his lips. Thomas was so close to sharing his first kiss with Alexander. Just one more kiss and he would seal the deal. Closer, closer, closer, those pink lips were getting so close Thomas could taste it. He leaned in until they were inches apart and-

“Thomas, wake up! You’re drooling all over that sheet music!”

Thomas jumped hearing his agent’s voice in his beautiful dream. He opened his eyes and saw familiar soundboards, speakers, and crumpled pieces of bad ideas written on paper. He groaned and put his head back down on the table before gently slamming it down a couple of times. Thomas was in way too deep for only knowing Alex for a week.

His agent and lifelong friend, James, shook his head at Thomas’s pathetic, lovestriken state. “Seriously Thomas, you shouldn’t have made this stupid bet. I’ve never seen you struggle this much to write a song, which is surprising because you always miss your deadlines. I need you to quit messing around and write that song for the charity event next month.” He groaned. He loved Thomas, but every single month he gave James a heart attack as deadlines crept onto them.

Thomas waved him off and peeked his eyes out of his arms. “You worry way too much James. What time is it anyway?”

“Eight in the morning. Why?”

Thomas stared at him for a minute before checking the time himself on his phone. It really was eight in the morning. He was late! Thomas swore under his breath and quickly threw his jacket on his body and his hat on his head before making his way towards the door.

“Sorry, James. I have to go.” He said running out the door. James ran after him.

“Thomas, wait, you still need to write that song!”

“Later, I promise.” Thomas yelled from the bottom of the steps and ran to Cafe 525. The place was packed. Thomas watched with fascination as Alex ran back and forth making coffees way too quickly to be humanly possible. But, all it took was one person to notice him to have his attention elsewhere. Suddenly, Thomas was swarmed by people wanting autographs and pictures. Thomas threw on a fake smile and sighed autographs until his hand felt broken. Finally, the crowd died down leaving Thomas and Alex alone. Alex grinned and leaned across the counter sliding over a coffee, large dark roast with a double shot of espresso.

“Well, good morning Mr.Popular. I was afraid you were a no show. Oh, and you still have to pay for the coffee.”

Thomas grumbled and slid over a twenty and read his daily insult. Dumb ass, how original. Thomas took the lid off of his cup so that it could cool. “Do you think I would miss a day where I get to see your ugly mug when you realize that you owe me a date?”

“If you want to see an ugly mug, I hope you brought a mirror.” Damn, he was good. “Phillip, come here a minute!” he yelled to someone in the back. So, there was another person working here…

A college aged kid came out wiping his hands on a familiar purple apron. He had bouncy brown hair and was covered in freckles. Thomas thought that this kid must have gotten all the ladies and even some guys at college if he attended. He reminded Thomas of himself in college. Alex grinned and pointed to Phillip while he made a coffee for himself.

“Thomas this is Phillip, Pip this is Thomas.” Thomas reached over and shook Phillip'a hand.

“Nice to meet ya, Phillip.”

“Likewise, but call me Pip. Phillip is too formal.” Phillip said with a smile.

Alex suddenly butted in throwing Thomas a CD. “Pip will be our judge. You had someone else record it right?”

“Of course, that was the terms of the bet wasn’t it?” Thomas retorted rolling his eyes and folding his arms. Alex really thought he was an idiot didn’t he?

Alex smirked and threw in one of the two unlabeled CDs into the store radio and CD player. The first song Thomas recognized as his own. After much thought, he decided to write what he normally wrote. Usually, Thomas’s songs told a story, which he took from his own life. This one was about the hardships that he faced before he got discovered in San Francisco. He was nearly homeless, working a fast food job, and using most of his money on an in home studio. Soon, the song ended and Alex took it out.

“Alright, that was song number 1. Here’s number 2.” This one was Alex’s song. The first thing that Thomas noticed was the beat. the music was too good to be made in a home studio. Unless, Alex bought the expensive stuff… The song itself was amazing. It was about social problems in the U.S. Thomas deducted that it was from Alex’s past. It told a story of a college kid who’s dreams got crushed because of his ethnicity. It was the most beautiful mixture of story telling and call for social change. After the song ended, Pip immediately chose the second song. Thomas would have done the same honestly..

Alex grinned and smirked at Thomas in the most cocky way. “So, when do we get started?”

The Room Where It Happened - Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

High School AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie & Lil Lambie

Word Count: 1384

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: This was the surprise Lil Lambie was talking about. This is a new series we’re starting and writing together! A new chapter will be up every Thursday. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we love writing it!

“Alright everyone, settle down! This is your term project. Take a paper and pass it down please.” Mr. Washington grumbled, handing the papers to the first row of students.

Alex tore a paper from his notebook, creasing it with the side of his finger. He folded it carefully, making sure everything lined up perfectly. Meanwhile, John was lining up a finished paper airplane. It was perfectly symmetrical, just how Alex liked it. John tapped Alex on the shoulder. He looked up and grinned as he watched John throw the paper plane. It shot into the air, flying over Lafayette’s head, and landed itself perfectly in Thomas’s poofy hair.

Feeling the impact, Thomas whipped his head around to glare at the four laughing boys. He ripped the paper airplane out of his hair and crushed it in his fist. He narrowed his eyes at the boys before smirking. He turned and whispered something incoherent to James before returning his gaze to them. James now had a devious smirk on his face as he quickly began to tear a piece of paper into little balls.

“Boys, please pay attention while I explain this.” Mr. Washington said, Alex and John exchanged mischievous smiles and turned to Washington.

“Sorry, sir. Jefferson started it.” They looked at him as though two children falsely accused. Thomas clenched his teeth and crushed a paper in his hand.

“Thank you, as I was saying, this will be a group project. It will be three to a group.”

Half the class burst into celebratory shouts, the other half in groans. Alex, John, and Lafayette all turned to look at each other and nodded. Thomas turned to Madison. They nodded too, then looked reluctantly at John Adams. He smiled widely at them and waved. Thomas forced a smile. Everyone knew that John was only the backup friend, just to prevent an idiot from joining their group.

“Now don’t get too excited. I will be assigning the groups.” Mr. Washington said, the whole class getting a new sense of dread.

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Hiiii! So I requested an imagine awhile ago and I didn’t see it on the list you posted. It was that y/n was on the tour bus hanging out with the guys one night and she kind of falls asleep but overhears the boys talking about her and jack and jack says he loves her blah blah fluffy stuff. Sorry if I’m annoying. Love your blog. x

AN Sorry for my shitty updating guys, I recently started a zero hour class, and last night I got like one hour of sleep, that was a terrible idea. So I have to wake up earlier which means writing these earlier too. I’m sorry that I’ve made you guys wait for forever I feel like a terrible updater :( I hope you guys still read these like you used to and enjoy them to the fullest :) BTW @ anon, I’m so so sorry that it took this long to get your request, I couldn’t find it anywhere :( I’m setting this in high school with fetus atl I hope you guys don’t mind

Your POV

My three best friends had invited me over to watch a movie. Again. They just couldn’t get enough of our movie nights. Even though we had one yesterday and ended up staying up until all hours of the night, here we were again, watching the same television screen.

Rian’s mom didn’t care if we came over and ate snacks and watched a couple of movies, but I was beyond tired from the night before. No matter what happened, I always ended up sitting next to Jack. Like one of the guys would get up, and when they’d come back they’d go to a different seat, leaving me to sit next to Jack. Countless times they’ve done this.

The movie was kind of quiet and it was lulling me into a sleep, and before long I had fallen asleep on Jack’s shoulder. I was half awake given that Alex was squealing like a girl when I passed out.

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you’re touring with 5sos pt 2

A/N: this is from a while ago, I thought I’d do a part 2 (find part 1 here

“So what happened!!!” Rayanne screeched, only whispering after you slapped her arm. You were sitting with your best friends all smushed into Haley’s bunk, and you were all dying to know what was going on. “Yeah, are you guys dating?” Alex asked, being careful to be somewhat quiet since the boys were playing video games in the back of the bus. 

The three of you looked at her expectantly, and she blushed before answering softly. “We’re not necessarily dating, we’re just having fun ya know? It’s totally casual, not a big deal,” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. You smirked, “Well as long as you guys are being ‘casual’ and safe…...if you know what I mean.” 

Haley smacked you upside the head but you just laughed, sticking your tongue out at her. “Yeah, we’re all super stoked, but just be careful” Rayanne smiled. 

“Yeah” Alex butted in, “If we hear anything about him hurting you I know where to get knives and we’ll castrate him.” You all looked at Alex with shocked expressions but couldn’t help from bursting into laughter; she always was the first one to suggest a violent end for a wrong doing, and really you had not expected anything less. Just then the curtain was flung open to reveal Ashton with a smile on his face, “Hey, what’s got all of you laughing so hard? We can hear you from all the way in the back even with the volume turned up.” You all turned to look at each other but you erupted into yet another fit of giggles, causing Ashton to just look confused and walk away, not before muttering girls….I’ll never understand them. Haley wiped the stray tears from her eyes as she caught her breath from laughing so hard, “Alright guys you know I love you, but get out I’m going to bed.” 

“But Haleyyyyy!” you whined, latching onto her waist and wrapping your legs around her like a koala, “don’t you love me??” 

“Ugh, no” she said, struggling to push you off of her, only managing to shove your face into the mattress. 

“Well that was wicked rude,” you huffed, licking her arm because you knew it would annoy her. And it did. 

“Ew! Y/N! You’re so gross!! Rayanne help me!” she protested. Rayanne just laughed a big nope and shook her head, heading to her own bunk, Alex not far behind her. 

“Ha, you’re in trouble now!” you whispered creepily in her ear, as she tried to unwrap your arms from around her waist. She stopped all of a sudden.  

“If you don’t get off of me I’m gonna get Calum in here” she said quietly. You gasped, “You wouldn’t….” 

“Wanna bet?” she challenged, raising her eyebrows deviously at you. You continued to stare her down, daring her her do it, but she wouldn’t…….

“Oh Cal-” That little snake! She didn’t even get a chance to finish saying his name before you clamped your hand over her mouth, instantly letting go of her. She smacked your hand away, “I knew it!” she whisper- shouted. “I knew you had a crush on him!” You huffed and rolled your eyes; you couldn’t even deny it because she’d see through your flimsy lie. “You should make a move on him” she suggested, giving you a suggestive look. You scoffed, “Me? Make a move on him? Don’t be ridiculous, you know he’s got literally a whole selection of girls he could be with, they practically throw themselves at him…..I mean I would too if I had the balls.” You sighed wistfully before speaking again, “I know it’ll never happen, and I’m fine with that….as long as we can be friends.” 

“Girl that is sad, you need to get it!” Haley pressed, poking you right in the squishy spot below your shoulder/collarbone. You smacked her hand away and got out of her bunk, rolling your eyes. “Goodnight Haley” you said with a smile, walking towards your bunk. 

“Just think about it!” 

“You’re the worst!” 

You just heard her laughing before you got to your bunk. What the….? You were more than surprised to find a familiar body already resting there. “Psst! Cal! Hey you’re in my bunk you fart face” you whispered loudly, poking his cheek and patting his head in hopes that he would get up and move. He brought his hand up to swat yours away but missed, so he let his hand rest beside him. “I know but I’m tired and want cuddles” he mumbled into your pillow. “What?” you could barely hear him, plus he was half unconscious with sleep. You sat on the edge of the bunk trying to hear him better. But instead of repeating what he said he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you into him. “Just stay here with me” he murmured. You definitely heard him that time. Did you really want to sleep with Calum? What if everyone saw you together in the morning? All of these questions were swirling through your mind……But what if this was your only chance? 

You made a quick decision and kicked off your slippers, shimmying down to grab the blanket and brought it to cover the both of you halfway. You turned so your back was to Calum’s chest, leaving a few inches between you just in case. “Also you better not be drooling on my pillow or I swear to our lord and saviour–” 

“Oh hush” Calum said softly, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close so your back was flush against his chest, and he moved so his legs were intertwined with yours. He pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder before muttering a quiet ‘Night Y/N. You felt your entire face and chest flush, and you were glad that you weren’t facing him so he wouldn’t see your rosy cheeks. “Goodnight Cal,” you whispered, before closing your eyes and letting the steady rhythm of his heart lull you to sleep.

part 3 / part 4