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Lena asks Alex for help with Kara. Alex answers every question with a different food. Lena thinks she is crazy but the next morning Kara is complaining about Snapper. Lena runs to get a cinnabun and it works. So thats how Lena learns to have her fridge and pantry stocked.

A/N: I’m sorry this is so short but i tried at least right?

“Hey, Alex. I .. well I have a few questions. I can’t really seem to sooth Kara about Snapper when he hounds her and I was wondering-”


Lena furrowed her brows at the comment.

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I’ve lowkey shipped Meredith and Alex romantically since like… Season 10. Im so so sick of having to keep it a secret because of all the j0lex shippers who seem to be rabid(and frightened if you ask me). So now I’m gonna be loud about it, fight me.

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