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Justlex With Brunette!Alex and Smitten!Justin

Request: Alex let’s his hair go to brown (like miles looked in the movie nerve) and Justin dies inside ??? Like Alex is so pretty and Justin is suffering™


A/N: I found this request super cute, I really hope you like it!


Warnings: Mentions of sexual themes.



Justlex With Brunette!Alex and Smitten!Justin…

  • Okay so it just starts with the roots slightly showing, and Justin doesn’t see much of a difference except Alex’s hair is a little fluffier now that it’s longer

  • Then all of a sudden Alex’s hair grows out super quickly, and he’s got that two-tone thing going on
  • Justin still doesn’t really notice because the ends are blonde, and so that’s still what he sees when he looks at Alex, because now his boyfriends hair is all in his eyes

  • But then Alex gets a haircut, and suddenly there is absolutely no blonde
  • Justin is just excited to finally see it shorter so it isn’t covering his boyfriends beautiful blue eyes, and it takes him a day or two to realise that the blonde is gone

  • Then he absolutely cannot get over it
  • He’ll corner Alex and just run his fingers through his brown locks, which are still long enough to fall over his forehead

  • He’s surprised to see that it’s actually slightly curly, and his hair is just so, so soft
  • “It’s just a haircut, Justin”

  • “Yeah, but it’s your haircut”
  • And Alex almost looks like a completely different person with his slightly longer brown hair, but Justin thinks he looks totally hot

  • Justin takes advantage of the new locks and pulls at Alex’s hair constantly, when they make out, during sex, it becomes his favourite thing in the world to do
  • He even tries to braid it sometimes, though it obviously isn’t long enough to work

  • When they’re in the shower together Justin will use the water give Alex all these different hairstyles. He makes all his hair stand up, gives him a mohawk
  • And Alex stands there and pretends to hate it and get annoyed, but he secretly loves how much Justin likes his natural hair

  • The same thing happens when they get in the pool
  • Justin loves the way it sticks to his face when it’s wet, and better again, he loves when Alex has little water drops dropping off the ends of it

  • Justin runs his hands through Alex’s hair so much more often when it’s that little bit longer
  • And for some reason he finds himself kissing Alex on the head more too

  • When they’re cuddling face to face in bed Justin likes to twirl little locks of the hair with his finger as they talk
  • He finds himself brushing it off Alex’s forehead before he kisses him, and then he just keeps his hands buried in it for a while

  • One day he decides to try a baseball cap on Alex, and he loves the way his hair flows out at the sides
  • He also likes the more delicate look it gives to the boy, Justin likes it when Alex looks like he needs Justin to take care of him

  • More or less Justin just absolutely loves Alex with his natural hair, even though he did love the bleach blonde too
  • And Alex never hears the end of it, but it’s okay, because Justin’s compliments never fail to make him smile

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Imagine this

picture it, National City, 2017

four women own a large house where they give refuge to young queer girls who need a place to stay

-Therese Belivet and Carol Aird own the house. they moved there after Carol’s nasty divorce from her husband to get away from him. Carol owns her furniture store and Therese has just gotten a job working to CatCo Worldwide Media as a photographer

-on their way to NC, they meet two women, Regina Mills and Emma Swan, and their son, Henry. they just left a small town in Maine to escape both their troubled pasts and to start a new life. unfortunately, neither of them have jobs lined up, and the apartment they were supposed to rent was taken off the market at the last second. they can only live off of Regina’s inheritance for so long

-Carol immediately invites the family to live with them, Therese is intimidated at first but finds Emma amusing and Carol and Regina get along well. Henry is bright-eyed and he loves Therese’s photographs, likes to tell stories to go along with them.

-Emma is able to get a job with the National City Police Department as a low-ranking cop, but she’s hoping to move up. Regina hasn’t had any luck, but it just gives her more time to spend with Henry

-the house is large, too large, Therese realizes. one day, as she’s running errands between assignments, she sees a girl on the street. she looks lonely, and like she hasn’t eaten in days, and Therese stops and asks her if she’s okay. the girl tries to keep it together, puts on a brave face, but the tears welling in her eyes betray her. Therese takes the girl home and feeds her and gives her new clothes and a warm place to stay

-Maggie Sawyer doesn’t know why she went to a stranger’s house, but it was better than living on the street. her father had thrown her out only weeks prior, and she’d tried to get in touch with an aunt, only to find that her cell phone had been cut off. so, when the nice stranger had invited her in, she followed

-at dinner that night, the four women, the boy, and the teenage girl sit at the table. Maggie is able to open up about what happened – that she had been outed as gay, that her father had thrown her out, that her mother had tried to stop her father, that it hadn’t been enough – and the hearts of everyone at the table melt. they insist that she stay with them for as long as she needs

-as four out, proud, queer women themselves who’d had their share of hardships because of their sexualities, Regina, Carol, Emma, and Therese know they have to do something – something that goes beyond just helping one queer girl in need

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I’ve lowkey shipped Meredith and Alex romantically since like… Season 10. Im so so sick of having to keep it a secret because of all the j0lex shippers who seem to be rabid(and frightened if you ask me). So now I’m gonna be loud about it, fight me.

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Kismet: Chapter Two

Thanks for the lovely comments, enjoy chapter two!

Title: Kismet

Pairings: Karamel Sanvers

Chapters : 2/5

Previous Chapter: 1

Next ChapterL 3

Chapter Two

Mon-El opened his eyes for the first time in two months to find himself lying on a metal bed in some kind in a cold, clinical looking room. His last memories of sitting in the pod, clutching the necklace that Kara had given to him, that had belonged to her mother, came flashing through his brain and caused him to jolt upright in the bed. He panicked and felt his neck, instantly calming down when he realised that the necklace was still there. It was the only thing he had left of Kara and he wasn’t about to lose it without a fight.

“Okay…where the hell am I?” he questioned even though there was nobody in the room to answer him. As though sensing that he was awake, the door to the room opened and a green skinned, blonde haired humanoid entered the room, dressed in a shade of purple that clashed with his skin but Mon-El wasn’t about to comment on the alien’s fashion sense in case it was hostile. For all he knew bad people had found his ship and captured him.

“Hello Mon-El of Daxam”, the green man greeted, immediately putting the Daxamite on the defensive and wondering how the hell it knew his name. “Welcome to Earth, the 31st century”.

Mon-El stared at him, stunned. “What?!”

“This must be awfully confusing for you, no doubt. I will answer all questions that you might have”.

“Okay…but first who are you and how do you know my name? What do you mean it’s the 31st Century? That’s not possible”.

“My name is Brainiac 5 and I am an android from the planet Colu. I know of you, Mon-El because of your place in Earth’s history along with Supergirl. Your ship fell into a wormhole that took you to a thousand years into the future”, the alien answered calmly and in a monotone as though all of this was perfectly normal. Mon-El gaped incredulously at the android before leaping out of the bed that someone had laid him out on while he was unconscious.

“Okay, I can’t be here. I need to get back to my own time. And if I’m on Earth then I’m going to be dead at any moment”.

“Do not worry about your lead allergy, Mon-El. The atmosphere was cleared hundreds of years ago and even if it wasn’t, Alex Danvers created a serum that would provide a Daxamite with immunity to lead”.

Mon-El froze, surprised by this revelation. “She did?! But how? And why would she bother when they all thought it was impossible for me to return?”

“Hope, I presume”, Brainaic-5 responded. “And in case that any other Daxamite should need it”.

“I hope not. The rest of my people were not so good”, Mon-El frowned.

“So you say. Are you hungry or thirsty for any refreshments, Mon-El? I can send for something if you like”.

“No, I just want to get out of here. If what you say is true then I need to get back to my own time, to Kara”.

“I’m afraid that is currently impossible. The wormhole has closed. However we are working on a way to send you back but it will take time. In the meantime, our team are interested in offering you a place with us”.

“Your team? What team?!”

“The Legion of course”.

Back in the 21st Century

“Kara, you look beautiful. Now stop complaining and help me get into my dress”, Alex ordered. It had been six weeks since Kara’s unexpected pregnancy reveal and today was the day that Alex Danvers was going to marry the love of her life.

They had eventually found a dress that would both flatter and accommodate Kara’s changing figure but today she was feeling extremely self-conscious especially since she was at the awkward stage of her pregnancy where she looked like she had overindulged. However, Alex didn’t care about her sister’s issues. She needed help to get into her dress or risk being late to her own wedding.

Seeing the look on her sister’s face, Kara quickly dropped her own issues and at super speed, zipped and fastened her sister into her long white gown. “You look gorgeous, Alex. Maggie’s going to be left speechless”. Alex’s eyes filled with emotion as a large, dazzling smile stretched at her lips.

“I’m so happy, Kara, I didn’t even know that I could be”.

At Alex’s clear joy on her wedding day, Kara felt her hormones kick in and her own eyes begin to water. “Nobody deserves this more than you, Alex”.

“Except you”, the brunette immediately responded, putting a hand on her sister’s bump. “I wish that you could be as happy as me”.

“I am. I mean I wish Mon-El was here so badly but this baby was an unexpected gift and I couldn’t be happier about it.  A part of him is still with me and I get more family. I’m thrilled”, Kara insisted as her lips quivered at the mention of Mon-El.

“I love you, Kara. I’m with you all the way, you are not alone”, Alex vowed, hugging her sister.

“I know, Alex. Now let’s forget about me. This is your big day, let’s enjoy it”.

Alex and Kara along with Alex’s other bridesmaid, Agent Vasquez, rode in a small limo to the fancy hotel that Alex and Maggie had booked for the wedding.  Eliza was already waiting for her daughter’s outside when they pulled up along with J’onn and Winn. “I can’t believe my little girl’s getting married”, Eliza gushed, immediately fussing over her eldest.

“You look stunning, Alex”, J’onn complimented with an emotional smile on his face.

“Damn girl, you clean up good”, Winn added and received a slap on the back of his head from J’onn.

Alex hugged each of them and beamed, practically radiating with happiness. “Thanks guys. Let’s go inside, I don’t want to keep Maggie waiting”.

The group went inside where Winn and Eliza went to take their seats. Even though Alex wished that her dad could have been there that day, she was happy to have J’onn walk her down the aisle.

The music started to play and Agent Vasquez walked through the doors to the event room, shortly followed by Kara. Kara vaguely registered the beautifully decorated room before her eyes landed on Maggie who was waiting for her bride at the front, dressed in a stunning black tuxedo style gown. Next to her was Maggie’s best person (as they had been calling Kara and Maggie’s friend) and the audience was filled with various DEO and NYPD colleagues.

Once Kara reached the top of the room, the music changed and everyone stood up as Alex entered with J’onn. Kara had a watery smile on her face throughout the entire ceremony as she watched her sister marry the love of her life. As the two kissed after exchanging the rings, her mind involuntarily went to Mon-El and wondered what he would have looked like had he been here to see it. Happy, undoubtedly and inevitably extremely handsome in a suit. Her heart ached at the thought and she forced herself to push him out of her mind, not wanting to ruin Alex’s day with her melancholy thoughts.

An Encounter

alexander hamilton x reader

prompt: alexander hamilton came into the campus cafe ordering the same drink, sitting at the same table, and doing the same thing. you were always curious about the boy but never got to further investigate him. that was until today.

a/n: thank you for all the support lately wow. i’m planning on writing more imagines for more of the characters. i also have a multi-part imagine involving lin i’ll be writing soon :))


Alexander Hamilton was quite the customer.

He’d come into the campus cafe, bag overflowing with notebooks and pages of writings that would occasionally escape his bag and leave a trail behind him. He sat at the same table, the one in the far left corner closest to the window, and ordered the same exact drink, a black coffee with one cream and five sugars. He would continue to write like a maniac for hours upon hours. This happened about three times a week.

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