alex big brother

Something I really need from XMA is Hank walking into the kitchen and finding Alex mixing up some random shit like salt, peanut butter and idk glitter all in this one bowl, and these little kids are with him and Hank is all WTF?

And Alex just looks him dead in the eye with the most serious tone just says “We’re making monster repellant. Boogies under Rosie’s bed hate the smell of salt, the Snag in Lucy’s closet can’t stand peanuts and the Night Man hiding in Nathaniel’s room is scared of glitter because it thinks it’s daylight”

all the kids are just nodding and stirring up this weird as fuck concoction

Big Brother 17: Second Chances, 24 former houseguests, fans vote for 16 houseguests to re-enter the house. 

My cast would be -

Males: Eric Stein, Memphis Garrett, Brian Hart, Lane Elenburg, Russell Kairouz, Dominic Briones, Zach Rance & Donny Thompson

Females: Jen Johnson, Chelsia Hart, Libra Thompson, Keesha Smith, Danielle Murphree, Elissa Slater, Candice Stewart & Brittany Martinez