alex bgc12

watching BGC12 and i REALLY thought i would like at least Redd before the season started, but idk i’m not feeling these girls. Redd is coming across as a bully with all this mess towards Alex. I’m not the biggest fan of Alex but i think they all were acting dumb af with her. Like whats the problem if she walked into the club first? Her commenting about her eyebrows saying shes blessed? She’s not doing anything shes not saying “yes i’m the baddest”. If anything, Loren and Redd are characterizing her. Alex is the way she is because of how she came up, she’s not being malicious with the things shes saying. I think she deserves respect cause she’s not causing drama or anything. I thought it was messed up of her to not bring the girls to the fashion show or whatever, but that was before i saw the whole episode. Now i can see why she didn’t really bring anyone. I wouldn’t either if it seemed like the whole house felt a certain way about me.