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Miles Kane and Alex Turner being cute 

in the official music video for This Is Your Life.

Living With The Hamiltons

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader

Words: 594

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous Philip X reader imagine where him and the reader are either best friends OR enemies (your choice) and one day they get into a really bad argument and the reader is just yelling at him and getting really close to his face until he grabs them and kisses them and afterwards they have to let it sink in that they’re enemies/ or best friends and they just made out? (bonus points for a cameo with alex and Eliza being super cute parents)

A/N: I can never think of argument ideas whoops(or names honestly they’re shit) (After this: George Washington, John Laurens, John Laurens, Philip Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda!)

It wasn’t easy being friends with Philip Hamilton. It wasn’t that he was a bother or anything; he was actually the most amazing person you’ve ever met.

It was your brother, George Eacker.

He hated the Hamilton family with a passion, and never allowed Philip to go anywhere near the house. You were thankful that the Hamiltons were much more kind about letting you visit. Eliza had said that you were always welcome, so you would visit on the days when George was particularly angry.

You loved your brother, but sometimes he was too much to be around.

This was one of those times.

“I just can’t believe him!” Philip exclaimed, raising his voice.


“Y/N, he disparaged my fathers’ legacy!” He continued, pacing around the bedroom.


“I can’t believe your brother would do such a-”

“Philip!” You yelled, frustration evident in your face.


“Can you stop talking about my brother like that? He’s still family!” You scolded, crossing your arms. He didn’t back down.

“Yeah? Well it’s my father!” Philip retorted.

“Well maybe your father isn’t the perfect man you see him as! He did have an affair with another woman for 2 years!” You always knew how to get under his skin, and this would do it easily.

“Oh, you wanna go there? Using a low blow like that I don’t see you getting anywhere in life!” He knew how to get under your skin. You had always talked to Philip about wanting to be important, so this caused your blood to boil.

“Maybe you’re just in insolent little bastard!” You shot back, getting closer to him. “And you’re never the live up to your father’s legacy, you’ll never be as bold as that man because he- mmmphf!” Suddenly Philip pulled you forward, crashing his lips against yours.

“Philip we’re home do you- oh my.” Eliza’s voice rang out, and you immediately pulled away from her son.

“M-Mrs. Hamilton!” You squeaked, turning a bright red.

“Ms. Eacker.” She greeted kindly, giving you a knowing smile and leaving the two of you alone again.

“I-I should go.” You muttered, but Philip’s hand on your wrist stopped you.

“What just happened there, before my mother-” Philip started quietly.

“Yes?” You slowly sat down next to Philip.

“Well, I don’t regret it.” He told you boldly.

“I… I don’t either.” You said, much less boldly.

“What’ll your brother say about this?” He asked, knowing how much George hated the Hamiltons.

“Nothing good. But don’t worry, I won’t stop coming.” You smiled, before taking your leave.

George was so angry at your relationship with Philip that he kicked you out of the home you shared with him. Eliza and Alexander had happily taken you in, and Philip was grateful you were able to live with him, away from the stress of your brother.