alex beauregard

I would like to thank @probablybarpgideas and @swordlesbiansuggestion for the amazing lesbian chart I used for this

A light elf’s face is pretty hard to reach considering how tall they are, but with determination (and shapeshifting) anything is possible!


I am opening 5 Slots for Commissions! First come first server, please contact me via my ask box!

Ballpoint pen - $6

Digital Sketch - $6

Digital Ink - $10

Full Color - $25

(All additional characters are +$3)

I will draw:

Couples, LGBT of any kind, snuggles, cuddles, fight scenes, original characters, most any fandom, all body types!

I will not Draw:

Explicit content of any kind (gore NC17 smut, sex) rape, furries, any sort of discrimination