alex arsenault

met my faves pvris in cologne on thursday! :)
i was literally the last to meet them, when i came up to them i had my hands full with my 4 way split, my notebook for tattoo ideas and a present for each of them!
i made a little box out of paper for each of them and printed stuff they like on every box! brians had chelsea fc symbols on them and the moment i came up to them, he was pointing at it and was like ‘is that for me?’ and i was like ‘yeah, that’s yours’ and he took it immediately and looked it all over and was like ‘aww chelsea! that’s so cool!’! :P then i gave alex his (which had wwe symbols on it) and lynn hers (which had poems by sylvia plath on it) and also a mixed cd, since she was so happy about the first one i gave her in antwerp last year! and matty who was there with them was asking her what’s on the cd and lynn was like ‘florence and the machine, set it off, paramore… so cool’! :)
then i gave them my 4 way split cd to sign and as mattys old band al4w is on there too, alex was like ‘look what it is’ and was showing it to him and he was laughing and was like ‘oh yeah, the old days’! as brian signed it, he was like ‘woah, haven’t seen this since warped tour!’ :P
and i also finally got lynn to write down ‘holy’ for me, since i didn’t manage to do that the last two times i saw them, so i’m really happy about that! :)
then we took the picture and i got to hug all of them and matty also signed the cd! :) they had such big smiles on their faces the entire time!
i already can’t wait to see them again hopefully soon! <3