alex and her doctors


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

What they did before they came to National City

Kara Danvers: Was about to enter the Science Guild of Krypton like the prodigy that she is

Lena Luther: Was literally trying to cure cancer

J'onn J'onzz: Was fighting  to protect his people from genocide

Alex Danvers: Was looking out for her sister and trying to become a doctor

Cat Grant: Was building a media empire that promotes justice and feminism

James Olsen: Was a hardworking journalist that helped Superman fight for justice

Maggie Sawyer: Was a cop that risked her life to protect people

Mon El: Was a spoiled slave owner

I think the reason why I like Bill so much from Doctor Who is because when it comes to creating a realistic character who’s LGBT+ they’re actually doing it right. It’s so incredibly rare for there to be a gay character where their sexuality isn’t the only focus.

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Hey could you maybe write another physical injury/hurt/comfort fic? I'd really need some comfort and the only way my mind accepts it is if it comes because of physical pain.It's like non-physical pain isn't 'worthy' of comfort for my mind.Logically I know that's stupid but my feelings still beg to differ, if that makes sense.And not even that works in real life lol. I ended up in a hospital a couple months back and I refused to let anyone visit and insisted to help out everyone. My mind sucks :(

She’s not wearing her vest when she gets shot.

She’s not wearing her vest and  the bullet just misses collapsing her lung and she’s in surgery for eight hours.

Eight hours during which it takes the combined strength of the Martian Manhunter and Supergirl to keep Alex from torturing and killing the man who shot her.

Despite their unearthly strength, Alex still gets a few solid hits in.

She tries to wash off most of his blood before they finally tell her that her girlfriend is in recovery, that she can go see her (J'onn and Kara had delivered a few carefully worded threats about the hospital’s “family only” policy ahead of Alex’s arrival, mainly to prevent Alex from straight up murdering a nurse or physician’s assistant).


Maggie’s voice is groggy and unfocused, but it’s her voice, it’s her voice, it’s her voice.

“Hey.” Alex’s voice is hoarse from eight hours of screaming and raspy with unshed tears and quaking with she’s alive, she’s okay, she’s okay.

“You look like you’ve been through hell,” Maggie whispers like she’s not the one with oxygen tubes in her nose and IVs in her veins and stitches holding her torso together.

“You were touch and go for a while,” is Alex’s only explanation, and tears flood Maggie’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

“What? No. No, Maggie, you have nothing to – why would you – Maggie, please don’t apologize, I should be, I wasn’t there to protect you – ”

“It was a routine patrol, Danvers. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m fine.”

And she is, she is – Alex has to repeat it like an unending mantra in her head – but her recovery is going to be long, and if Alex thought Maggie was stubborn before, she reaches a whole new level with this.

Because she’s not supposed to walk unassisted.

But Alex catches her getting up to go to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night because “you looked so peaceful sleeping, Danvers.”

And she’s not supposed to change her own bandages, but Alex catches her trying anyway, because “Why should you have all the fun, Danvers?”

And she’s supposed to take her pain meds regularly, but Alex finds the bottle just as full as she left it when she headed out to the DEO, because “They get me loopy and it’s whatever, it’s just a flesh wound at this point.”

“Maggie. I need you to listen to me, and I need you to try and hear me. Okay?”

Maggie gulps because she thinks she knows what’s coming, and her lip trembles and she clenches her jaw because who wants to be with someone who’s gonna take so long to recover from a stupid injury, who wants to be stuck in the house when she could be playing pool, making out, with someone else?

Someone who’s not scared of getting addicted to the pain meds, someone who doesn’t need the damn things to begin with?

“I know you don’t like talking about yourself. And I know you don’t know how to be taken care of. Because I don’t think anyone’s ever really taken care of you. But I want to, Maggie. I want to take care of you. That’s what I’m here for. But I need you to not sabotage that, okay? You have to let your body heal, okay? You have to try and trust me, just a little bit, just enough to take care of you while you’re still healing up. And then you can go back to pretending you can kick my ass at sparring.”

“I can, I can do it right now, Danvers – ”

Alex laughs and Maggie cracks the first real grin she’s had in days.

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Maggie, how could I possibly be mad at you?”

Maggie’s lip wobbles and her jaw clenches and she looks away.

“I’m all needy, and… and boring.”

Alex sighs and lays down next to her, tossing the covers over both of them and propping herself up on a stack of pillows. She grabs at the remote and puts her arm around Maggie’s shoulders and snuggles her close, flipping on Netflix as she kisses Maggie’s temple.

“Mandatory bed rest, Netflix, comfy pillows, and an even comfier girlfriend? How could I ever be bored, Maggie?”

The next time she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she pokes Alex awake timidly and lets her help her hobble inside.

The next time she has to change her bandages, she watches how gentle, how loving, how attentive, how skilled, Alex’s hands are, and she makes Alex blush with a series of comments about her hot doctor girlfriend.

The next time she needs pain meds, she lets Alex regulate her amount and makes sure she eats and has plenty of water.

And the next time she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be taken care of, like it’s just a flesh wound and she should be able to take care of it all herself, she lets Alex kiss her and whisper sweet everythings in her ear, and she lets Alex help her heal.

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Sanvers prompt. Maggie takes a kryptonite bullet to save Kara.

Maggie saw the gun before Supergirl could. She could see the bullets glowing inside the alien gun. She saw it level and the finger squeeze the trigger.

“Kara!” She didn’t think. She just acted.

Maggie jumped up toward Kara and put her hands on Kara’s arms, positioning herself where she needed to be. When Kara finally focused on Maggie, they locked eyes. She saw Maggie lose all the breath in her lungs at once. She grabbed on to Maggie just in time to catch her as her knees gave out.

The blood started at a bright red spot on the back of Maggie’s shirt. The small spot quickly grew and began to trickled onto the floor. “Maggie!” Kara cried out.

Kara knelt over Maggie and fired her heat vision toward where the shot came from. She missed, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was getting Maggie help.

Kara picked up Maggie who had gone limp, eyes slowly closing before jerking back open. “Hold on, Maggie.” She pushed off of the ground, Maggie in her arms.

They flew as fast as Kara could toward the DEO. She prayed that someone there could save her.

“It was…” Maggie tried to talk.

“Shh, we’re almost there,” Kara looked down at Maggie, the wind pushing her hair out of her face.

Maggie put a trembling hand on Kara’s cheek, inadvertently smearing blood across Kara’s cheek. “It was kryptonite.”

“I know,” Kara smiled at Maggie. Tears sprang into her eyes, looking at someone who had grown into an invaluable friend. “You saved me.”

Maggie coughed and a tiny trickle of blood appeared in the corner of her mouth. “Alex – Alex would have killed me.”

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Autistic Kara Danvers thoughts

ok well in j&j hsau which i still haven’t rly started she’s on the spectrum & just

ok so she’s learned that being totally honest w people isn’t always a good thing like she had some trouble when she was younger abt just saying what was on her mind 24/7 & like sometimes it wasn’t nice which she didn’t like & whoever kara was talking to didn’t like either. she’s not mean yknow & just bc she thinks something at one moment doesn’t mean she always thinks it so it takes a while but in the end the only ppl she’s totally completely unreservedly honest w almost all the time are alex & eliza. kara also has trouble with being distracted like she’ll totally dive into something & Not take a break for hours but sometimes like it’s not the thing she’s supposed to be doing so she means to be reading a book for class but she has this essay she hasn’t finished & it’s not due for a week & the book has to be read in two days time but she just can’t focus on the book. also she focuses rly hard & forgets to eat & sleep & stuff so they have to have rly clear schedules so Kara knows what she should be doing & her fam helps her to stick to them & bring her back on topic. sometimes conversations go astray too bc she follows a trail of thought instead of sticking to one thing

anyway here

lena arrives on friday afternoon. school just got out & kara is skating down the road & dare she say it yes she does she’s scoping out the den of the luthors to see if her newest plot could work. it absolutely will - it’s something of a masterpiece she thinks & james & clark & alex agree - which is awesome. it’s all lazy & quiet & she can hear the sprinklers chuffing away in someone’s back yard & everything is in a hazy kind of focus that happens sometimes when she gets tired.

it doesn’t last. this girl slips out of a car in front of the luthor place. she’s Beautiful with long dark hair & the neatest hands folded in front of her & she has nothing of kara’s restless energy she’s still & quiet & she might sink into the sharp lines & modern backdrop of the luthor house like one more classic sculpture except for small little movements. brushes her hair back behind her ear, she tilts her chin up to examine the place, she frowns with the tiniest motion but Kara sees it she can’t not see it she wants to catalogue every detail she

lands with a thud on the ground & groans, pulls her wrist up to her chest.

“ow,” she complains a little pathetically. two seconds & then there’s the skid of tyres & alex is bending down from her bike. kara takes her hand, lets her haul her up & she pouts as alex takes her hand & examines it with gentle fingers. “what’s the diagnosis, doctor danvers?”

“a scrape.” alex FLINGS her hand back when she determines there’s nothing rly wrong w her & kara hisses, clutches her hand protectively to her chest. “your nose is BLEEDING though. we should get you home.”

kara risks a look over Alex’s shoulder but the girl has long since gone inside the house. alex cranes around to see where kara’s looking & rolls her eyes.

“plot later, wash all this off first.”

Kara nods & after five minutes of trying to retrieve her board from under the parked car she had slammed into, they give it up for lost & Kara climbs onto Alex’s bike, feet on the little bars. she pats Alex’s shoulder when she’s ready & alex doesn’t bother taking it slow. she punches her feet down toward the road & complains about how heavy Kara is now she’s not ten anymore & she swerves, pretending to want to throw Kara off & grinning when kara punches her

they make it home without another incident - okay with only one more incident & it was totally not their fault but there was a pothole & they just wanted to see what would happen anyway now they’re both grazed up & eliza closes her eyes for a whole minute when they walk through the front door & sighs when she opens them again & her daughters are standing in front of her still all ripped up & grinning sheepishly.

“hi mum,”

“kitchen Alexandra,”

“ooooh,” Kara teases & quakes when eliza turns a firm glare on her. “hi eliza”

“You get some towels. honestly girls i just want one day, ONE day, where you don’t come home bloody. is that too much to ask?”

there’s a lot of finger pointing & blame going on in the next few minutes & eliza honestly puts two fingers to her mouth & whistles to get them quiet.

kara flinches. “oh i don’t like that,” she says, tone a little disgust but mostly realisation & eliza & alex nod that they’ll remember that.

“kara what happened,” eliza asks & alex groans & stomps away into the kitchen since there’s no way Kara will lie to their mother

“i was scoping out the luthor place when i saw the prettiest girl in the world she was tall but not as tall as me i dont think and she had the loveliest brown hair and green eyes I think but I was pretty far away and she looked so neat and lovely and I,” kara makes a whistling sound but quiet, not sharp, and slaps her hand against her other hand, “into a car and alex helped me up and my wrist isn’t broken I just grazed my hand and my nose bled a little.” it dripped all over her shirt & more when she dabbed at it & now she knows she looks like someone out of a horror movie. eliza looks faintly amused, maybe. amused looks similar to happy & kind but Kara is pretty sure this is amused. Kara continues. “my board got stuck under the car and the girl must’ve gone inside or something because i couldn’t see her anymore which is a shame and alex let me ride on her bike with her and on the way home,”

“what’s this about the prettiest girl?” Alex interrupts & eliza looks even more amused

“that can wait alex,” she smiles. “go on Kara what happened on the way home?”


“did the girl go into the luthor place?” alex asks & kara covers her ears.

“you’re distracting me alex,” she says quietly & stares down at her dirty sneakers & tries not to lose track of her words. “alex rode into a pothole & we fell & walked home.” she leaves out some details like alex asking if she wants to & kara enthusiastically agreeing but at the root of it that is what happened.

“so it was an accident and you didn’t purposefully ride into it?” eliza asks & kara states wide eyed at alex, looking for a prompt.

it never comes & kara gulps. “um. no?”

“mhm.” eliza shakes her head & sighs. “alright kitchen both of you. i will get the towels and alex you help Kara with that graze of hers.”


He’s not here! God knows where he is right now but I promise you, he’s doing whatever the hell he wants and not giving a damn about me! And I’m just fine with that! When you love the Doctor, it’s like loving the stars themselves, you don’t expect a sunset to admire you back! And if I happen to find myself in danger, let me tell you, the Doctor is not stupid enough, or sentimental enough, and he is certainly not in love enough to find himself standing in it with me.

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Sanvers out together run into one of Alex's exes.

Maggie watched the small silver ball bounce around inside of the machine. She turned her eyes toward Alex’s face, all twisted up in concentration. She honestly couldn’t care less about a pinball bar, but Alex loved it and she loved the look on Alex’s face.

The bumper slammed into the ball and it shot up into the small plastic house. Alex fist pumped, “Right into the Addams Family house.”

Maggie laughed and touched Alex’s back as she walked toward the bar. “I’m going to get another. You want one?”

“Please,” Alex politely answered before the ball shot out of the house back into play.

Maggie leaned on the bar that was pretty empty. It was a Tuesday night, but she and Alex were celebrating. Maggie leaned on the bar and waited for the bartender’s attention. “Two beers, please.”

As Maggie waited, a guy slid up next to her at the bar. He was sharply dressed in an expensive suit and perfectly styled hair.  He looked at the mirror behind the bar and offered, “Hey, your shoe’s untied.”

Maggie looked down and saw the laces of her boot on the ground. “Oh. Thanks.” She knelt down to tie it, her jacket pulling away from her belt as she bent.

“Oh, you’re a Detective with NCPD?” he asked, spotting her badge as she tied her shoe.

She stood up. “Yup.”

“Well I thank you for your service,” he nodded to her. “Could I get your drink?”

“No thanks,” Maggie forced a smile at him remembering that her commanding officer told her to start being nicer to the public. “It’s already on my tab.”

He nodded to her. “Fair enough.” He turned toward her, nodding. “Just know that I and the rest of National City thank you for your tireless work.”

Maggie nodded to him, wishing the beers would arrive faster. She glanced at the guy who was apparently just going to wait quietly for the bartender to acknowledge him. She rolled her eyes and decided that she would have to talk to him. She could hear her CO in her ear. You represent NCPD every time you go out into public. People recognize you from the news. Please I’m begging you Maggie, be nice to people.

“So, uh,” Maggie gestured vaguely to the man. “You work at the university.”

He turned to her with a pleasant smile on his face. “Yes I do. Department of Molecular Physics.” He pulled his jacket closed so that Maggie could see the badge he was still wearing. Then he unclipped it and put it into his pocket. “I guess you already saw that though.”

Maggie nodded. “Sure did.” She saw the bartender walking over with two beers and was so thankful until he stopped bringing her the drink to chastise the barback for something. She struggled for something to say to the man she had nothing in common with.


Maggie looked up from the bar and saw Alex walking toward her, but looking at the man she was talking to.

“A-Alex?” he asked. He nervously smiled and stood up, buttoning his suit jacket. “How are you? What are you doing here?”

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