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do you ever just think about Meredith Grey’s monologues as excerpts of the diary she wrote for her kids in case Alzheimers got the worst of her


“When I first got here, he was one of the worst people I had ever met in my life, and now he’s one of the best.”

Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy: Free Falling
Even good marriages fail. One minute you’re standing on solid ground, the next minute- you’re not. And there are always two versions. Yours, and theirs. The both versions start the same way, though. They both start with two people falling in love. You think yours is the one that’s gonna make it. So it always comes as a shock. The moment you realize it’s over. One minute you’re standing on solid ground, the next minute, you’re not.

Uncle Rick vs Cassandra Clare

Rick: I call your Malec ship and raise you a genderfluid trans gender!

Cassandra: I’ll see your transgender and raise you a poly fairy threeway and an autistic!

Rick: Well played madam…..


Grey’s Anatomy: Love, Loss, and Legacy 
We’re so hopeful at the beginning of things. It seems like there’s only a world to be gained, not lost. They say the inability to accept loss is a form of insanity. It’s probably true. But sometimes, it’s the only way to stay alive.


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