Gravity Falls theory: in like eleven months there’s going to be a Huge Announcement that journals 1 and 2 are being produced, but they’re super limited edition

There will be ten copies of journal 2, buried near various elementary schools in Oregon.

And the only way to obtain journal 1 is by fighting Alex Hirsch in a denny’s parking lot


thank you so so so much alex and dana for one of the funniest streams i’ve been to in ages and i can’t believe you guys got $25,000 in donations! 

the requests in order were: mcgucket showing disgust in bonding with the shapeshifter, stanchez, stan and ford doing the iconic titanic pose, dipper meeting morty, a sweet picture of ford huddled around with the family reading his journal, a horrifying (CANON) human bill cipher, and dipper and mabel as teens (dipper is more paranoid and has seen some shit, mabel is going through her goth phase although she’s peppy as ever)

  • Disney XD: Hey, Alex, you sure you don't want to extend Gravity Falls any longer? It's making a killing in the ratings and you can get this shiny new third season right here!
  • Alex Hirsch: Naw, I want this show to be shorter and tell a complete story, so two seasons is enough.
  • Disney XD: Dangit.
  • Craig McCracken: I could take that third sea-
  • Disney XD: Nobody asked you, Craig.