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There was a scene in the very beginning of the season where [Ashley Benson’s character] Hanna wakes up to a dream of younger Spencer talking to her in the cell A.D. put her in. When we came out to the cast about Alex, Ashley said, “Wait, you were a different person in that scene and you didn’t even tell me?” I said, “I wasn’t allowed to tell you!” She was like, “Man, I’m feeling really betrayed right now!” [Laughs]
—  Troian on Alex Drake

Can we talk about Rosewood High’s terrible choices regarding teaching staff?

You got Emily over here overstepping professional boundaries and blackmailing a student, Alison crazy ass is grabbing somebody’s child like she done lost her mind, and Jenna calling her all types of bitches out in the open with witnesses lmao 😂 they be wildin’

how pll characters reacted to finding out who a.d. is
  • aria: who IS this monster? but like really, is it spencer or her evil twin?
  • alison: but *I* was supposed to be the one with an evil twin
  • caleb: ...seems fake but okay
  • emily: whaaaat
  • ezra: i wrote a whole book about alison and her friends but i missed the fact that there were TWO spencers? fffff
  • hanna: why are there two spencers? shit i think i really do need glasses
  • jason: i have ANOTHER SISTER?
  • jenna: lmao i knew who she was before all of you and i only have four senses
  • mona: you would make a great doll for my parisian dollhouse
  • peter: i have ANOTHER KID?
  • spencer: i know i should be more scared but imagine how much shit i could have gotten done with two of me
  • toby: WHAT THE FUCK
  • wren: *shining bright like an eternity stone*

Okay to ANY of you who send Troian Bellisario hate because of Alex being AD. YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. First off: Troian is a fucking great actress who was just doing her fucking job. Secondly: SHE DID A FUCKING GREAT JOB AT ALEX, IF YOU DISAGREE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE FUCKING WATCHED THE SHOW, JUST MOVE ON AND KEEP YOUR STUPID OPINION TO YOURSELF. NO ONE CARES, SOME OF US ACTUALLY ENJOY THIS SHOW?? 

Troian Bellisario is amazing.
Spencer Hastings is amazing.
Alex Drake is amazing.


PLL finale positives

I’m seeing a lot of negativity on my TL at the moment and I know this finale was not as good as we deserve after all these years and that it did not answer everything, but I would hate for us to leave the show angry and upset so I decided to make a list of the things I liked about the finale. Feel free to add to this!

1. Twincer: I really loved Alex’s (or twincer as I prefer to call her) personality and character. She was a true psychopath and I loved it. Yes, the accent was horrendous but Troian nailed it. I loved the crazy in her eyes, the hilarious mimicking, how she went so far and was so heartless and cold blooded and how at the end she truly believed she was spencer. 


3. Wren was truly involved and it made sense! I feel like this was a nod to the wren theorists and the wrencer shippers so that was pretty nice.

4. I liked the fact that we knew about twincer and the liars didn’t. Made it really suspenseful.

5. Twincer and cece’s relationship was sincere, she really loved her and you can tell

6. I still don’t understand who’s side mary is on but I love her either way 

7. The ending scene was wonderful, so very mona.

8. ITS THE LAST EPISODE!!! we need not suffer no more

Marlene: “All your questions will be answered. Everything comes together. You will be very happy because everything finally makes sense. The fans will be mind blown and we are very proud of the reveal. You will not be disappointed.” Me:

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the signs as iconic things from pll
  • aries: wine moms
  • taurus: empanadas and the right sauce
  • gemini: pink drink
  • cancer: alex's british accent
  • leo: who IS this monster?
  • virgo: it's andrew, babe
  • libra: hanna's bang bang dance
  • scorpio: flash mob full of A's
  • sagittarius: pepe, tippi, and bashful, who really deserved better
  • capricorn: detective spanna and the grandma glasses
  • aquarius: jenna can't hear us, she's blind
  • pisces: aria's "ugly cry"