ayye my name’s alex. i’m complete phan trash (and also hella gay). i love fob, mcr, p!atd, and atl. i write sometimes and i attempt to edit things but i’m about as talented as a dead sloth so that doesn’t usually work. i’m pretty musical though which is quite fun and this is really long wow okay
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Wasting The Water

Dan Howell Smut 

Word Count: 1,348


“Daaaaaaan, I’m bored!” you whined, rolling around next to Dan on his bed, while he tapped away on his phone. Dan had been furiously busy the past week, and then when he was around he was too tired to do anything. 

He mumbled something incoherent back to you. You were extremely pissed at the fact that you hadn’t had sex in over a month and then whenever you tried (and failed) to be seductive, Dan made up some bullshit excuse about having to go to a meeting or work on the book or clean something.

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young love (listen)

the kids aren’t alright » fall out boy - young hearts » strange talk - smile » avril lavigne - kiss you » one direction - leather jacket love song » the cribs - she looks so perfect » 5 seconds of summer - sledgehammer » fifth harmony - can’t keep my hands off you » simple plan - kiss me again » we are the in crowd (feat. alex gaskarth) - wherever you are » kesha

under-a-r0ck asked:

you are such a cutie

alex. stop. it 

you are literally goals, your whole aesthetic makes me weak. I’ve been thinking about how long ive been following you it has to have been a couple years now and ive seen you transform into this rad eyebrow goddess. I literally just want to photograph you in a forest or a art gallery somewhere because your face gives me so much life. you are honestly one of my coolest followeres/ people i follow and every time you reblog me i do a little fist bump.

I’m just gushing over the queen of the tumblr eyebrow game #sorrynotsorry