Rawnola + bananas + cinnamon with almond milk for breakfast, à la @aleven11​ // good start to the morning, something you can prepare the night before and put together in less than a minute. [instagram: @planthappy] 

sarahspeer-blog  asked:

Yes! TRUE INSPIRATION! I love your body advice on dry brushing, salt scrubs and coconut oil. Do you have a daily facial routine? I have little bumps that are covered under the skin. How do you glowwww!

:) my face routine (as in what i use) changes depending on the weather and where i am but i always wash my face first thing when i wake up, use a hydrating or clearing spray and then use a face essential oil.  during the day im always using a hydrating or clearing spray and then night time i do the same as the morning pretty much. and i do a scrub usually twice a week and a face mask 1 - 2 times a week to if i get time. i think i really want to share my skin products with you all, i might bottle up a small batch and see if anyones interested hey? xx