Rawnola + bananas + cinnamon with almond milk for breakfast, à la @aleven11​ // good start to the morning, something you can prepare the night before and put together in less than a minute. [instagram: @planthappy] 

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hi, what are some of your favorite blogs? I love yours and want more vegan blogs to follow!

Oh my gosh, I have so many favorites! (Vegan and non vegan-please note this is not a full list of my favorite blogs just some of my favorite vegan blogs I follow. I am so sorry if I forget anyone, I love you all so much!!!)
Here are some favorites 🐝



This is just a quick list of some of the killer vegans I follow, I hope it helps! 💖 (again I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, I do not intend to leave anyone out, I’m on mobile so it was a bit difficult. much love)

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I am sorry if you have already gotten asked this question, but I couldn't find it on your faq! Who are some of your favorite vegan blogs to follow? I am trying to find vegans who spread love and light and positivity, rather than hatred or anger, if that is at all possible :) Your blog is the perfect example! X

Hey! That’s totally okay, thank you so much for checking my FAQ!!

I have the worst memory and I know I’m going to forget some people but here are some cool vegan kids:

eveningdreams blisijas arielerinkaplan sophieseyd floraliris essenaoneill anna-onea cleanbodyfreshstart oats-and-yoga earthlingessie kokosnootjes happylittleveganmite thehappycleanvegan the-peachy-pear runningtothefinish sherry-blossom vegan-veins vegansoil vegan-vibrations veganvibes aleven11 healthycharlotte themilkywhiteway tessbegg earthlingmaxi earthy-soul ti-bacio earthyourself eat-to-thrive rawvegansous active-earthling-ali lavidadeloz edynmackney brawvegan ijustwanttobeahealthyhappyvegan1 samlemerle  avocadoandvegemite