alevel results day

I want to say to everyone getting their results today that no matter what the outcome is I am proud of you and you have still done amazingly well, I mean you survived A levels which is an achievement itself. You should be proud of yourself because you have achieved so much to be getting your results. And remember; a letter of a grade does not define your worth.

Good luck you’ll have done amazing no matter what the result is.

Hello world! I thought I’d save this post for my blog until I was 100% certain where I was going, and that’s the University of Sheffield! It’s my insurance choice, but I’m so so so excited to be studying at such a great uni. For Bristol, I had to get A*AA, and I ended up with ABB. I finally got my A in English Lit which I was over the moon about and I also got a B in Maths (my results for A2 were all awful, but my high A from AS just about saved it, I panicked waaaaay too much this year when I got in the room!). My Art was moderated down to a B, so I’m appealing that as I was predicted to get a high A/A* and was on track for the entire year. Anyway, either way, I’m off to Sheffield, and I’m not disappointed about anything bar the downgrading of my art. I have an education for the next 3 years at a brilliant university and I can’t wait!

Feel free to message me if you’re a student at Sheffield, or you’re also going to be starting in September!

I hope everyone else got what they wanted, and if not, I hope you’re still content and balanced. It may be hard to see through disappointment initially, but in the end you’ll soar. All my love x

Results day is near but remember if you open to envelope to anything less than you want, there are plenty of options so pls don’t forget that you can resit or go to a lower uni and still love it or anything you want, your goals can be achieved through thousands of paths so pls trust me that you’re doing great and you will continue to do so.

To everyone getting results tomorrow (and partly me because I need to reassure myself),


Going Through Clearing.

I went through clearing after getting nothing but rejections from medical school and then not getting the grades I wanted. It’s a stressful but exciting moment, so here’s my tips on how to get through it ready for tomorrows results.

1. Be honest with yourself. This is for the people that are feeling like I was and already know deep down that you’re not gonna get what you want tomorrow. Start to try and accept this now, so that you’re prepared to feel disappointed. This might seem gloomy but it helps to be ready for the emotional roller coaster thats coming. By accepting this early you can clear your mind of the emotions and focus on what you need to do next. 

2. Try to ignore other people and their results/reactions. The day is as much about you as it is about the people who end up splashed through the newspapers for amazing results. Focus on yourself. Be prepared for all sorts of emotions within yourself and from other people. Don’t let others misfortunes/successes get to you. 

3. Think ahead. Think about what universities you might like to go to instead of your original choices tonight. Think about what kind of course you might want to do instead. Personally, I think I greatly benefitted from joining a course with a common first year that allowed me to swap degree (within the subject school) which meant I had another year to figure out where I was going. Also, the degree I’m studying now didn’t have any clearing spaces available, but I’ve still been able to study it because I could swap at the end of first year. I would definitely recommend doing something like this if you’re stuck!

4. Do your research. UCAS is the obvious place to start actually looking at what courses/where has available spaces. I’d also recommend checking out the telegraph and guardian clearing pages, they have course finders and lots and lots of other top tips on how to get through clearing. 

5. Have a list of a few top choices. Based on what you find during your research have a list prepared of order of preference. These available places will change very quickly tomorrow morning so you might not get your top choice. Be prepared for that. Get the phone numbers ready.

6. Collect your results and get on the phone early. AND STAY ON THE PHONE. Don’t give up. All the phone lines will be EXTREMELY busy tomorrow so do not give up if you’re not getting through. I probably pressed redial about 50 times before I got through, and when I did I managed to nab the last spot on the course. KEEP RINGING! Get your results early and start calling early so you reduce the chances of you missing out on the course space you want. 

7. CELEBRATE! I found clearing quite stressful but once you’ve secured a place the relief will be amazing. And just because you didn’t get the results you’d hoped for? That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate - you’ve still managed to complete this chapter in your life and move on to a new one. That’s definitely something worth celebrating. Your results day may not have started how you want it to, but you can still enjoy it. 

And I think that’s pretty much it. I ended up in a uni I hadn’t wanted to go to on a course I hadn’t wanted to do, but I’ve had such an amazing time and I love what I’m studying and the friends I’ve made. Uni has been the best experience of my life so far, and I’m kinda glad that things didn’t quite work out how I wanted them to, because so many good things have come of it. Hopefully you won’t need to use these tips but if you do, remember that you can still have the best experience out of it.


hi everyone! so, it’s that time of year again - many of you will be feeling relaxed and others will be nervous wrecks (just as i was!). 18th August 2016 marks the start of a new journey for you, how exciting! I want to assert that it’s okay to receive a grade that wasn’t expected. Whether your grades are good or bad, you will lead a beautiful life and either way - there can be positive outcomes, if you just sit down, relax and clear your head. Good luck everyone!!

For results day, you will need…

  • Your grade sheets (GCSE, AS, A2)
  • A mobile phone
  • A bottle of water
  • Perhaps a laptop?
  • Phone charger/laptop charger
  • Scrap bit of paper 
  • Pen
  • A list of universities and their numbers
  • A clear, positive mindset

1. (A2) Write down a list of clearing/adjustment numbers for the universities you may wish to call. Here’s to staying organised - be prepared if things don’t turn out the way you had planned. Writing a list of clearing numbers will be extremely useful, it will ensure that you don’t waste time looking for their numbers and you can get straight into calling!

2. If you get the grades you wanted - GO CELEBRATE! Well done! You’ve just passed one of the most difficult parts of your life with flying colours! It’s time to celebrate, honestly you probably worked extremely hard for it, and you deserve it!

3. (A2) If you got better grades than you were predicted - go through adjustment. This is the process of calling up your dream uni and asking for a place - you’ve excelled and achieved the grades for their entry requirements, it’s well worth a shot! Obviously, universities like Oxford and Cambridge do not participate in clearing or adjustment. 

4. (AS) Choose which subject you want to drop, wisely! A-levels are difficult (if you haven’t already noticed this by now). It’s really important to stick with the subjects that you enjoy as this will keep you motivated. You may wish to drop the subjects that you didn’t do so well in. Do not come into peer-pressure, this will only make studying difficult for you in the future!

5. Be positive, and remind yourself that whatever happens, there is a solution! if it helps, i didn’t quite achieve the grades that i wanted to. Now, i’m at a good university studying neuroscience w/ psychology, i got in through clearing. Positive things happen to those who have a positive mindset, be practical and do not let yourself be disheartened. You will get the grades that you want, and if you don’t - well, your grades DO NOT define you.

6. Speak to a teacher. I cannot stress how helpful this was for me, it’s always useful speaking to a teacher as they’re aware of what you could do with the grades that you have achieved! They will not only be extremely informative, they will help to calm you down and help keep your chin up. 

6. (A2) Clearing is not scary. Have a list of your GCSE, AS and A2 grades handy, you will need them! Okay, so you may need to go through clearing - i assure you, this process is not scary at all, you will be speaking to university students, not professors! You will be asked for the grades you got and might be asked a few questions about your chosen course - they’re not trying to intimidate you or trip you up

7. (A2) Clearing - universities will tell you straight away if you’ve got a spot or not! You won’t have to wait a long time before they tell you whether they’ll give you a spot or not. If they do, brilliant! You can tick it off on your list, perhaps you might still want to continue calling other uni’s. If not, it’s not the end of the world!

8. (A2) THINK - do you want to change your course choice? This is one of the most trickiest decisions you will make. It’s worth it having a plan B before you get to this stage - I had to make it too! Before opting for neuro w/ psych, i wanted to do biomedical sciences. If this is the case, you might want to update your personal statement and make it relevant - universities might ask you to email it to them! (do this beforehand). 

9. (A2) Your clearing universities have offered you a place - time to choose! Don’t feel pressured by this stage, you don’t have to choose a university straight away. Usually, you will have a few days to think about it and pick wisely. However, if you’re the type to want it over and done with (like i was), you can pick your university via your UCAS account, under clearing.

10. Rest, rest, rest! Whatever happens will work itself out. The main thing is that you’ve worked exceptionally hard! Give yourself a pat on the back and look forward to university! Even if you’re not going to university after results day, it’s okay! There are tons of other ways to be successful - and there are lots of alternatives to university. Apprenticeships, gap years, perhaps studying overseas, taking extra qualifications, re-doing a few modules etc. Don’t worry!

A friendly reminder that your grades do not define you! Whatever happens will be for the absolute best, and you will end up hopefully loving what you do! Remember to keep positive, even if things don’t seem to be going your way - good things will come! Explore your options and do not be closed minded! Good luck everyone! xo