Since secondary school, I never really used the planner provided by the school. Why? I have no idea. It’s just never really attracted me.  I have always been more drawn to making my own lists and it’s worked. Upon discovering the studyblr community, I also discovered the bullet journal. I’ve been using it since last year and I absolutely love it. This is how I set up mine! 

Monthly Goals Page

The monthly goals page is something that I have started incorporating. I will write the month in the middle of the page and then draw out a few arrows. Those first few arrows are the goals that I wish to achieve or work towards that particular month.Things such as keeping on top of work. Then from those arrows, I will draw other arrows coming out of it. These will be things that I need to do in order to achieve that particular goal. Sticking with the example of keeping on top of work, I will draw arrows and write things such as “do homework on the day that it’s set” and “never leave things last minute”. Having a monthly goals page motivates me as I get to see,visually, my goals. 

Monthly Overview

This is the page whereby I write down important events in that month and later on, one thing that I achieved that day. Monthly overview will let you look at what you have to do this month and what you have done when you look back at the end of the month. When there is no even scheduled in the monthly overview, I use it as a tool to see how productive I’ve been. So from the task page, I will write down which task I’ve completed on the monthly overview section. I also have a habit tracker on the monthly overview section. I’ll pick from three to five habits and make a tracker. This has helped me greatly as it has allowed me to create habits in my everyday life! 

Task page

This is basically the lists of tasks that you need to complete in a day. I have a key for different types of tasks such as homework. Make sure that you don’t overload your tasks page as it will just cause you to become stressed.You can add doodles and other drawings to customise it however I just use a simple layout.