17/11/16 // came home from school at lunch time today because I had two frees last. I’ve taken my dog for a walk in the wind & rain and managed to catch up with my planner and english literature analysis of a street car named desire. now I’m about to try and finish my english language coursework for tomorrow ahh wish me luck📝🍂


👽[02/11/16] ~ [57/100 days of productivity]👽

some pictures from my week. Been studying Spanish for hours as I have my speaking tomorrow oh dear. Can’t believe one of my posts has over 600 likes&Reblogs like what?! Tysm😊

I love doodling to calm me down before exams. Tomorrow I have my A2 English Lit, so making this last min prep sheet is my way of chilling and prepping for my two and a half hours of intense writing. I also often get a lot of asks about my writing styles, so I thought it might also help with that!

Re-written my aromatic compound chapter notes, got loads to do today but if I finish the questions soon, I could start another chemistry chapter tonight 👍🏼

05/01/2017 | 2/100 days of productivity