17/11/16 // came home from school at lunch time today because I had two frees last. I’ve taken my dog for a walk in the wind & rain and managed to catch up with my planner and english literature analysis of a street car named desire. now I’m about to try and finish my english language coursework for tomorrow ahh wish me luck📝🍂

How I: Make Revision Notes

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a productive day. 

I decided to remake a post about how I make revision notes. What’s different about this one? Well, it’s a lot more detailed! I’m really sorry that the font is so small but I needed to fit the information onto the picture (if you click on the post, the font looks larger) If you guys have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to message me! 

Wednesday 9th November, 2016

So, as some of you guys may know last year I decided to resit year 12 and today- on the bus journey back home- I thought to myself, “what am I doing different?” and upon reflection, these are the six things that I’m doing differently compared to last year. 

Could we just please acknowledge the fact that Donald Trump is president? It’s absolutely horrifying. 


👽[02/11/16] ~ [57/100 days of productivity]👽

some pictures from my week. Been studying Spanish for hours as I have my speaking tomorrow oh dear. Can’t believe one of my posts has over 600 likes&Reblogs like what?! Tysm😊

I love doodling to calm me down before exams. Tomorrow I have my A2 English Lit, so making this last min prep sheet is my way of chilling and prepping for my two and a half hours of intense writing. I also often get a lot of asks about my writing styles, so I thought it might also help with that!