aleve d

Ross Lynch Imagine: Airport Sickness.

Today wasn’t the best day for Ross. He was sick, kept having headaches, throwing up, and so on. Currently, we’re at the airport waiting for the tour bus to arrive so we could go to Canada. It was suppose to be here when we landed, but sadly it’s not. “Ross maybe you should get some rest before you go to that interview.“ I told him. “I know baby girl, but that’s kinda hard to do with these fans making all this noise.” He replied back. I offered him to sit in my lap to make it a comfortable position for him and he agreed. So, he climbed over and sat in my lap with his head on my chest and wrapped his arms around my waist. I grabbed a blanket and draped it over us. “Just try to block ‘em out, okay?“ I asked kissing the top of his head. He nodded. He grabbed my right hand and put it on top of his head. That was a signal for me to start rubbing my fingers through his hair. I always do it back at home to make him fall asleep. He loves it. “Y/N?” He asked. “Yeah, Ross?“ “I love you.” He said looking up into my eyes. I giggled and said, “I really do wanna kiss you right now, but I don’t wanna get myself sick.“ He pouted and pretended to cry. I lifted up his chin and kissed his nose. He gave me the ‘Are you serious’ look. I laughed and whispered, “Go to sleep, Ross.” I continued rubbing my fingers through his hair. After 15 minutes he fell into a deep slumber. It wasn’t long before two fans walked over to where we were. “OH MY GOSH, IT’S ROSS LYNCH!!“ One of them exclaimed. “Could you please keep it down? He’s not feeling to well and he needs to be well rested.” I said trying to reason her. She gave me the evil eye and said, “NOBODY WAS TALKING TO YOU Y/N!!“ Her friend said. “Well who else were you talking to if you weren’t talking to me? It couldn’t have been Ross cause he’s asleep.” I asked. Ross shifted underneath me, and mumbled, “I have a headache.“ I kissed his head and said, “Ill handle it in a minute just go back to sleep.” Riker walked over and asked, “Is there a problem here?“ “OH MY GOSH, IT’S RIKER LYNCH!!” The two girls said at the same time. I covered Ross’s ears so he wouldn’t hear it. “Do you not see that my brother is trying to sleep due to sickness? He needs to get some rest and you girls are making it difficult for him to do so.“ Riker said. The girls looked shocked. “So, I think we would all appreciate it if you lowered your voice and walked away.” I added. Riker nodded in agreement. Soon they walked away, and Riker said, “Im so sorry Y/N.“ “Its okay. Thanks for the help, but could you do me a favor?” He nodded. “Could you hand me that bottle of Aleve D in my bag?“ He turned around and rummaged through my bag and finally found them. “Its like a hurricane in there!” Riker said and laughed. “Shut up. But thank you.“ I replied. “Rossssssss.” I said poking him. “Rossssssssss.“ I said for a second time. He whined and said, “Noooo.” “Fine then I guess you don’t want your pill. You know, the one that makes the pain go away up here.“ I said in a British accent while gesturing to his head. He sat up and stretched. “That’s what I thought.” He glared at me. “Okay, I’m sorry!“ He giggled and dramatically hugged me. “Your my new cuddle buddy!” He exclaimed. “New? Who was the old one?!“ I asked in shock. He looked up at me and scratched his head. “Umm, yeah. You know your stuffed animal, Mr. Vonderdangle?” I nodded. “Before you flew out to Spain, I kinda took him and I may have cuddled with him a little.“ “You monster!! I was looking for him when you were gone!” I said. He giggled like a little kid. “But if it makes you feel any better, the only reason I took him is so he could remind me of you.“ He smiled up at me. I motioned for him to get closer and I whispered, “That’s very sweet, but I swear if you ever take Mr. Vonderdangle without my permission, I will hunt you down.” I warned him. He put his hands up in surrender. “Now here take your pill.“ I gave him his pill and he swallowed it. He leaned forward and kissed my lips. “I love you Y/N.” He whispered. We both started pecking each others lips before I pulled away. “What?“ He asked. “You did that on purpose! Now I’m gonna get sick!” I said. “Maybeeee? But hey, at least we’ll be sick together.“ He said running his fingers through my hair. I smiled and stood up stretching. My shirt rose up a little and Ross walked over and pulled it down. “That’s only for me to see.” He said looking into my eyes. “Tour bus is here you two love birds!“ We heard Rydel say. I turned to Ross and kissed him. “I love you.” I said. He stole a kiss and whispered, “I know, but I love you more.“

Okay so hear me out:

Fake AH Crew Ray who used to be a pharmacy tech. 18 years old, fresh out of high school Ray in NYC, working in a chain pharmacy to support himself, learning the ropes for a few years until shit happens and he leaves for Los Santos. After all, it pays way better to sell drugs illegally.

He makes his name with the sniper rifle, but when money’s tight he drifts through a store in the daytime, checks out the camera situations, then cruises back through at night, stealing all the good stuff and cashing in for the next few days. He doesn’t even have to show weapons, thanks to policies that he knows value employee lives and lawsuits over drug inventory.

Once he joins the crew, it doesn’t come up until some low level boss tries to sell Geoff a couple cases of what he claims to be Percocet. Geoff and Jack aren’t sure whether or not to close the deal, when Ray pops in and says, “Yep. That’s Mallinckrodt. Real deal.”

Later on, Gav gets a serious case of the snuffles, (and with that nose, it’s a mess) and Michael and Ray go to the closest drugstore.

“Put down the fucking Mucinex. He doesn’t need any dextromethorphan.”

“My IDs a no-go, dude. Non-driver its suspicious. Just go ask for Aleve-D and don’t look so shady.”