Round 1 ("G.G.ALESTE")
Keiji Takeuchi, Toshiaki Sakoda, Masanobu Tsukamoto, IMAMI PON
Round 1 ("G.G.ALESTE")

Disc Station 98 #16 [Music Synups] (PC-98), 1992
Original: Keiji Takeuchi, Toshiaki Sakoda, Masanobu Tsukamoto
Arranger: IMAMI PON

A difficult-to-access OPN arrangement of the opening stage from GG Aleste (or Galvanic Gunner Aleste on the box), programmed by co-composer of GG Aleste II, IMAMI PON. To my knowledge, recorded, documented and posted to the Web for the first time in a listenable format!

I find it interesting how much this still sounds like music from a handheld. Super chunky mix, very simplistic FM instruments, and the SSG is front and center. This sounds less like an arrangement for PC-98 and more like a reimagining of the game on a fictional portable PC-8801. PC-88 GT??

“The only theory of ultimate interest about the Tarot is that it is an admirable symbolic picture of the Universe, based on the Holy Qabalah.”

Alester Crowley: The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians