A Van in the Sea by Alessandro Puccinelli

In 2011 I decided to buy an old (but super well constructed) motorhome and move it along the south coast of Portugal in some of my favorite places along the european coast. I did that just to be able to take care of my personal photography project and also… because I just wanted to do what I like. Here is a small series of images taken in 2013 before to go to sleep. 


Alessandro Puccinelli (born 1969) is a professional photographer, living between Italy and Portugal (previously).

All my personal works are about the sea, 
as the presence of the ocean in my everyday life is a balancing factor that helps me reconnect with that internal equilibrium which, as a human being I, all too easily, lose.

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For his collection I Traveled the Seven Seas and I’m Still Alive, photographer Alessandro Puccinelli captured images of garbage taken from the ocean. Puccinelli says of the project, “I wanted to idealize the objects found on the beach, pointing attention to the fact that after being in between storms, waves, and hot sun, these objects are still there.” The photos are an example of how, despite many trials and tribulations, resiliency allows us to remain intact.