alessandro del piero


Gianluigi Buffon talking about Paulo Dybala and Alessandro Del Piero:

“First of all, I wish Dybala doesn’t wear Del Piero glasses!”

“Thinking that someone can make a career like Del Piero in Juve I think it’s almost impossible because at the end Alex represented the dream for every fan, he was the one who realized dreams for the role he had for the goals he played for the games. It was something unique. Paulo has all the qualities and features to have the same kind of career, but today the football world has changed, so he really needs to have a lot of conviction to succeed.“


It’s just like when a love story ends or when you have to give up on something you really care about; there is pain for leaving and on the other side there are melting memories of what it has been.
It’s been a ‘wet’ goodbye, it was like suddenly a cloud of pain condensed on Juventus Stadium, it became rain.. tears. Everyone was crying, children were crying, old people were crying, women were crying, men were crying, guys were crying. At the end I started crying a little bit too because my last thought about Del Piero was that when my son will ask me about someone to learn from about life and football, I’ll tell him about Alex Del Piero.
” — Fabio Caressa about Del Piero’s last match.


Alessandro Del Piero, Forward

  • All-time appearances for Juventus in all competitions (705 appearances)
  • All-Time leading scorer for Juventus (290 goals: 186 goals in open play, 62 goals from penalties, 42 goals from free-kicks)
  • All-Time decisive goals holder for Juventus (135)
  • Second most minutes played holder for Juventus (48,363)
  • Second most appearances for Juventus in the Supercoppa Italiana (6 appearances)
  • Most appearances for Juventus in Serie A (478 appearances)
  • Second most appearances for Juventus in the UEFA Champions League (92 appearances)
  • Most goals scored in a single season by a Sydney FC player (14)
  • Most goals from free kicks for a single Serie A club in all competitions (43 goals, alongside Siniša Mihajlović)
  • Italian player with the most seasons with 10 goals or more (17 seasons)
  • Most goals scored by an Italian international as a substitute (5)

…it was HIS free kick goal against Lazio which got us on top of the table in 2012, it was HIS goal which made us win the scudetto after going through hell and back, it was HIM who lifted the first out of six scudetti…without HIM we wouldn’t be where we are today.


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