alessandra bisi


Tumblr Artist

Alessandra Bisi | on Tumblr (Italy)

Ceneri. Mixed media collage on wood treated with cards before, 50x70 (2003)
Grigiobianchi. Collage and painting on wood, 50x60 (2006)

Alessandra Bisi is a painter from Milano. After a traditional education in art, her present approach to painting is abstract. Her art continuously researches the relationship between color and space to achieve a composition that is simultaneously form and emotional expression. Interested in mixed techniques, she uses in her collages the paper as color. Throught her art, she wishes to capture feelings and emotions, interior and intense manifestations, that are not expressed with words. Using chromatic relationships, their strength and form, she intends to articulate a mental process. Stimulated by nature and by daily life, she paints an ideal world and expresses the traces and facts of her life. Please visit artist’s website or follow her Tumblr. (Interview with artist by Artchipel Jan-2013)

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