alert at night

The Lonely Tree (Part 11)

Word Count: 1332

Summary: Campus security sends out a crime alert during your late night at the library.

Warnings: Language probably

A/N: This happened to me except I definitely wasn’t this calm, and I definitely did not have a Steve. Lame, right?

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The incessant buzzing of your phone against the wood beside your face drew you reluctantly from your much-needed sleep. You were disoriented at first, noting the old lamps, polished tables, and endless shelves of the library and a few of your fellow students squirming agitatedly in their chairs as they studied. Eyeing the distressingly thick packet of papers you still had to read through tonight with distaste, you hardly noticed when your phone stopped vibrating. It started up again almost immediately, and you let out a grumpy sigh and snatched it up from the table.

“Hello,” you mumbled through a yawn.

“Y/N? Finally! Why haven’t you been answering your phone? Where are you? Are you okay? Please tell me you’re not still at the library.”

The urgency and speed with which Steve was speaking cut through the haze leftover from your impromptu nap.

“What? Umm… Yeah I’m still at the library. Why?”

“Stay there. Wait in the lobby. I’m coming to get you.” His tone was firm, and his words seemed more a command than a request.

“Why? What’s going on?” you asked, rubbing a hand over your eyes in tired frustration.

“Check your messages. I’m on my way.”

Before you could respond, the call ended, and you frowned down at your phone. You had seven unread messages.

The first was a text blast from campus security.

Crime Alert: A student has just reported being attacked and robbed outside of the College Center. Details to follow. Please remain indoors, and if you must travel, call campus security to escort you safely to your next location.

With a time stamp only one minute later came a stream of texts from Steve:

Please tell me you’re at home


You’re not still at the library are you??


I’m going to assume you fell asleep at the library again

Stay put. I’m coming to get you.

Suddenly significantly more awake than you were moments before, you shoved your chair back and started packing up your stuff as quickly as you were able. You barely made it down the stairs and to the lobby before Steve came bursting through the front doors flushed and slightly out of breath. Before you had a chance to speak, he was crossing the room towards you and sweeping you into a tight hug.

“Steve, relax,” you huffed out, squirming a little in his embrace. “Why are you out of breath? Please tell me you didn’t run over here. I’m perfectly safe in here, you know.”

“You gotta start answering your phone, Y/N. You’re gonna give me a heart attack one of these days,” he complained, pressing you even tighter against his chest.

“You’re too young for a heart attack, Steve.”

“You’re aging me prematurely.”

“Well, you don’t look a day over ninety. Take it easy, old man. I can’t breathe,” you teased lightly, pushing lightly against his chest where your hands were trapped between the two of you.

Steve loosened his hold on you reluctantly, shifting to stand beside you with an arm curled protectively around your shoulders as he ushered you towards the doors.

“I would have been fine, you know. The message said I could have called security for an escort,” you said, nudging him gently.

“But you wouldn’t have,” Steve said quietly, eyes scanning and rescanning your surroundings in a constant sweep, urging you along the path with quick steps and a firm grip.

“Did you?” you questioned cheekily.

“No, I didn’t, but I hardly think I make for an easy target.”

“If the person has got a gun, I really don’t think it matters how broad your shoulders are, Steven,” you argued.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Bucky.”

“And apparently you haven’t been spending enough time with Bucky.”

“If you want me to apologize for being worried about you, you’re going to be sorely disappointed,” Steve sighed as you dug your ID out of your pocket to swipe into your dorm building.

When the light on the card reader flashed green, Steve stepped forward to pull open the door, holding it for you as you slipped inside.

“I’m not asking you to apologize, I just – Steve?” you turned back in confusion when you didn’t feel his arm come back around you. Seeing Steve on the other side of the door headed down the front steps, you shoved the door open and called after him.


“Where are you going?” you asked, reaching out a hand towards him. “Get in here!”

“I’m going home,” he said slowly, brows furrowed with obvious confusion.

“Like hell you are! We don’t know what’s going on out there. It’s not safe!”

“I made the trip alone once before and turned out okay.” Amusement was creeping into his voice now, and you rolled your eyes.

“Steve, come on,” you said seriously, leaning to take both his hands in yours and tug him towards you. “I really don’t want you wandering around out there tonight.”

“I promise you I’ll be safe. I’ll text you when I get back,” he said quietly, but you saw his shoulders relaxing just a little and knew you had almost won.

“Not good enough,” you said with a solemn shake of your head. “What if someone breaks into my dorm, and I don’t have my dashing blonde hero around to save me? Natasha isn’t even coming home tonight. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“You’re laying it on a little thick there, Y/N,” Steve said with a rueful smile.

“Please, just crash here with me tonight. I’ll feel a lot better with you here with me, and you’ll feel better knowing I’m not all alone.” You gave his hands another tug, and Steve stepped towards you with a resigned sigh.

“Fine,” he said quietly. You smiled brightly and pulled him inside with you, leading him by the hand as you made your way up the stairs to your room.

“You don’t have to act so stuffy, you know,” you teased. “It’s not like we haven’t shared a bed before.”

“Yes, I am perfectly aware.” As nonchalant as he tried to sound, Steve still blushed when you handed him the long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants you had borrowed from him a few days before after you had played in the rain… after you had kissed him.

“I suppose we’ve never shared my bed before, but it isn’t all that different. Although, I think yours might be better.

While Steve was in the bathroom changing clothes, you slipped into your pajamas and retrieved the papers you had been reading from your backpack. You had only just found your place again when they were unceremoniously snatched from your hands.

“Stop it. You need to sleep,” Steve said sternly, dropping the papers onto your desk and pushing you towards your bed.

“I have to read those for class tomorrow!” you protested, but Steve only shook his head and pulled back the covers for you.

“At this point it seems like you’re surviving purely on naps. You need a decent night of sleep, Y/N.”

You huffed childishly, but set an alarm on your phone for the morning and crawled into bed, scooting until your back hit the wall to make room for Steve. When he hesitated, you felt a flush of embarrassment.

“I can sleep in Nat’s bed tonight, and you can take mine if that would make you more comfortable,” you whispered, trailing off in surprise at the haste with which Steve slid into bed beside you, gathering you up in his arms to pull you against his chest.

“I’m fine with the company,” he said quickly, and you bit back a smile as you laid your head on his shoulder.

“Me too.”

“More than fine…” Steve ventured nervously, and you lifted your head to look at him, smile still very much in place.

“Me too,” you murmured, ducking to place a soft kiss on his cheek before dropping to lay back on his chest. “Goodnight, Stevie.”


Part 12 

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And the OSCAR goes to…Rhysand the High Lord of the Night Court for his performance in the Court of Thorns and Roses

me after finishing ACOMAF. BOOOOOY,  I didn’t see so many things coming, it was like a parade of plot twists. Well done my baby boy…well done

His name should be written in the Walk of Fame of Prythian and he should receive an honorary oscar for his acting skills at the end of ACOMAF too

UPDATE: Avonte's Law did not pass the Senate!

Thank you to all of you who called and emailed your Senators on this issue. As many of you saw, we sent out an urgent action alert on Friday night about Kevin and Avonte’s Law, a bill which funded tracking devices for autistic children, and paid for it by defunding an effective community-policing program. The Senate is now in recess, and Kevin and Avonte’s law was not brought to the floor for a vote. This is a victory for our community. Thank you for your advocacy. Your voices are needed more now than ever. Nothing About Us Without Us!

  • Me: I am so curious about Doug Eiffel's backstory, what happened to his daughter and why was he accused of kidnapping??? The curiosity is eating me alive, I simply must know what happened, I can't wait until we find out
  • Eiffel: Kidnapping isn't the worst part! You wanna know? You want a story?
  • Me, immediately sobbing: No no i do not, let's never speak about this ever again

so there was an amber alert last night and everyone was on the watch for this kid but, it turns out the woman thought someone stole her car with the kid in it, but she just forgot to put it in park and the car rolled off the hill into the woods and they didnt find the kid for hours. never change nepa

Writer Problems #713

When you want to write every single thing on your WIP list at the same time, start 10 word documents and type like a paragraph into each, and then realize you have no idea what you’re doing.

I’m going to continue working on this challenge fic for now (Alpha!Bones alert!) and see where the night takes me!

Don’t worry lovelies - I’ll get to all of the requests I have waiting as soon as I can!


The Signs As Town of Salem Town Roles

Aries: The Veteran - This is a really fun role to play. When it’s night time, you get to choose whether you go on an alert, and if someone visits you that night, then you shoot them (town, mafia, or anyone). Aries plays this role by spewing propaganda into town to make people visit them, and then alerting at night. Aries is looking to kill the most people in one night they can.

Taurus: The Bodyguard - I like to call this is “do whatever” role. The Bodyguard must choose one person at night to guard, and if this person if attacked, you will die in their place as well as the one who attacked them. Taurus plays this role by random defending people at night and just hoping they pick someone who isn’t a target. 

Gemini: The Mayor - Both the most important and most annoying role there is. The Mayor is the head of the town, and they get to choose to ‘reveal’ themselves as the Mayor to the town. Once they do, they get 3 votes on who will be killed, so bad roles will be effectively outnumbered. People always defend the Mayor and talk to them lots, so Gemini loves to play the social Mayor. They whisper people constantly and really lead town.

Cancer: The Lookout - This role can easily end a game for an Serial Killer or the Mafia. The Lookout has to choose one person at night to watch, and at the end of the night, they see who visited them. Cancer plays this role by stealthily trying to work out who will die next, and watching them at night to catch the culprit. Once Cancer is sure who it is, they get Town to kill them off and win the game.

Leo: The Vampire Hunter - Playing this role feels like your own version of Buffy. You get to hear what the vampires say to each other at night and use this to work out who you should attempt to stake, and therefore kill. Leo plays the game by plotting bait in the daytime to make the vampires visit them, so Leo can stake them. Leo is no holds barred when it comes to trying to stake them all to eventually becoming a Vigilante - who uses their one shot on a random person who turned out to be bad (lucky shot, Leo!).

Virgo: The Medium - Everyone says there is the Medium’s Curse, which is when you die on the first day despite no one knowing you’re the Medium. But if you can get past that, which Virgo somehow does, then Medium is quite fun. When people die, they can stay in the game and talk to the Medium at night. It is the Medium’s job to take the dead’s information and suspicions they never got to say when they’re alive, and tell the town. Virgo has to be careful not to get fake Mafia names from a dead Mafia and accidently bring around the death of a fellow townie.

Libra: The Sheriff - Peacekeeper of the town. Sheriffs get to interrogate one person at night to see if they are suspicious or not suspicious. Libra must have their wits about them to work out who the Godfather is as they will come up as not suspicious. Libra plays this role by carefully reading the talk during the days to back up any conclusions they draw from their night interrogations. They end up getting many mafia people lynched, and helping town to a victory.

Scorpio: The Spy - The role that has to stay as unknown as possible. The spy hears the Mafia’s conversations at night and knows you they visited, but if spy was to own up to who they are, they would be next on the hit list. The spy has to carefully use their information so they don’t give away they are the spy, but they still get the Mafia killed.

Sagittarius: The Vigilante - One wrong shot and it’s all over for Sagittarius. The Vigilante has three bullets they can use to shoot anyone they suspect is bad, bu if they shoot a town, the Vigilante will die from guilt the next day. Some Sagittarius will random shoot and hope they are lucky, others will carefully deduce who their next shoot will be. Sagittarius loves to ply Vigilante for the “hit or miss” of it.

Capricorn: The Jailor - Possibly the most powerful town role. The Jailor must jail one person at night and gets to talk to them. This stops the jailed person from doing what their role is Jailor also gets to execute three times, but will not be able to execute if they execute a townie. Capricorn likes the power of the role and imprisons people they think are suspicious, sometimes killing them straight off if they can’t defend themselves well enough.

Aquarius: The Retributionist - This is a unique role that can bring back one town member from the dead. Aquarius usually brings back the Jailor if they have died. Aquarius waits a few days for the dead to build up to see which member of town would be most useful to them. Aquarius is the type to neve bring back the Mayor.

Pisces: The Transporter - I refer to this role as the shit stirrer. The Transporter gets to swap two people at night so that all targets against them and whoever they target is swapped. This can get the wrong or the right people killed, blackmailed and whatever is in the game. It can be havoc, but plays right it’s a very powerful and fun role. Pisces doesn’t want to kill the wrong people, so transports themselves so they don’t feel bad. They only transport people to save them or to kill the bad people.