Godmode Alers

So those godmode AATR versions got me interested and doodling and this happened. I never had a mode in mind during the actual tourney when I was in it so I meshed what I looked like then and now. The cloak is made of scarves and ink threads cause that makes so much sense. Ahaha I don’t even know. I blame Sky, Haitch and Fishy’s reblogs.

Yo I think one of my alters might front soon so that’s a thing that’s happening

Brent is restricted to my nsfw block (url available via non-anonymous ask)

Hiro will just post here with a personal tag

Hope to god that Old No-Name doesn’t front

Jey-L 'La Voz Letal' - Tu Quieres (Prod. By Durango & Alers)

Jey-L ‘La Voz Letal’ – Tu Quieres (Prod. By Durango & Alers)

Jey-L ‘La Voz Letal’ – Tu Quieres (Prod. By Durango & Alers)

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Descargar/Bajar: Jey-L ‘La Voz Letal’ – Tu Quieres (Prod. By Durango & Alers)

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Hodrick Prescott Indicator [ ru ]

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Hodrick Prescott Indicator [ ru ]

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Author: ryaz (2009.10.23 11:25) Downloaded: 5580 Download:

The Hodrick Prescott Filter (HPF) is a apparatus used to mislay fluctuations from immobile mercantile array as well as for detrending. In energetic array similar to FOREX quotes it will be all a time changing. The trustworthy indicator is something similar to a Moving Average homogeneous that shows a HPF worth for a since club so it won’t repaint.
Some of a facilities are:
  •  It shows marketplace direction formed upon selectable direction strength
  •  It can display(or not) HPF
  •  It displays up to 2 bands centered upon “MA” or upon HPF
  •  MTF support

The inputs are:

  •  nobs: a series of HPF bars
  •  lambda: a dambing factor
  •  timeframe: a practical timeframe
  •  price: a cost upon that HPF is evaluated, same as iMA()
  •  delay: shows a “MA” by loitering (or more advanced if negative) a HPF
  •  trend: selects a direction strength (how most uninterrupted HPF bars to check)
  •  future: shows HPF destiny bars
  •  bands: if >0 a series of bars for rope calculation
  •  band#: a flaw for # rope (if<0) afterwards centered upon HPF
  •  type#: a # rope sort -1=HPF 0=applied cost 1=mean 2=extreme cost 3=closest cost 4=median 5=typical 6=weighted
  •  repaint: if loyal processes any tick
  •  points: if loyal plots up/downtrend as indicate upon “MA”
  •  alerts: capacitate alerting
  •  audio: a filename of a .WAV record to be used for audio alers
  •  history: a series of story bars to process, 0=all history(takes time to bucket a indicator)

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Ok guess who’s going on a rant, but this needs to be said. I know someone who can’t even rp or interact with other rp blogs or anything with their character, without getting anon hate or getting death threats! Fucking death threats! You know what these anons are saying ‘it’s people like you who make the fandom look bad’. First off, many off you have probably seen this person’s blog and their rps, and they’re not making the character bad or doing anything like rape, pedophilia, or anything bad! No they’re just rping their character differently, and not always focusing on the one damn side of the character that fandom seems to acknowledge, can certain people not comprehend that? To the anons who say to rpers, cosplayers, artists, or fan fiction writers of fandoms ‘you’re the reason the fandom looks bad’ or send them death threats when they interact or even publish their work. NEWS FLASH: IT’S YOU WHO MAKES THE FANDOM LOOK BAD NOT THEM (unless they have a legit back up argument which is rare).


  • Don’t fucking send death threats or always hate on an rper, cosplayer, artist, fan fiction write or anything for a fandom. NOT EVERYONE PORTRAYS THE CHARACTER THE SAME DAMN WAY YOU DO!!!
  • Let people rp freely unless they are actually doing something bad or inappropriate or something
  • If you don’t like how they are portraying the character then maybe unfollow them?? Novel idea huh?
  • I’ve seen this happening too much and others have made post about this same type of thing but people still don’t comprehend the idea.

10 favourite characters from 10 fandoms!! tagged by @shrikestrike

  1. Matsuoka Rin from Free!
  2. Malik Al-Sayf from Assassin’s Creed
  3. Nanashi from Sword of the Stranger
  4. Popee from Popee the Performer
  5. Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey
  6. Twig Verginix from The Edge Chronicles
  7. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
  8. Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank
  9. Hidenori Goto from Samurai Flamenco
  10. Crowley from Good Omens

i feel like i’ve missed out and ignored so many important waifus… i guess i tag @heimas and @peacefully and @islenskur

IU alerta del sesgo "elitista y mercantilista" de la Feria de los Colegios del Museo de Carruajes

La portavoz adjunta de IU, Eva Oliva, ha lamentado que Sevilla vaya a acoger entre el 20 y 21 de este mes la Feria de los Colegios, al tratarse de una iniciativa que “concibe la educación como un producto de venta y no como un derecho básico que debe ser garantizado por el Estado”

from Andalucia información