Just a few of the limitless pronoun options out there :)  (my photography and editing. no reposts or removing caption)

{photo background of coloured shareish shapes in rainbow colours. With Black Bold Text saying “They/Them, Em/Eir, Ne/Nem, Ve/Ver, Xe/Xir, He/Him, Co/Co’s, She/Her, Thon/Thons, Fae/Faer, Per/Pers, It/It’s, Zi/Hie, Al/Aler”}

Vape vs Asthma (Smii7yoz / Krii7y)

Smii7y stepped out of the Uber and stretched, still stiff from his flight, and grabbed his suitcase. He glanced at the house he was dropped off at, noticing only one car sitting in the driveway.
Smii7y nervously walked past the vehicle and up to the front door, not quite knowing who would answer the door. After he knocked on the door, he heard a yell from within.

Then the door swung open.
“You’re late, bitch.”

“At least I don’t look like a bitch.“ Smii7y retorted.

“That doesn’t even make any sense!” Kryoz exclaimed.

Smii7y laughed as he pulled Kryoz into a side bro hug.

“Its good to finally see you again, man.” Smii7y smiled.

“Yeah, I’m glad you could come down!”

“Am I allowed inside or…?”



They stared at each other through the open doorway for a silent minute, Smii7y standing on the porch and Kryoz in the house’s front room.

“Just kidding! Get pranked, bro!”

Kryoz laughed as he lead Smii7y inside.

Smii7y could smell the smoke as soon as he stepped in. It might’ve just his mind playing tricks on him, but Smii7y felt as if his lungs were already seizing up.

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Some Roman agriculture deities

Rusina is a goddess of the fields (from Latin rus, ruris; cf. English “rural” and “rustic”).

Rusor is invoked with Altor by the pontiffs in a sacrifice to the earth deities Tellus and Tellumo. In interpreting the god’s function, Varro derives Rusor from rursus, “again,” because of the cyclical nature of agriculture. Altor is an agent god from the verb alo, alere, altus, “to grow, nurture, nourish”. According to Varro, he received res divina because “all things which are born are nourished from the earth”.

Sator, the “sower” god.

Seia, goddess who protects the seed once sown in the earth; also as Fructesea, compounded with fructus, “produce, fruit”

Segesta, goddess who promotes the growth of the seedling.

Hostilina, goddess who makes grain grow evenly.

Lactans or Lacturnus, god who infuses crops with “milk” (sap or juice).

Volutina, goddess who induces “envelopes” (involumenta) or leaf sheaths to form.

Nodutus, god who causes the “knot” (nodus) or node to form.

Patelana, goddess who opens up (pateo, patere) the grain, possibly in reference to the emergence of the flag leaf.

Runcina, the weeder goddess, or a goddess of mowing.

Messia, the female equivalent of Messor the reaper, and associated with Tutelina.

Noduterensis or Terensis, the god of threshing.

Tutelina, a goddess who watches over the stored grain.

Sterquilinus, who manures the fields.

Stephen Sondheim - YouTube Pro-Shots

A Little Night Music  (New York City Opera 1990 with George Lee Andrews, Sally Ann Howes, Maureen Moore, Michael Maguire, Regina Resnick, Kevin Anderson, Beverly Lambert, Susan Terry and Danielle Fredland)

Full show


Company (2011 New York Philharmonic Concert Pro-Shot with Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, Katie Finneran, Patti LuPone and Jon Cryer

Full show


Into the Woods (Original Broadway Cast Pro-Shot with Bernadette Peters, Chip Zien, Joanna Gleeson and Kim Crosby)

Full show


Pacific Overtures (Original Broadway Cast Pro-Shot with Mako (in the lead role as the Reciter), Soon-Teck Oh, Yuki Shimoda, Sab Shimono, Isao Sato, Alvin Ing, Ernest Harada, James Dybas, Mark Hsu Syers, Patrick Kinser-Lau, Ernest Abuba, Larry Hama, Jae Woo Lee, Freddy Mao, Tom Matsusaka, Conrad Yama, Timm Fujii, Haruki Fujimoto, Freda Foh Shen and Gedde Watanabe)

Full show


Passion (Original Broadway Cast Pro-Shot with Marin Mazzie, Jere Shea, Gregg Edelman, Tom Aldredge, Francis Ruivivar, Marcus Olson, William Parry, T. J. Meyer, John Antony, Donna Murphy, Andy Umberger, Linda Balgord, Christopher Peccaro and Colleen Fitzpatrick

Full show

Full show with commentary


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - In Concert (2001 Pro-Shot with George Hearn, Patti LuPone, Neil Patrick Harris, Timothy Nolen, Davis Gaines, Lisa Vroman, Victoria Clark , John Aler and Stanford Olsen)

Full show


Sunday In The Park With George (Original Broadway Cast Pro-Shot with Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, Barbara Bryne, Judith Moore, Brent Spiner, Charles Kimbrough, Dana Ivey, Robert Westenberg, William Parry, Cris Groenendaal, Nancy Opel, Mary D'Arcy, Danielle Ferland, Melanie Vaughan, John Jellison, Kurt Knudson, Sue Anne Gershenson and Michele Rigan)

Full show


Sondheim at 80 - BBC Proms (2010 with Bryn Terfel, Maria Friedman, Simon Russell Beale, Dame Judi Dench, Julian Ovenden, Caroline O'Connor, Daniel Evans and Jenna Russell)

Full show


Sondheim! The Birthday Concert (2010 with Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, Elaine Stritch, Marin Mazzie, Donna Murphy, Mandy Patinkin, George Hearn, Michael Cerveris, David Hyde Pierce, Joanna Gleason and Victoria Clark)

Full show


Sondheim: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1992 with Kevin Anderson, George Lee Andrews, Ron Baker, BETTY, Harolyn Blackwell, Peter Blanchet, Boys Choir of Harlem, Betty Buckley, Patrick Cassidy, Glenn Close, Daisy Egan, Victor Garber, Jerry Hadley, Bill Irwin, Mark Jacoby, Michael Jeter, Madeline Kahn, Beverly Lambert, Jeanne Lehman, Dorothy Loudon, Patti LuPone, Carol Meyer, Liza Minnelli, Maureen Moore, Richard Munez, James Naughton, Caroline Page, Eugene Perry, Herbert Perry, Bernadette Peters, Billy Stritch, Susan Terry, Bronwyn Thomas, The Tonics, Blythe Walker and Karen Ziemba)

Full show


If I find any more I will add them to the list!

Not just for dancing lessons

Hi there! This piece was written during my summer holiday, sadly unfinished, but eventually I got around it! Hope you enjoy this! ;D
Nalu, Professional dancer x thai food delivery girl AU | One-shot. Romance, Humor, a bit of excitement and rated T!

She was sure that one second ago she was just near her Vespa while trying to find the address of the customer who ordered that damned Thai pasta from the restaurant.
Not that anybody would believe her.
Swirling around in the arms of the most handsome man she’d ever encountered with, dancing waltz in the middle of Magnolia’s main square, feeling his strong hold on her waist, and the other entwined with her right, the relaxing sound how their shoes knocking on the cobblestone following them in the circle where they were dancing in…
She needed to gulp.
There were only a few things which didn’t give the perfect impression of her finding her prince all of sudden, clearly out of the blue. One was, hello, she still got her ridiculously big, folded up working jersey on her with the most disastrous cap she’d ever worn and oh, for the second thought she was in the middle of work when she got snatched away from her vehicle.
And there still was something really noticeable about the professional dancer. Very noticeable.
Her would-be prince’s hair was smoothed back with some kind of gel and – really – pink. Like not the harsh Barbie-pink one, but just… light rosé. And it didn’t look bad on him, but… she’d never imagined prince charming with freaking pin— rosé hair!
Not to mention the thing called audience as a whole lot of people were looking straight at them, watching their every move, her every step which was even more visible when a real professional was dancing with her… Oh, heck she was such a klutz!
She needed to concentrate at least for the show’s sake, would not it be so hard.
“You seem to be nervous,” said the voice possessed by the attractive guy above her head, her hair flitting on the top thanks to the air he’d exhaled.

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[Over the Garden Wall Theory] Gregory

Gregory is the most curious subject of Over the Garden Wall. His name means alerness, or vigilant, however, he’s the most aloof character in the show. Unless he’s not. This theory addresses why our favorite costumed elephant is the hero of the show.

Gregory’s Optimism
Throughout the show, Gregory’s distracted nature seems to provide comic relief to the audience and the characters. More importantly, he tries to cheer everyone up.

We see it works sometimes, like in The Ringing of the Bell (Episode 7), after Wirt defeats the evil spirit:

Gregory: Wow Wirt, you saved the day twitce today
Wirt: Yeah, I guess, but so what?
Gregory: We’re still not any closer to getting home

Gregory and Wirt speaking after defeating Lorna
The Ringing of the Bell, Episode 7

It was Gregory who stole the bell, but Wirt who got kill credit. He’s just trying to cheer Wirt up after such disheartening experiences of betrayal. And emotions are important in The Unknown. 

But we have to do something fun…

Schooltown Follies, Episode 3

We know that they need to keep their spirits up. But Gregory said this before The Woodsman told them to keep their spirits up. Before the Tales of the Dark Lantern. Gregory may have been saying this in passing, but he was completely right. More than anything, they needed to do something fun.

Once your will begins to spoil
He’ll turn you into a tree of oil

The Tavern Keeper
Songs of the Dark Lantern, Episode 4

His optimism showed even in hopeless situations, like when The Beast tasked him in finding things.

The Beast: Did you fetch for me the Golden Comb?
Gregory: Golden comb of honey, hee hee hee!
The Beast: You’ve brought me the first 2 items: A golden comb and a silver thread.
Gregory: It’s just spider web on a stick. 

The Beast testing Gregory
The Unknown, Episode 10

What is The Beast doing? He’s asking Gregory to commit impossible actions. Asking for a silver spool, a golden comb, and finally, the sun.

The Beast: Now, I want the sun.
Gregory: The sun?
The Beast: Here, lower the sun out of the sky and into this China cup.
Gregory: Well, that sounds impossible.

The Beast testing Gregory
The Unknown, Episode 10

It’s not clear what end he hopes to achieve, but I believe he’s weakening Gregory’s will. Gregory is fighting back, but he isn’t able to resist for much longer.

Gregory: Give up? I’ll never give up… Just gotta wait, just gotta wait.
The Beast: Yes, just sit there in the cold and wait. 

The Beast and Gregory
The Unknown, Episode 10

Soon afterwards, Gregory turns into an Edelwood Tree.

Gregory’s Awareness
Gregory is seemingly fine with his situation in The Unknown. Sure, he’s optimistic, but it’s sometimes more than that. This becomes obvious in Mad Love (Episode 5).

Fred: There’s nobody in the parlor, certainly nobody after your money…
Greg: Yeah! No giving up now, old man, it’s gotta be a ghost!
Endecott: But how can you be so certain?
Greg: Because I really really wanna see a ghost. Really bad.

Gregory, Fred the Horse, and Percy Endecott
Mad Love, Episode 5

Why does Greg want to find the ghost? Yes, he wants to see a ghost. But it’s his attitude that makes Endecott want to continue. Maybe he wants to keep Endecott out of the parlor to ensure Wirt and

Beatrice aren’t found snooping. It looked like Fred the Horse wasn’t very convincing.

Endecott: It’s almost like I’ve lost my mind
Gregory: We can look for that after we find our ghost. Heave ho!

Gregory and Percy Endecott looking for a ghost
Mad Love, Episode 5

Keep going, old man.

How about in Pottsfield? He wasn’t scared or worried.

You’ll never convict! You have no proof!
Episode 2, Hard Times at the Huskin Bee

Pumpkin head dudes wanting to punish you? No problem.

Gregory: Hey, buried treasure!
Wirt: Woah really? See Beatrice? What’d you find?
Gregory: A skeleton!

Gregory and Wirt while digging holes
Hard Times at the Huskin Bee,  Episode 2

Completely unaware. He’s very casual with danger. In Songs of the Dark Lantern (Episode 4), Gregory’s completely fine in this tavern.

You. Wait. Here. I’ll get some food.
Songs of the Dark Lantern, Episode 4

Dude, he’s stealing food!

Look at that. He’s seemingly familiar with the tavern. It’s almost strange, isn’t it?

Beatrice: Let’s go to this creepy tavern and ask for directions
Wirt: But… But, it’s creepy. 

Beatrice and Wirt
Songs of the Dark Lantern, Episode 4

No objections from Gregory. He just wants to get some food. And in reality, even with The Highwayman in the window, Gregory is completely unworried. Conversely, let’s look at the creepy old house

in The Ringing of the Bell (Episode 7).

Wirt: See I got it under control, I don’t need Beatrice, now to find some place to wait out this rain…
Gregory: As long as it’s not that old broken down -
Wirt: Woah, shh, huh, it’s perfect. C'mon Greg!
Gregory: Ah… Wirt… Ain’t that just the way?

Wirt and Gregory talking about Lorna’s house
The Ringing of the Bell,  Episode 7

The only time he’s worried about anything is when this house comes into play. And what did this house have? Lorna. Auntie Whispers. The danger was real here because the monster was more dangerous than The Beast. Instead of corruping people, Lorna’s Spirit eats people indiscriminately. And this is the only time Gregory was worried. Even in the face of The Woodsman after discovering the possibility of The Woodsman being The Beast,

Wirt: It’s another one of those [Edelwood] trees…
Woodsman: HALT!
Wirt: It’s you [to The Woodsman]…
Gregory: Hey, Mr. Woodsman!
Woodsman: I told you to leave these woods!
Wirt: Beatrice! You’re turning her into an Edelwood Tree. You were the beast all along. 

Gregory and Wirt find The Woodsman after looking for Beatrice
Songs of the Dark Lantern, Episode 4

Wirt was noticeably scared of The Woodsman. But for Gregory hearing the same tales of the Dark Lantern, he greets The Woodsman cheerfully. And in the end, The Woodsman was harmless.

The same could be said for Beatrice. After discovering her betrayal in Lullaby in Frogland (Episode 6), After meeting Adelaide, Gregory stays loyal to Beatrice

Gregory: Wirt, what about Beatrice?
Wirt: [Noticeably disturbed] I shouldn’t have trusted anyone.
Gregory and Wirt
Lullaby in Frogland, Episode 6

In the beginning of the next episode:

Gregory: What are we doing?
Wirt: We’re walking, Greg
Gregory: But where?
Wirt: A place to wait out this rain.
Gregory: Oh but shouldn’t we wait for Beatrice?
Wirt: I don’t need Beatrice, I’ll figure this out on my own.
Gregory and Wirt

Gregory and Wirt after leaving Beatrice with Adelaide
The Ringing of the Bell, Episode 7

Wirt changes when he learns of Beatrice’s betrayal. But not Gregory. And it turns out that Beatrice is good.

Gregory’s Deeds
Gregory commits actions which inadvertantly results in the best outcome for his party. Let’s go back to Mad Love (Episode 5).

Wirt: Greg! Our pennies! Why did you do that?
Gregory: ‘cuz Uncle Endecott pegged me all wrong. I’ve got no sense. No sense at all. 

Gregory and Wirt after Gregory throws away the pennies
Mad Love, Episode 5

Why did he throw away the coins? It’s almost a break away from his usual character. In a huskier voice, sternly, he says he doesn’t have sense. But why?

In Lullaby in Frogland (Episode 6), the three were chased for sneaking on the ferry. This resulted in Wirt, Gregory, and The Frog performing in front of the frog ferry.

You done good, Mr. President. You done good.

Gregory seeing The Frog being offered record deals
Lullaby in Frogland, Episode 6

And why did they need the coins? They didn’t. It turned out better without the coins. They didn’t need the coins, but because Gregory earned the coins, Percy Endecott found Margueritte Grey.

This example isn’t great, so let’s continue. In The Ringing of the Bell (Episode 7), Gregory objected to entering the house. Wirt enters the house of horrors and Gregory finds the black turtles.

And then Lorna stumbles in.

Lorna: Auntie, Auntie, I’ve finshed sorting… Ah, who are you?
Gregory: We’re Burglars!
Wirt: No no, no no, we’re not. We just needed to get out of the rain and we thought this place was abandoned.
Gregory: So we came here to burgle your turts!
Wirt: No, it’s not true!
Gregory: It is true!

Lorna started at Greg and Wirt in her house
The Ringing of the Bell, Episode 7

Auntie Whispers reveals the bell, uses it, and heads upstairs. Gregory and The Frog were afterwards somehow able to steal the bell (even though she keeps it in her cloak} and with Wirt’s help and the bell, the monster disappeared.

In The Old Grist Mill (Episode 1), Gregory spread his nearly infinite supply of candy around as a trail and he put a candy on a black turtle. Attracted to the candy, the dog became a monster.

Afterwards, Gregory knocked out The Woodsman.

Wirt: Greg, why did you do that!?
Gregory: That was your plan, remember? Knock him out!
Wirt: No, bad plan. I told you to forget that plan.
Gregory: [While hitting the wolf] Spank. Spank. Spank!

Gregory and Wirt
The Old Grist Mill, Episode 1

Wirt: We’ve gotta get out of here
[Gregory points to the ladder, see below]
Wirt: Greg, give him the rest of your candy!

And with this, the dog fell into the mill and destroyed it.

But what resulted from this? We see in the final episode

The Beast: I only wish to help you, Woodsman. You need oil or else your daughter will…
The Woodsman: I told you to hold your tongue!

The Beast and The Woodsman arguing about Gregory
The Unknown, Episode 10

There was plenty of Edelwood Trees, but no more oil by the end of the series. The Old Grist Mill was destroyed, and with it, the ability to feed the lantern.

The dog ate the turtle because it was attracted to the candy that Gregory placed. Gregory directed Wirt to the mill roof. Gregory threw the piece of candy into the mill. The dog chased the candy.

The dog destroyed the mill and this triggered the end of the series: The End of The Beast.

And finally, Gregory truly lives up to his name through his wish to The Queen of the Clouds. He takes an uncharacteristically serious role and wishes for something practical. Something that made him follow The Beast.

What did he wish for? I don’t know. Maybe winter. 

But I think he wished to sacrifice himself to The Beast. Wirt wasn’t long for this world and Gregory was able to distract The Beast from Wirt. The Beast settled for Gregory instead. And we all know the story once Wirt found Gregory.

Who is Gregory (Commentary)?

Gregory, through his deeds, seems to have an uncanny familiarity with The Unknown. I can only think of 2 things.  

  1. Gregory is heavily influenced by another, unknown spirit. 
  2. Gregory has lived through The Unknown multiple times (like he relives the experience through The Unknown multiple times. Think Groundhog Day).

1. Gregory is heavily influenced by another, unknown spirit

This spirit would already know all the secrets of The Unknown. So it would explain why Gregory is relaxed in The Tavern. Why he’s joking in Pottsfield. Why he’s scared of Auntie Whispers’ house.

Why he isn’t scared of The Woodsman. It answers a lot of questions, but not all of them.

It answers why this happened:

Gregory: Let’s try my plan now. The ringing of the bell commands you
Wirt: What the?
Gregory: Oh, he ate the wtich’s magical bell and
Wirt: Fine! Do something!
Gregory: Oh, I command you to…
Lorna: The spirit compels me
Gregory: Transform into a magical tiger!

Gregory and Wirt battling Lorna
The Ringing of the Bell, Episode 7

Why did the evil spirit say “The spirit compels me”? Is Gregory a spirit now? Is it talking about the spirit of the bell? I don’t know. But maybe Lorna can see through Greg’s facade.

2. Gregory has lived through The Unknown multiple times

This theory imagines that he lives through his experience in The Unknown. And when Gregory fails, he is taken back to the beginning. This explains:

Episode 1: His foresight in destroying the mill
Episode 2: Casualness in Pottsfield
Episode 3: Why he wanted to steal The Headmaster’s stuff (I didn’t mention this because I don’t like that episode)
Episode 4: His familiarity with The Tavern
Episode 5: Why he threw away the coins
Episode 6: Egging on Wirt to play the bassoon
Episode 7: His fear of Auntie Whispers’ house and why it seemed like he wanted to be thrown out of the house (Burgle your turts). Afterwards, he gave Wirt kill credit.
Episode 8: His wish to The Queen of the Clouds (Why he followed The Beast)
Episode 9: Flashback Episode. Nothing here.
Episode 10: How he knew to troll The Beast. But even the best troll can’t capture the sun.

I don’t know what Gregoy is. But regardless, the result of Gregory’s actions ended the series. He’s the hero of the show because he saves Wirt. He saves Beatrice. He saves The Unknown by no accident, even if he makes it seem like it.

Why does he want to avoid Lorna’s Monster?
I don’t think I’ll have a writeup about this, but my theory has to do with dying in The Unknown and the idea of passing on. If you think about it, there’s only 2 revealed methods to passing on (Dying?). One is becoming an Edelwood Tree and the other is being eaten by Lorna. And while Adelaide is linked to The Beast of Darkness, Auntie Whispers is linked to The Spirit of Light. Without Lorna’s monster and without The Beast, no one can pass in death to the next life. 

Anyway, if you got this far, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my Over the Garden Wall Theories as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

otp tag

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So, in no particular order:

I. Nagron (Agron x Nasir from Spartacus)

II. Jamie x Claire (from Outlander)

III. Cherik (Charles Xavier x Erik Lehnsherr from X-Men)

IV. Leoaster (Leonardo Da Vinci x Zoroaster Da Peretola from Da Vinci’s Demons)

V. Gendrya (Arya Stark x Gendry Waters from Game of Thrones)

VI. Vanessa Moschela x Giuliano De Medici (from Da Vinci’s Demons)

VII. Huddy (Gregory House x Lisa Cuddy from House MD)

VIII. Leario (Leonardo Da Vinci x Girolamo Riario from Da Vinci’s Demons)

IX. Lannitarh (Jaime Lannister x Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones)

X. Lorenzo De Medici x Clarice Orsini (from Da Vinci’s Demons)


Vanessa x Giuliano: The second they first crossed paths :) 


Jamie x Claire: Surprisingly, no, I have not read any fics about them


Leoaster: No


Huddy: Well, they are no longer together anyways… I think I remember that when they broke up, I was screaming at my tv


Nagron: So, you know what they say about lgbtq characters and ships. That they first use their relationship and sexuality to spice up the show and then they kill them. This isn’t what happened with this ship. Nasir and Agron both had a great character development and even though we got a few very graphic sex scenes, they didn’t tone their arcs down at all. Also [spoiler alert] they were the only rebels (who were also warriors) to survive the fall of Spartacus and the victory of the Romans.


Hm, while I aknowledge the fact that some have a stronger bond than others, I cannot really tell which one has the strongest…


Lorenzo x Clarice: Well, I’ve watched the whole show only once and now that it’s over, I am searching for gifs, pics and fanart of those two


To me, I think it is Huddy. I’ve been shipping them since my early teens. In canon, I think it’s Cherik


Giuliano x Vanessa: Hm… this is a bit complicated… They were flirting a lot at the begining, then they had sex once and then [spoiler aler] he got assassinated and died in her arms…


Jamie x Claire vs Leario: I am sorry Jamie and Claire and everyone in the Outlander fandom, but I am gonna go with Leario. We’ve seen what kind of miracles they can achieve when they team up…


Huddy: I think they had to, because they were also working together…


Leoaster: Yes they are :) Well, not in a romantic way (@STARZ you fuckin’ had one job!) but yeah, they stayed together until the end


Lorenzo x Clarice: Yes :) Both on the show and historically


I don’t know, I am not sure… Like, most of them can be so deadly…


Gendrya: Yes (Melisandre) and she was pretty successful -_- )


All of them okay??


Cherik: Yes and I am not even sorry


I cannot believe I am doing this, but I am gonna go with Huddy, since they have already broken up :/ I mean yeah, my beloved House deserves happiness, but as we saw on the show, he wasn’t his happiest when he was with Cuddy, but when he was with Wilson…

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Basically the entirety of yesterday’s streams! finally got around to posting. 

most of these designs are mine but the bottom left 9 ninjago designs are @transninjacole‘s bc honestly theyre really great character designs & i wanted to draw them ^u^ 

theres a lot of ocs on here, if youre curious about any just ask