FortieBowie feat Aleon Craft-Decatur

Trying to Reach the Moon, But I'm Stuck on this Airplane!

I had the BEST time co-hosting Stanza’s 1st concert along with the uber talented Mo Reilley at 10 High in the Virginia Highlands. With sounds by DJ Judgmental, the place was packed with fans and supporters. Every single act, was on 1000 and the energy was pure electricity. Drinks were flowing, thanks to Tree of Life and OG Brandy.

Shout out to Laura (StarLit PR), Cory King (Large FM), BS'm0ne (Solternative Nation), Will Feagins (High Impact Designs), Big Rec + Shred (The 5ive), Kaye Elle, NaTasha P, and wonder woman makeup artist Leakhena for giving me her signature Sreyface!

Check the pics for artist performances! Juicecertified.

Stanza in another zone! - @iamstanza

Super talented theDOLLDAZE - @thedolldaze

Aleon Craft - @AleonCraft

Mr International -Jason Caesar  - @JasonCaesar


Aleon Craft | Decatur, GA

met with Atlanta rapper Aleon Craft to be apart of my “In The American South” project. He was real cool and surprisingly has lived around the corner from me for more than my own life. Wow, small world.


Matt and Kim ft. Aleon Craft - “Cameras” (REMIX) (by SMKAProductions)

This is one of the more Backpack / skater / stoner rap songs I found from the recent mixtaoe explosion.

Aleon Craft & George Clinton -  Make It Out

Czech it, its good thats all i have to say.


It is greater in Decatur. Trust me.


ForteBowie ft Aleon Craft- Decatur

I love the original song by Bibio, but this takes the feeling of that song and makes it even better.