Valentine’s Day cards feat. Shingekis

Alentine’s Ay

♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble 1/13 ♡♡♡

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Member: Hoshi/Soonyoung
Genre: Fluff/Mild Suggestion
Word Count: 603

Valentine’s Day wasn’t your favorite holiday, though it wasn’t the worst either. You had no one to share it with, and that was alright with you. That just meant spending the day with good old Netflix in pajamas with either a bag of chips or ice cream sitting in your lap. So, naturally, in order to celebrate such a wonderful day of being alone, your phone was off and simply sitting on the coffee table, away from all the social interactions with others. You laughed at what was happening on screen and shoved another handful of popcorn into your mouth. This was truly the life. Why spend Valentine’s Day with someone while you can let loose and do whatever the hell you want?

Throughout the day, this was the key mindset for you. Sadly, it was all interrupted by an abrupt knocking on your door and you had to pause the movie you were watching. Why, and especially on a day like this, did someone have to bother you? With a dissatisfied groan, you threw the blanket off your lap and set the bowl of popcorn on the table in order to go answer the door. You took your time dragging your feet over and opening the door without seeing who it could be first. Even more surprising than the random visit, it was your friend Soonyoung.

“Happy Alentine’s Ay!” he cheered and gave a waggle of his fingers.

“What the hell are you doing here?” you deadpanned. “Why aren’t you with your girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever?”

Soonyoung smiled and reached out to pat your shoulder. “Because, my dear friend, I don’t have one! And I thought that you would like to spend this lovely holiday with Hosh! Didn’t you get my text?”

You shrugged his hand off and held the door open for him to come in. “No, I didn’t. And fine, you can come in, but that the hell is Alentine’s Ay?” You watched Soonyoung as he walked in and immediately went to settle himself on your couch.

“Alentine’s Ay is the holiday where somebody isn’t getting the ‘V’ or the ‘D’! It’s pretty self explanatory if you ask me,” he replied simply. You rolled your eyes and joined him on the couch, pulling the blanket and the bowl of popcorn back onto your lap. “So, what movie are we watching?”

“Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Soonyoung was slightly startled but the bluntness in your voice. It sounded like you weren’t even interested in the film. “Oh,” he stated simply. “Isn’t that like, a chick flick or something?”

“Not today it isn’t,” you told him and pressed the ‘Play’ button on the remote. In a short amount of time, Soonyoung was fidgeting uncomfortably on your couch and pulled the blanket up onto his lap as well. You cast a glance at him and cocked an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

“N-nothing!” he exclaimed a bit too quickly. He faked a laugh and forced himself to keep looking at the screen. “Just cold, that’s all.” Yeah, that was it. He was just cold. The reasoning made sense, especially when you lifted up the blanket and took a peek underneath.


He felt his face getting hot. “Yeah?”

“You have a boner.”

He winced slightly and took a look down at his crotch. “Well, whatdya know? There he is. Say hi.” Oh God, kill him now. He instantly squeaked when your hand landed on his thigh. “Uh… W-what are you doing?”

“Happy Alentine’s Day, Soonyoung. And if it isn’t self explanatory enough, I’m getting the ‘D’ this holiday.” Soonyoung couldn’t believe his ears.

“…Wanna make out?” 


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