TalesFromThePharmacy: Freaking Janet

[Name has been changed]

So, my grocery store pharmacy, [Bye-Fee], recently bought out an independent here in town, [Pill Barn]. As far as corporations go, we’re definitely better than most, and we have an extremely customer-service based approach to everything.

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting calls from these former Pill Barn patients that are furious that they were not informed about this transaction, and angry at us for a decision corporate made and didn’t tell even us about until the Thursday before the takeover (which was happening on Sunday).

To make matters worse, we now have to listen to these customers go on and on about [Janet], who sounds to be like the PIC at Pill Barn, and how she used to do all of these things - like, put in DAW 1 codes for prescriptions that the doctor didn’t authorize a DAW 1 for, or breaking boxes for things like Alendronate. One of my bosses is from a small town, and was like, yeah, I know some pharmacists in my town who will advance their patients a full thirty days supply of medicine and then just call the doctor, who they know personally, because he is one of the three in town. You can get away with that stuff in small pharmacies. Not here. Janet, from what I can gather, was an angel sent from above, and we are Satan’s pharmacy.

I actually do agree that it sucks what happened here. The pharmacists lost their jobs (we didn’t take any of the staff and only offered the techs and clerks jobs working somewhere in Bye-Fee. They would basically be like, here’s your job offer working in produce, and I think it’s because Bye-Fee has never laid anyone off and is trying to maintain that). It’s really awful that their livelihoods are shaken up like that, and how they were given only a few day’s notice. But it’s not my fault. Take it up with corporate. Hell, take it up with big pharma. Not me. Don’t take it up with me. I didn’t ask for this.

By: missmargarite13