Many days Loki spent on Midgard, walking through the streets of cities undetected. He would often sneak past the officials and authorities on his strolls or avoid them all together. They were keeping an eye out for him since the word had spread that he was Midgard. It was a full time job to keep hidden.

On this particular day, it had begun to snow. The snow speckled his hair and began to make his coat damp. As he walked, his shoes became cold and wet, and the footprints left behind were quickly covered. The snow became to melt on his face and he ducked under an awning to save himself from becoming colder than he already was. He did not want to be reminded of Jotunheim.

He blew into his hands and rubbed them together before looking back up, seeing a woman in white not too far away. He stared at her from afar.